Are Dogs Better In Pairs?

Are you a new dog owner who has one dog and thinking of getting another? Or a new dog owner who isn’t sure if he should get one dog or in pairs? In both cases, you would want to know that are dogs better in pairs?

Yes, in the majority of the cases, dogs are better in pairs. As pack animals, they love to stay with other dogs, but exceptions do exist.

Depending upon the dog’s breed, this instinct can vary. Some breeds like to stay alone and don’t enjoy the company of other dogs.
Here is a quick guide to help you make the right decision that should you get another dog or two dogs at once.

Benefits Of Having Dogs In Pairs

Benefits Of Having Dogs In Pairs

Some benefits of having dogs in pairs are below:

Reduce The Risk Of Separation Anxiety

Dogs are pack animals, and even after years of domestication, they still have this instinct. However, unlike wolves, they have learned how to live happily with humans. They enjoy the company of their human companions. But sometimes, when humans leave home, dogs are left behind alone.

This can increase the risk of separation anxiety. By having another dog, you allow your dog to socialize even in your absence. Your dog doesn’t feel alone, which in turn keeps him happy.

Exercise is crucial for your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing. If you have two dogs, much of your dog’s energy is burned by playing, fighting, and chasing each other. So, if your routine sometimes gets busy, you can still relax that your dogs are getting the required physical activity to stay healthy.

Training Is Easier

If you’re not getting a second dog because training is difficult, then don’t worry. Older dogs can teach your dogs all the necessary tricks. Dogs love to give orders, so the dog who is already familiar with the rules of the house will help the new dog too to learn them quickly.

Potty training also becomes easy because dogs naturally use the same places to relieve themselves that other dogs have used. So, a new dog will follow the older dog.

Emotional Benefits

Like humans, dogs are emotional, and they need someone to stay emotionally stable. This could be you, but your dog can feel alone when you leave the house for days or hours. It can result in depression, anxiety, and other behavioral problems in dogs. Having another dog to accompany your dog is the best way to keep him happy in your absence too.

Teaching Responsibility

If you have more than one kid, it’s a perfect reason to have more than one dog. Giving your children their ‘own’ dogs can build a sense of responsibility in them. It makes your kids more empathetic and kinder.

Allergy Benefits

As per a report of the National Institute of Health, children who are grown in the presence of multiple pets are less likely to get any allergies. This early exposure to pets protects against pets’ allergies and some other common allergies. These include allergies to dust mites, ragweed, and grass.

Do All Dogs Like To Be In Pairs?

No, all dogs don’t like to be in pairs. Dogs can hate the presence of other dogs depending upon their breed and the situation too. For example, if your dog is too attached to you emotionally, he won’t like the presence of a second dog. It would create competition for your attention that your dog might hate.

Which Dogs Are Better In Pairs?

Which Dogs Are Better In Pairs?

If you have decided to get another dog, here are some dog breeds that stay happy when in pairs.

Labrador retriever
French bulldog
Shih Tzu

How Do I Know If My Dog Needs A Companion Dog?

There is nothing else in this world that your dog enjoys more than your company. If you have a busy schedule and have to leave your dog alone at home many times, it can create problems for your dog. But if this is the reason to get another dog that your dog’s social interaction is reduced in your absence, then you should reconsider your decision.

If your dog feels needy, that doesn’t mean he needs another dog. He needs attention and some socialization that you can provide in other ways too. These include:

Take your dog to the doggy daycare a few days a week.

Hiring a dog walker who takes a group of dogs outside regularly.

Ask friends, relatives, or neighbours to pay a visit a day or two or a week when you’re not home.

You can try out these before getting another dog. Having two dogs is a huge responsibility, and for this, you first must know that you are ready for this or not.

Should I Get Two Dogs At Once?

Should I Get Two Dogs At Once?

The decision is entirely personal. If you feel you can handle the responsibility and expenses of two dogs at once, you can get two dogs at once. Just keep in mind to get the breeds that can get along quickly.


Dogs are known as social creatures due to their pack instinct. After years of domestication, dogs have adapted themselves for living with humans. But still, many dog owners want to know they are dogs better in pairs?

As humans need other humans, similarly, most dogs too enjoy the company of another dog. However, some exceptions are there who don’t like the presence of other dogs.

The pros and cons of having two dogs go hand in hand. The benefits include a lower risk of separation anxiety, easy training, making your kids more responsible, and protecting them from allergies. The cons include increased responsibility and expenses.

It’s a good idea to get dogs in pairs, but the first thing is to understand if you’re ready for this responsibility or not.