Are Dogs Better In Pairs?

There are many enjoyable benefits to having two dogs instead of one. You won’t have to worry about your dog being alone while you’re away. Potty training is easy when you have two dogs because your new pup will quickly learn from the old one.

However, there are certain things you must consider before bringing in a new puppy. First, check with your family members to determine if they need a second dog. It’s better to have two dogs of the opposite sex as two males may not get along.

Why Dogs Are Better In Pairs

Here’s a list of reasons you may want to get a second furry family member!

Why Dogs Are Better In Pairs

Make Puppy Training Easier

Teaching an old dog the rules of the house can be pretty challenging. But it becomes easier when you have another dog helping you. A new dog can quickly pick up tricks from an old one. Like other pack animals, dogs always look to their leader for guidance.

Once you bring a new puppy home, the older dog will assume the leadership role and guide him. This makes puppy training much easier since your new pup will quickly learn from the old one. For instance, potty training will be easier as the new puppy will learn from the older one.

If your puppy sees the older dog doing his business at a particular spot, she will also do hers there. This is because dogs like to go where other dogs have gone.

Regular Entertainment & Exercise

Dogs require playtime to stay healthy, happy, and socialized. Their overall development depends on it. However, playtime can be time-consuming, and the amount your dog needs depends on his size, age, breed, and energy level.

Daily exercise (ie. walks or swimming) for dogs usually takes around thirty minutes to two hours. Purchasing a second dog is an excellent way to ensure that your dog gets enough exercise. However, one-on-one time with the dogs is still essential to ensure proper socialization and development.

When you have two dogs, they keep each other entertained and exercised. So you won’t have to worry about your fur babies being lonely while you’re running errands or when at work. Instead, they will keep themselves company, and there will be no boredom-induced hijinks in your house.

That’s great because you do not want a bored dog in your home. Unfortunately, they can be very mischievous.

Ease Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

A feeling of intense anxiety or separation anxiety is common among dogs. It often occurs when you leave the dog alone. Dogs grow out of their separation anxiety with time, but that’s not the case with some dogs.

They may require more attention, emotional therapy, specialized training, or medication to deal with separation anxiety. Bringing another dog into your home can help reduce your dog’s anxiety. The dogs will stay entertained when you are not at home.

They will provide attention and emotional support for one another. So, with a playmate to focus on, they will stay calm and collected.

Cost Of A Second Dog

Bringing another dog into your home is actually cheaper than you think. You won’t have to double your expenses. It’s necessary to carry out frequent check-ups and immunizations. But apart from that, keeping two dogs is not much pricier than owning one.

Your two dogs will share supplies such as grooming products, toys, water bowls, beds, treats, and food. However, keep in mind that some pups require food that is formulated differently than adult dog food. Ask your vet if it’s okay for your full-grown dog and puppy to share food.

Rescuing A Second Dog

Another excellent reason you should have two dogs instead of one is that you will save two lives. You will be shocked by the number of dogs that go into shelters every year. With a second fur buddy, you’ll be impacting the life of an extra dog by giving him a happy, secure home.

Also, by picking up a dog from a local animal shelter, you will create new room for other animals in need.

How Do Dogs Feel When You Bring Home A New Dog?

How Do Dogs Feel When You Bring Home A New Dog?

People adopt a second dog so that their current dog will not be lonely when they are away. Of course, dogs can keep each other company, but this should not be the only thing you consider when getting another dog.

Although dogs are social and playful, you should know that not all of them are best friends. You may get a second dog, and he won’t get along with the old one. Also, some dogs will feel displaced when you bring in a new fur buddy.

You may discover that your old dog is facing difficulties adjusting to his new life with the new dog. For example, he may not want to share his food, toys, resting places, or even humans. So, you must prepare him beforehand to ensure smooth sailing when the new furry pal comes home.

You can help your dogs to develop a good relationship with a few techniques. Let’s check them out!

• Leave your current dog at home! When you go to pick up the new dog, don’t go with your old dog. He may distract you, and you don’t want that. Also, you want to avoid a tense ride when going home.

• Consider your family. Ensure to survey your family to find out their needs before going to purchase a second dog. Also, consider your current dog’s personality, physical status, and age.

• Keep the dogs under control. When introducing the dogs, put them on a head halter or a loose leash. Do it in such a way that both individuals have firm control, but the dogs don’t feel hampered.


If you spend time away from your home, you may want to get a second dog to keep your current dog company. You can easily do that without doubling your finances.

Keeping two dogs is not a lot pricier than owning one, as the dogs will share most of their supplies. You can go to work or school assured that your dogs wouldn’t feel lonely. With two dogs, training becomes easier as the new dog will look to the older one for guidance.