Are Trampolines Safe For Dogs?

There was a time when trampolines were only seen in amusement parks. Today, you will see them in the backyard of almost every other house having children.

The trend of having such things to provide entertainment to the children at home has seen exponential growth. Undoubtedly, the biggest reason behind it is the pandemic, which made staying home the safest option.

So, are you thinking about getting a trampoline for kids and wondering if trampolines are safe for dogs or not?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. It all depends upon the nature of your dog. Irrespective of the breed, some dogs enjoy jumping and playing on trampolines, and others are scared of it.

Having children and dogs at once is like having the best of both worlds, but it has its own challenges. You have to ensure the safety of both your kids and your dog before taking any step. So, make sure that you read this post before placing a trampoline in your backyard.

Is A Trampoline Bad For Dogs?

Is A Trampoline Bad For Dogs?

It is natural if your dog gets excited to see the kids jumping on the trampoline. In this case, it is safe for your furry friend to have some fun under your supervision. We recommend you never leave your pooch unattended on the trampoline. It is because some cases have been reported where dogs and children got hurt in such activities.

Contrarily, if your dog gets nervous to see the trampoline, it is better to keep them away from it. Scared dogs can easily panic and can harm themselves or the people around them. So, it is best for your pooch’s mental and physical health to stay away from the trampoline.

Are you a new pet owner and don’t know how to figure out whether your dog is nervous or excited? Don’t worry; we have added some common signs for your convenience down below.

Signs Of Nervousness In Dogs

If the dog show’s following signs around the trampoline, then it is better to keep them away:

• Excessive chewing or licking.
• If they try to escape the backyard.
• If they start chasing their tail.
• If they start digging the soil.
• If your dog starts shivering.
• If your dog starts growling out of character.
• Pacing and panting

If your dog shows most of these signs around trampolines, then they are nervous or scared because of it. If you can’t witness these signs in your dog, then the case can be otherwise.

Your four-legged friend can be just excited to see that jumping ground.

Signs Of Nervousness In Dogs

Signs Of Excitement In Dogs

The following are the signs of excitement:

• Full body shaking.
• Grabby behavior.
• Grin with tongue hanging out.
• Jumping up.
• Panting.
• Unable to settle.
• Leaning into you.
• They seem playful.
• They wag their high tail. (Most prominent sign)

If your dog shows these kinds of signs, then they are more than ready to jump on the trampoline.

Is Jumping On A Trampoline Beneficial For Dogs?

If your dog is brave enough, there could be some real benefits of jumping on the trampoline for it. Following are some of the advantages of allowing your dog to jump on the trampoline:

Stress Relieving Activity For Your Dog

Dogs require some kind of fun activity to stay healthy. They can get depressed if there isn’t any physical activity for them. Due to the pandemic, options for having fun have shrunk considerably.

At this time, trampolines can be a good source of having fun and quality time with your puppy.

Instant Workout For Your Dog

Jumping on the trampoline utilizes almost every muscle in the body of a dog. Hence, jumping on the trampoline is not only a fantastic fun activity, but it is also a great workout.

So, if you are busy someday, you can place your dog’s favorite toy inside the trampoline. This will also keep your dog occupied for a while so that you can focus on your work. Most importantly, by doing this, your dog won’t miss its daily dose of workout.

A trampoline can help you in other ways too. For example, if you don’t have time to take your dog for a walk, a trampoline can do the job in less time.

In addition, by jumping on the trampoline, your dog will burn excessive energy. This is very crucial for your dog’s mental health. Dogs need a channel to normalize their energy levels.

Safety Precautions With Dogs And Trampolines

Now, as you are ready to have fun with your canine friend, here are some safety tips to avoid mishaps:

• Never leave your dog unattended around the trampoline.
• Train your dog by offering them treats before allowing them to jump on the trampoline.
• Don’t let children and dogs jump on the trampoline at the same time.
• Install a skirt beneath the trampoline so that your dog doesn’t run under it.
• Keep guiding your dog and stay around them so that they feel safe.
• If your dogs cause damage to the trampoline, then it is better to keep them away.
• Don’t let your dog jump on the trampoline for too long. This will exhaust them, which can be harmful.

Although jumping on the trampoline is fun and healthy, the whole experience can become a nightmare if you are not careful.

Safety Precautions With Dogs And Trampolines


With owning a dog comes great responsibility. You have to make every decision regarding your dog very carefully. Things that are pretty common in our households can be a potential hazard for dogs. This raises the question, “are trampolines safe for dogs?”

The answer to this question varies from dog to dog. If your dog is not comfortable around the trampolines, then they could hurt themselves or others. It is recommended that you keep dogs with such nature away from trampolines. It is almost mandatory if you have children in the house.

Contrarily, if your dogs show signs of excitement around trampolines, then it is okay to have them on board. Before allowing your pooch to jump on the trampoline, ensure that everything is under control. There are some safety precautions related to trampolines and dogs which you should always take into account.