Can A Dog Tell If You’re Dying?

We love our canine friends for many reasons. One of them is their incredible senses. Many people believe that dogs can sniff out death and are aware of when a person is dying. How true is that? Let’s find out!

Can A Dog Tell If You’re Dying?

When a person is about to die, there is often a change in his behavior. Not only can your dog notice this behavioral change, but he can also smell the sick in the dying person.

It’s easy to forget about caring for your dog when you or a loved one is sick. That’s why many dogs will seek your attention in that time. You may notice that your dogs bark more often than expected.

Can Dogs Sense Death?

You may have noticed that dogs tend to howl when someone dies. Is this a mere coincidence? Or can dogs sense when someone kicks the bucket? These questions will likely come to your mind. Many people believe that dogs can smell death.

Well, as we all know, our canine friends have an incredibly keen sense of smell. They can smell the sick in a person, but that’s not all. People believe dogs can sense death because of how intuitive dogs are. Dogs can quickly notice the behavioral changes in a dying person.

How Do Dogs With Their Owners Dying?

When someone close to you is about to die, your behavior changes and so does the dog. They suddenly become very emotional, and you won’t even know what to do. Since you need to be there for the dying relative, your body language and daily routine will change.

Your dog can quickly notice these changes. Although he may not fully understand how serious the situation is, your dog knows that something is wrong. You may see that he keeps pacing around the room and barks more often.

That’s because your fur buddy is confused, stressed, and anxious. He’s craving more attention because you have not provided much of that lately.

Can Dogs Sense Their Own Death?

Can Dogs Sense Their Own Death?

It’s a sad feeling, but dogs can tell when they are about to die. During their last days and hours, there is often a change in the way dogs behave. You will notice that your dog seeks comfort from you when his time is almost up.

Dogs see their family members as part of their pack and want to spend more time with them during their last days. They want their people to cuddle them more often and comfort them by stroking and spending time with them.

Like dogs, humans can also tell when they are dying. The human body is often aware that death is underway long before the heart stops beating. Although the brain may not know it, many organs in the body begin to slow down in preparation for death.

While humans may not know that their time on earth is up, dogs are often aware when it’s time for them to go. That’s why dying dogs always seek comfort from their humans when they realize that their time is up.

What Do Dogs Do Before They Die?

Like humans, when dogs are about to die, their bodies will start to shut down. During the last hours before the dog takes his last breath, his body will slow down, and his organs will start to shut down.

If you observe your dog’s movements during these last hours, you will notice that they are pretty labored. Our canine friends can sense when their time on this planet is up. One typical behavior among dying dogs is that they all seek companionship and comfort from the people in their world.

They tend to seek more attention and spend more time cuddling their owners. Dogs that are about to die tend to be quieter in their last days. They spend a lot of time sleeping. Their bodily functions will begin to slow down.

The digestive system is among the first organs to slow down and there will likely be a decreased appetite. It is among the least essential bodily functions. All of the organs will shut down one after another until the very last one. The lungs are among the last organs to shut down before the dog dies.

That’s why before your dog takes his last breath, you will notice that he’s finding it difficult to breathe. Dying dogs also encounter labored breathing before their time on earth runs out.

Why Do Dogs Hide When Dying?

Some dogs tend to hide away during their last hours on earth. Such behavior is often seen in stray dogs. They know what’s coming and that there is nothing they can do to help the situation. So, in an attempt to defend themselves from possible threats, they hide.

Many stray dogs look for a quiet and calm place to hide and protect themselves before death comes. Since they cannot fight anymore, their best option is to look for a private place to take their last breaths.

It’s sad to think about this, but you should know that it’s only stray dogs that hide when their death is near. A dog that is a member of a family will seek comfort from the people in his world instead of hiding in a private place during his last hours.

Since the dog has a pack, there is no need to fear predators in his last days. He is aware that loved ones surround him and that they will protect him. That’s why dogs look for companionship in their final moments.


We all know that dogs have incredible senses. They know when their owner’s behavior has changed due to an illness. They can also smell the sick in their dying family member. As a result, they tend to comfort their dying family member by touching them more often.

Dogs can also tell that their death is coming. During their last days, they seek more attention from their people by cuddling them. However, stray dogs tend to seek solace in a calm and quiet place before taking their last breath.