Can Dogs Burp?

Burping is natural not just in humans but also in dogs. When you notice your dog burping occasionally, this should not worry you too much. However, if a dog burps very often, it would be smart to know the root cause of this.

But, can dogs burp? The simple answer is yes, dogs can burp. It’s usually nothing to worry about but if it’s a frequent and regular occurrence you may wish to read on.

Why Do Dogs Burp?

Just like people, dogs burp to let excess air out. Flat-faced dogs are more common to burp. This includes breeds such as pugs, boxers, and bulldogs. They burp more compared to other dog breeds because they have a shorter snout. This causes them to swallow air more than usual.

What Causes A Dog To Burp?

A dog that swallowed air will eventually burp just to remove the air out of its stomach. Swallowing of air happens when dogs eat their food too quickly.

When dogs are very hungry or even greedy, they tend to eat food faster than usual. They tend to be greedy when they sense that other pets might steal their food. There are also specific breeds that are prone to burping.

Diet can also be a reason for burping. Dogs with an alkaline diet will tend to produce gas when this meets stomach acid. This results in increased burping in dogs.

Kibbles with certain shapes may also increase the chances of burping when more food gets swallowed upon eating. An example of this is a doughnut-shaped kibble. A poor-quality diet can also be blamed for burping.

You should check out if a dog is allergic to any of the ingredients of the food that they eat.

You should also be aware if your dog tends to dig through garbage or trash. Check if your dog loves to scavenge through kitchen trash cans. You should be on the lookout for these acts from your dog because if they showcase constant burping, this may not be normal and it may eventually lead to underlying health problems.

If you care for your dog, be more vigilant. If you ignore this, you might be ignoring a serious health issue.

What Dog Illnesses Cause Burping?

What Dog Illnesses Cause Burping?

There are dog illnesses that can cause burping. GDV or Gastric Dilation Volvulus is a serious illness where air fills up the stomach but is having difficulty expelling air because of a twist that blocks off the gut.

One of the early signs of GDV is excessive burping. Deep-chested dog breeds commonly get GDV. Dogs that eat very quickly, excessively, and even those who exercise too soon upon eating are more prone to getting GDV.

Burping can also be caused by other less serious illnesses. Burping can be caused by an upset or imbalance in the gastrointestinal tract. These burps are the more smelly ones. This is when instead of swallowing air, it gets produced in the gut and the stomach.

When this air rises, this escapes as a burp. This burp’s smell can be likened to rotten eggs. It can also smell like fish or what that dog’s previous meal is.

The Smell Of Dog Burp

Sulfur burps are dog burps that closely resemble rotten eggs. These are common with a few medications. Dogs that have been fed with raw food are likely to showcase sulfur burps.

Burps that smell like fish tend to be an indication of bad teeth. This might also be caused by the licking of their anal glands.

When Dog Burping Is A Cause For Concern

If you notice your dog burping once or twice after every meal, that is not a serious matter. You could still address this by making your dog eat slowly.

Opt for either a food bowl or a treat ball feeder that is designed to hinder your dog from eating too quickly. When your dog eats slowly, it reduces burps and also offers mental stimulation. This also helps your dog to feel full.

When you notice your dog to be burping more than usual, this might not be an instant emergency but this could be symptoms of gastrointestinal problems. If burping is evident with diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and vomiting, you should be more careful of your dog’s health.

Try to observe your dog every time it eats. Check your dog’s condition as well after eating. If your dog continues to burp each meal, you should take a second look at its diet. If the problem persists, consulting with your veterinarian would be the next best move.

Reducing Excessive Burping In Dogs

Reducing Excessive Burping In Dogs

Dog owners can take several steps to reduce the excessive burping of dogs. Getting help from a professional should always be considered a top priority. A veterinarian can help assess your dog’s true condition. A vet can check for underlying disorders and treat them accordingly.

At home, you can also perform different steps such as discouraging your dog’s quick eating habits. When you slow down your dog’s eating pace, the chances of burping get reduced.

You can also check competitive eating amongst multiple dogs inside your home. When these dogs compete for food, they tend to eat faster. Eating at a faster pace could lead to burping. It would be smart to feed your dog several meals a day so that it won’t rush to eat its food too much.


Can dogs burp? Definitely. Just like humans, dogs burp due to several scientific reasons. No matter what causes this, it is essential to check whether this burping is not excessive or is not normal than usual.

If you are keen on keeping your dog healthy and wanting it to live a very long life, you should not ignore dog burping and should keep a close eye on your dogs habits and routines.

When a dog burps more often than usual, it would be smart to get it checked by a veterinarian for potential illnesses that are connected to the digestive system. Don’t be scared though if you just noticed something about your dog’s burping. You can address this by teaching or letting your dogs eat slowly.

GDV is one of the more serious illnesses that are connected to excessive burping. Get your dog checked as soon as you notice something off with its burping. Never ignore this simple sign as it could help save your dog’s life.