Can Dogs Catch Colds From Humans?

Dogs can’t get colds in the same manner that us humans do, and they certainly can’t catch colds from humans.

However, canines can acquire infections that could create symptoms similar to a cold. Examples of these are congestion and sneezing.

Do not worry if you have a cough or a sniffle and think that you may pass this to your pet. This is not possible. You’ll be happy to hear that dogs can not be affected by the human cold virus.

Can Dogs Get The Human Flu?

Luckily, dogs cannot get the similar flu that humans get. However, they can get the canine flu. Symptoms of the canine flu are almost similar to the human flu but the cause is very different. Dogs may experience a runny nose, sneezing, lethargy, coughing, fever, and lack of appetite.

Dog flu can be easily spread between canines. If a dog is exposed to an infected canine, there is a high chance that it will acquire this as well.

Humans won’t get ill from dog flu but if you get in contact with a canine with dog flu, you could pass this to another dog. Dog flu can stay for minutes on a person’s skin and even up to one day on clothes.

If you happen to be around an infected dog, change or wash your clothes first before interacting with other dogs.

While vaccinations won’t necessarily prevent dog flu they can help prevent other potentially fatal or nasty illnesses and diseases.

Treating Dog Colds

Dogs may not need immediate treatment as most dogs get better eventually on their own. Still, you should observe whether your dog has mild dog cold symptoms or not.

If your pet still eats, drinks, and has an energy level, as usual, there is no need to be concerned as it may get better in just a few days up to a week. You would notice the severity of the situation of your dog when it seems to lack appetite, not drinking, or even has difficulty breathing than normal.

This would be your signal to consult with your local veterinarian right away.

Once the vet suspects something serious, dog flu symptoms will be immediately asked. Just relay your observations and usually, a full examination may follow. Diagnostic tests will be required to identify what’s causing the problem. Treatment may depend on the full diagnosis of the veterinarian.

Usually, fluids, cough suppressants, and antibiotics will be required. Always keep in mind that dogs should not be given any cold remedies that are specifically for humans. This would be highly dangerous for your canine pets.

Dog Cold Prevention

Dog Cold Prevention

With enough information provided above, now you have a clearer insight that dogs won’t catch a cold from humans. However, you need to understand that dogs should still obtain optimal health by preventing them from getting dog flu. Luckily, you can do things to minimize the risk for your pets.

One of the best things to lessen the risk is to keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date. Vaccinations won’t guarantee 100% that your dogs won’t get sick but it provides them with a fighting chance against several illnesses such as kennel cough. A puppy’s vaccinations can help against canine distemper, parvovirus, infectious canine hepatitis, and leptospirosis.

Another smart thing you could easily do at home to prevent your dog from catching dog flu or colds is to regularly clean their stuff. Wash the water bowls, toys, and even their food regularly. Cleanliness is highly essential especially if your dog shares stuff with other dogs. Check on your dog’s water and change it even once a day.

Rest is highly important. Just the same with humans, dogs need to sleep for a certain number of hours to be in optimal health and to stay in shape. Dogs usually sleep from 12-14 hours per day. Sleep is very critical as it helps the body to rejuvenate and prepare against illnesses.

Another thing that you need to do to prevent your dog from catching a cold is to feed it with the right foods. Your canine needs a good quality diet with the necessary nutrients to help boost the immune system.

A strong body with a potent immune system can help battle against dog colds. Your dog’s fighting chance is much higher with a stronger immune system.

Prevention is better than cure. Be updated on potential outbreaks in your area. If you have a community of dog owners, make sure that you get the latest scoops to keep your dog from getting infected. Know when is the safe time to walk your dog around the block. This might be somewhat daunting but the extra effort can go a long way for your dog’s health.


Can dogs catch colds from humans? No. Dogs are lucky that they can’t be infected by people who have the flu. However, that should not be one reason to ignore the fact that your dog always needs to get optimal health.

Being a dog parent, you are still responsible for your dog’s overall well-being. By humans not being able to infect dogs with flu, you should not rest and be complacent with that fact. You can be a carrier of dog flu and infect other dogs.

This important fact should not be taken lightly. You should consider this as critical information that you should apply with your daily interactions with your pet and also with other dogs. Dog flu can stay in a human’s skin for minutes and even stay on clothes for hours. If you ignore this fact and be reckless, you can spread illness towards dogs.

Luckily, you can do some steps to prevent dogs from catching dog colds or flu. Cleaning their stuff regularly can be one effective thing. Feeding them with a proper nutritional diet is also massive for their health.

If you ever observe your dog showing symptoms, the best course of action is to consult with your local vet. Getting your dog properly and completely diagnosed is highly essential to get them treated the best possible way.