Can Dogs Drink Starbucks?

Do you always love your visit to Starbucks, and you are worried that your furry friend does not get to enjoy these benefits? Well, there could be a way around this, and that is what I am here to show you.

Yes, there is a Starbucks drink specifically for dogs.
Introducing the Puppicino – the dog friendly treat so your pet doesn’t have to miss out.

Once you arrive at Starbucks, then you can order a treat of Puppucino for your little one. Unlike regular Starbucks drink, the Puppucino has zero caffeine so there’s no worries of making your dog ill or him bouncing off the walls later!

Can My Dog Take Starbucks?

Not all Starbucks coffee is dog friendly; like most coffee, it contains caffeine, a stimulant to the body. While humans can safely take adequate amounts to begin their mornings, your dog can not. Depending on the size of your dog, the caffeine quantity they can ingest varies from the smallest pup to the biggest husky.

You might be wondering why your dog was probably licking off the leftover cup you left lying around or in the bin. Dogs are generally curious creatures and will want to know and taste what you, their owner, seem to find so pleasant. But honestly, coffee for your dog can cause severe poisoning in quantities above their limit. And Starbucks knows this, so they came up with a fun treat just for your dog.

Can You Get Starbucks For Dogs?

A new buzz that has been happening on social media involves dogs happily slurping down a frosty white drink from a Starbucks cup. This has been making waves ever since, attracting more and more people to buy for their dogs as a form of a treat. You might be wondering why you haven’t seen it on the regular Starbucks menu; that’s because it’s on the secret menu for dogs only.

This final cup of delight for your dog is what you can get on your quick drive-in to get your cup of coffee. Starbucks has gotten fond of having dogs on the usual drive-ins from people who want to get a morning jolt. So they added a personal item that can be enjoyed by your furry companion too, and that is the famous Puppucino.

What Is The Puppucino, And What’s In It?

The Puppucino is just a regular Starbucks expresso cup filled with whipped cream, Yes exactly just that. Yes, all the yummy goodness is safe for your dog to enjoy while on a trip or a quick drive-in. The cup contains no coffee, tea, or caffeine of any sort – simply whipped cream.

According to the company, Starbucks’ whipped cream comprises cream, milk, mono and diglycerides, and carrageenan. Isn’t it a little great? Let’s look at how it works: Cream Milk Mono and diglycerides — to avoid separation and maintain a consistent texture. Carrageenan is a thickening agent that keeps liquids blended.

Is Puppucino Safe For Dogs?

Is Puppucino Safe For Dogs?

Absolutely! The Puppucino is safe for your dog to take, and it’s free of any flavoring, including coffee. Your dog no longer has to sit there bored watching you, it can join in the Starbucks experience too.

While your dog should generally just consume dog food as a special treat, there’s nothing wrong with a Starbucks Puppucino. Although seeing your dog with whipped cream all over their face isn’t the prettiest thing ever, we advise it be a once in a while treat.

We recommend that you forego the Puppuccino, too, if your dog is known to have digestion problems, as it might induce diarrhea, vomiting, and gas. The most straightforward approach to test if your dog is fine is to start with small quantities of whipped cream at a time before you let them go over the whole cup. After you know their tummy is all good, then you can kick off the process.

Unless your dog has stomach issues, in which case a Puppuccino is probably not a good idea, it is one your furry friend would appreciate.

How Can I Get The Puppucino?

You can get the treat by taking your dog along anytime you get to visit Starbucks. You have taken your order, and your dog is patiently waiting for his treat, and voila, there is it. The creamy goodness that they happily slurped down with it all over their nose.

So, how do you go about doing it? Fortunately, that part is also straightforward. While the Puppucino isn’t on the official Starbucks menu, you can get the Puppucino to your local Starbucks drive-through. All you need to do is just ask for a cup or two for your dog and get it ready for your dog to enjoy on the way back home or taking a trip.

Starbucks will generally give you a complimentary Puppucino. You should probably offer the most wholesome thank-you after the purchase, as Puppucinos aren’t officially on the menu. Note, you may not even find an option to pre-order the treat through any app or delivery service.

Can I Get Puppucino Free?

Puppuccinos can be free, but that doesn’t mean you should drink them every day! Starbucks loves dogs as much as you do, which is why they don’t charge for their Puppuccinos. However, it wouldn’t hurt to leave a small tip on top of your drink as a thank you for their assistance.

On this ground, we believe your dog would concur.

So, the next time you take a walk with your dog, order them a puppuccino instead of letting them taste your caffeinated beverage.


Instead of leaving your little friend salivating at your treat or even giving them the wrong amount of caffeine found in your treat, there’s a better option. Starbucks does love the idea of giving both you and your dog the best experience ever, and they have a treat for that.

There are the Puppuccinos which are designed to cater to your dogs as they are equally satisfying. With a cup of Puppuccinos, you can get your dog as excited as it can be