Can Dogs Eat Pizza?

Are you a pizza lover? Good! Are you a dog owner? Great! Are you asking yourself if it is safe to feed pizza to your dog? In other words- Can dogs eat pizza? Absolutely Not! Pizza can be more harmful to dogs than most dog owners realize.

The answer to your question, whether dogs can eat pizza or not, is a clear-cut NO! Pizza may contain ingredients that are toxic to your dog. Feeding any part of the pizza can lead to serious complications. The best rule of thumb is to avoid eating pizza near your four-legged best friend.

Now you might be wondering which ingredient of pizza makes it a hazard for your dog. We will dissect the general ingredients of pizza so that you can have a better understanding.

So, can Dogs Eat Cheese?
Generally speaking, cheese itself is not harmful (except blue cheese). However, cheese can be safe for your dog to eat but not in the case of pizza.

The cheese used in the pizza comes with added flavours like garlic and onions, which are highly toxic for your dog.

So, if you allow your puppy to lick cheese from the top of the pizza, don’t do it again.

Excessive raw cheese in your dog’s diet can also result in an emergency visit to the vet. Cheese contains loads of fat that result in obesity which can lead to diabetes and heart problems.

Is Pizza Crust Bad For Dogs?

A straightforward answer to this question is no; pizza crust is not bad for dogs. “Pizza crust is not bad for dogs” doesn’t mean that you can throw all the leftover crusts towards your dog.

Pizza crusts are made up of dough, salt, water, and olive oil. Salt in the crust of pizza makes your dog thirsty and can also lead to lethargy.

Moreover, if the dough is not baked well, it could cause dietary disorders and breathing problems. In simple words, pizza crust isn’t worth the risk.

If your dog ate some of the pizza crust while you were not looking, there’s no need to rush to the vet. Just lookout for the signs of any kind of complications.

Is Pizza Crust Bad For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Pizza Sauce?

Now, this is a controversial ingredient. Pizza sauce is not harmful to dogs if it is only made up of ripe tomatoes, but that’s generally not the case.

Mostly, pizza sauces also include high amounts of salts and other seasonings that can be fatal for your dog. To enhance the flavor of the sauce, usually, garlic and onions are added to it. These ingredients of pizza sauce make it highly toxic for your puppy.

The amount of salt present in pizza sauce can lead to lethargy, and a condition called bloat.

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni Pizza?

You might be wondering that pepperoni is made up of beef and pork, so is it safe for dogs?

Pepperoni alone is not harmful to dogs, but the seasoning added to enhance its flavor can be very dangerous.

Garlic powder and onion chunks added to the pepperoni pizza make it more unfavorable for your pup.

Additionally, the amount of sodium and fat present in pepperoni can be a potential hazard for your dog’s tummy.
Can Dogs Eat Pizza Toppings?

There can’t be any one-word answer to this question because there are plenty of different pizza toppings. Let’s discuss other toppings separately and their effect on dog’s health:

Black Olives

Essential fatty acids are present in black olives, making them quite nutritious for dogs. This means that if your dog likes the taste of black olives, they can have a good amount of them.

Other than being immunity boosters, black olives also enhance the radiance and shine of your dog’s coat.


We often find mushrooms on the top of our pizzas. The good news is that they can be equally healthy and tasty for your dog. The bowel activity of your dog can be improved by feeding mushrooms because they contain loads of fibre.

Mushrooms are also quite rich in proteins which makes them ideal for your dog’s menu. Just make sure that the mushrooms are edible before tossing them towards your dog.

Green Pepper

These toppings are also loaded with tons of antioxidants. Tossing a few pieces of green pepper could be very healthy for your dog’s bowel and stomach.

Risks Of Onion And Garlic For Dogs

Risks Of Onion And Garlic For Dogs

Onion and garlic are some of the most important ingredients in a pizza. Both of these ingredients are present in different forms in several components of the pizza. From the crust to the toppings, you will find garlic powder and chunks of onions everywhere.

Onion and garlic are members of the Allium family of the plants. The members of the Allium family are known for damaging the red blood cells.

If somehow your dog ingests onions or garlic, it can lead to anaemia. This condition can be fatal for your dog if they are already suffering from Allium Toxicity.


Pizzas are not only tempting for humans, but they also grab the attention of our four-legged best friends quite efficiently. Refusing to those drooling faces and wide demanding eyes can be really tough. Sometimes you have to be strong and refuse your dogs for their good.

Pizza contains a lot of ingredients that can even be fatal for your dog. Years of healthy friendship are a lot better than moments of pleasure.

Although some ingredients in pizza are safe for your dog to eat, the risk is too high. You can feed ingredients separately that are safe for your dog. Such ingredients include little amounts of pizza’s crust, toppings like green pepper and black olives, and mushrooms.

Mainly, onion and garlic present in different forms are the reason why pizza should be avoided at all costs. Allium Toxicity is a condition from which any dog can suffer. Ingestion of garlic and onion by any dog suffering from Allium Toxicity can be fatal.