Can Dogs Go On Buses?

You and your furry buddy like to an evening stroll in the park at a little distance from your home. You often travel via bus to the park, but not sure that your dog will like the crowd on the bus. So, it’s an important question to ask a canine behavior expert that can dog go on buses?

According to most bus companies, dogs are allowed on buses, but some rules need to be followed. The most important of these are the driver’s will.

If your dog isn’t on a leash or many dogs are already on the bus, he may refuse to take your dog on board. Some companies, too, don’t allow dogs on the bus, but trained assistance dogs and service dogs are an exception.

Read this post till the end before you give your dog exposure to a bus ride.

Can All Dogs Go On Buses?

No, all dogs can’t go on buses. If your dog belongs to a large breed or dangerous breeds list, he will not be allowed on the bus. Small dog breeds can easily travel on buses though, such as a Miniature Dachshund. The safety and comfort of the passengers are the utmost priority while allowing dogs in buses.

Why Travelling On Buses Isn’t For Every Dog

Why Travelling On Buses Isn’t For Every Dog

It’s all up to personal preference. As some humans don’t feel good while traveling on public transport, the same goes for your dog. For some dogs, traveling on a bus can be a stressful and scary experience due to the crowd on the bus.

In some cases, bus travel isn’t suitable for your dog. For example, vets don’t recommend public transport after an operation. You should always prioritize your dog’s comfort and welfare before traveling.

Are Dogs Allowed On Metro Bus?

Yes, dogs are allowed on the metro bus but again, to need to follow some rules to ensure the convenience and safety of the passengers. If the driver thinks that your dog can create a problem for the passengers, he may refuse to take him on the bus.

Can Dogs Go On Buses During COVID-19?

The recent studies conducted that the chances of dogs contracting COVID-19 are scarce. In Hong Kong, two pet dogs were tested positive for COVID-19, but none showed the signs of illness. They were living with COVID-positive owners, so they might have got the virus from them.

Other than this, studies show that dogs can transfer COVID-19 to humans, which makes their travel safe in public transport. So, you can take your dog on buses during COVID-19.

Does A Dog On A Bus Need A Bus Ticket? 

Does A Dog On A Bus Need A Bus Ticket?

No, dogs don’t need a bus ticket to travel by bus in most cases. But exceptions exist, such as if you’re traveling with more than two dogs, you’ll have to pay some ticket for your dogs.

Some bus companies charge you for taking dogs on the bus, even if they are two or less than two. If you’re traveling with assistance dogs, service dogs, and guide dogs, then you’ll not be charged even a single penny. But you must ensure that you’ve your dog’s identification papers with you.

What Are Your Responsibilities When You Take Your Dog On Buses?

When you’re traveling with your dog on a bus, you are responsible for the comfort of all the passengers. You must act like a responsible pet parent by ensuring that you perform the following responsibilities accurately.

Make your dog used to the bus environment. If you feel he is getting anxious due to the crowd, try to divert his attention from people with some tasty treats. Training your dog on how to stay calm in stressful situations can help you a lot while traveling on a bus with your dog.

Not everyone is as comfortable with dogs as you’re. Sometimes you come across some passengers who don’t like dogs. So, your pooch presence can make them comfortable. Make sure that your puppy behaves well so that they don’t get scared of him.

What To Take With You While Travelling With Your Dog On A Bus

No matter the journey is long or short, your dog may need some things anytime. It’s recommended to take the following items with you while traveling on a bus with your dog:

1. Water
2. Dog poo bags
3. Treats
4. Meals

Skills Your Dog Needs To Know Before Going On Buses

There are many things that you can teach your dog before you travel with him on public transport. It will make your journey much easier, calm, safe, and more enjoyable.

The primary skills that your dog should master before their journey on the bus are:

• Sit and lie down
• Settle
• Leave
• Wait at the doorway

You can start your dog’s training to listen to these commands at an early age. You must ensure that your dog listens to you so that in case of any problem, he can listen to you. It will help you to handle unforeseen situations better without harming anyone on the bus.

Skills Your Dog Needs To Know Before Going On Buses


Traveling with your pup on a bus can be an exciting experience, but until you know how to keep your dog calm. Yes, dogs are allowed to travel by bus, but some rules must be followed.

If your dog hasn’t been exposed to a crowd before or limited space, he’ll show some negative behaviors during bus travel. You should check that if your dog is permitted to travel via bus or not; because some breeds are not allowed.

Even in COVID-19 times, you can take your dog on a bus. They can’t transmit the virus to the passengers; thus, it’s safe to have them on the bus.

While traveling, make sure that you have the necessary things that your dog might need during the journey. Be a responsible pet parent, and don’t forget to act wisely in handling your dog’s reaction to the crowd on the bus.

With the safety measures and teaching your dog the required skills to travel in public transport, you can make the journey easy and safe for everyone and your dog.