Can Dogs Go Sailing?

When the summer heat is killing in homes, the best way to have a good time is often on water. But for devoted dog owners, water adventures are not as thrilling as they should be without their furry buddy. Therefore, they often ask can dogs do sailing?

Yes, dogs can go sailing. You’ll be happy to know this but wait. Not all dogs will be delighted to be on the boat. The thing that seems an adventure to you might not be the same for your dog.

Particularly, if he isn’t used to being on the boat, he can strain all the crew members. Therefore, proper training is required to ensure that your dog will not get seasick.

So, want to train your dog for sailing? Read this article till the end to learn how you can make your dog comfortable on a boat.

How To Train A Dog For Sailing

How To Train A Dog For Sailing

Dogs can understand commands quickly and remember them for a long time. By giving your dog training for sailing, you can make things a lot easier for everyone on the boat and your dog. Here are some ways you can train your dog for sailing:

Make your dog used to the onboard life before heading out

Like humans, dogs need to get used to the changed surroundings. The new scents of the people, places, and the sudden absence of floor and walks will not be normal for your pup.

To make your dog comfortable on the boat, take him on the boat for a short time. In this way, he’ll still be able to get a walk when back on the land. With time you can increase the time your dog will spend on the boat when you know he is becoming comfortable.

Once he has gotten completely used to the boat life, you can plan a trip for days or even a week.

Make a routine for toilet-time

Make a routine for your dog when he can go to the toilet. You can assign a place on the boat for your furry buddy where he can go to toilet. You can also use some verbal commands to help your dog know it’s time to go to the toilet.

Your dog will learn this with time, so you have to be patient. Never punish your dog for the mistakes that he makes during training.

Take him swimming

Many dog breeds are natural swimmers and love water. But some breeds are not very fond of water because they can’t swim. To avoid your dog getting seasick while sailing, you should get him used to water.

The easiest way to do this is to take him swimming. Even though he belongs to a breed that can’t swim, such as the bulldog, he can walk with you in shallow water. The feeling of being comfortable in the water is very important for your dog before you take him on a sailing adventure.

Teach him to follow commands

Teach your dog to listen to you. While on a boat, you know better what is safe for your dog and what is not. If you have an untrained dog who doesn’t listen to you, he’ll create problems for you and himself.

Which Dog Breeds Love Sailing?

As mentioned earlier, not all dog breeds are afraid of having a dip in the water. They are swimmers and love to be in the water. These dog breeds love sailing as well, as it keeps them close to water. These include:

5. Labrador Retriever
6. Boykin Spaniel
7. Portuguese Water Dog
8. Schipperke
9. American Water Spaniel
10. Poodle
11. Miniature Schnauzer
12. Newfoundland

Even though these dogs love water, you should never leave them unsupervised in water as a responsible dog owner.

Which Dog Breeds Love Sailing? 

Requirements To Take Your Dog Sailing

Before taking your dog for sailing, you must ensure the following requirements:

Dog’s Safety

Never compromise on your dog’s safety. Either he is a good swimmer or not, a lifejacket is crucial for him. Like any other crew member on the boat will need a lifejacket; similarly, your dog will need it too.

It assures you that if your dog accidentally falls in the water, he’ll stay afloat.

Check Vaccinations & Carry Emergency Medications

Before leaving, book an appointment with your vet to check that your dog has up to date with vaccinations. Moreover, you can ask him for some emergency medications.

Emergency medications are essential if you’re going to sail for an extended period with your dog. Omezaprole is an effective anti-uncle medicine that can be helpful if your dog becomes seasick during sailing. Another medicine that you can keep to help your dog in seasickness is Calmivet. It’s a well-known anti-nausea medicine. You can also give it as a tranquilizer to your dog if required.

Moreover, take some antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These can help if your dog suffers from pain, especially in the joints.

Provisioning for your dog

You must not forget your dog’s food and water. In addition to the essential dog food, you can also keep his favorite treats. Make sure that you store food in those containers that can keep the food fresh. For this purpose, you can also use resealable bags.


Your priority will always be his comfort, no matter which adventure you want your canine to be with you. Therefore, it’s an important question to ask can dogs do sailing?

Fortunately, dogs can do sailing, but not all breeds. So, you must understand that your dog will be happy to be in water or not.

If he isn’t a good swimmer or doesn’t love to be in the water, he’ll surely not be happy. However, training your dog can help. You can teach your dog to be in the water and how to behave on a boat.

Over time, he’ll become comfortable with life on the boat. But make sure that you don’t miss anything that can create a problem on the boat. These include your dog’s food, his up-to-date vaccination, emergency medications, and last but not least, your pup’s safety.