Can Dogs Have Hot Dogs?

Hot dogs are a popular food that is loved by all. On a hot summers day, if you’re cooking hot dogs on a grill and see your dog’s drooling face expecting some, then you can’t blame him. Hot dogs smell and taste heavenly good. But before you make your fido a part of the hot dogs’ party, you must know can dogs have hot dogs?

The simplest answer to the question is …

Yes; dogs can eat hot dogs but not regularly.
Moderation is a must when you’re introducing your dog to hot dogs. Excess amounts of hot dogs can cause an upset stomach and many other problems too.

You know that dogs are carnivores and you saw that your dog’s delight after eating hot dogs, you’ll like to feed him in future too. But before you do this, scroll down to know some of the most common queries regarding giving hot dogs to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Both Uncooked And Cooked Hot Dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat both cooked and raw hot dogs. But as a responsible pet parent, you must ensure that your dog doesn’t eat uncooked hot dogs. Cooked food is always better than uncooked food, either it’s humans or dogs.

According to a recent study,

When some of the leading hot dog brands were tested for safety, it was found that 20% of them contained pathogenic bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes.

These bacteria are killed when you cook the hot. Therefore, like any meat, you must cook hot dogs too before giving them to your dog.

What Ingredients In Hot Dogs Are Bad For Dogs? 

What Ingredients In Hot Dogs Are Bad For Dogs?

Hot dogs are not dog food, and any human food will have some bad effects on your dog. Similarly, hot dogs have some ingredients that are not good for your dogs, and these include:

• Sodium
• Onion
• Onion powder
• Garlic
• Garlic powder
• Nitrites
• Sodium nitrate
• Monosodium glutamate
• Artificial colors
• Artificial flavors
• Mustard
• Hot peppers
• Ketchup

You can’t avoid these ingredients in hot dogs. Therefore, the best way to keep your dog safe and happy is to feed him hot dogs occasionally.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Feeding My Dog Hot Dogs?

Yes, any human food, when given to a dog in excess, has some negative effects that can harm your dog. The most common is obesity because hot dogs are rich in calories and fats. As per experts,100 grams of hot dogs approximately provide 300 calories and 30 grams of fats.

Obesity will make your dog lazy, and if you push him to regular and exercise to lose weight, it can weaken his bones and joints. Moreover, the large amount of sodium and salt are also associated with several health problems. Sodium and salt will also make your dog thirsty, increasing the risk of dehydration.

Hot dogs contain preservatives such as nitrates that are strongly linked with cancer. Your dog will most probably suffer an upset stomach after eating hot dogs. Besides, there are many underlying health conditions too that can occur if your dog eats hot dogs frequently.

Can Dogs Eat Hot Dog Buns?

No veterinarian will recommend giving hot dog buns to your dog. Buns are full of sugars and carbohydrates, and both are not healthy choices for your dog.

Particularly, if your dog is eating his dog food at regular intervals, then you should be extremely careful. Eating a bun in such cases can significantly boost the level of carbs and sugar in his body. Keep an eye on your dog’s macros intake.

Can Dogs Eat Hot Dog Buns? 

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Hot Dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat turkey hot dogs, but again not daily. Studies show that white meat, like turkey, helps in building muscles in dogs. Moreover, it’s also considered a great source of protein. If your pup is suffering from a chicken allergy, then turkey can be a great alternative.

But before you share turkey hot dogs with your dog, make sure that it’s cooked properly. It shouldn’t have any ingredient that can be harmful to your dog. And you shouldn’t forget that the number of hot dogs should be checked to keep your dog safe.

What To Do If A Dog Accidently Eats Hot Dogs?

If your dog snatched only one hot dog from the table while you were topping up the barbeque, then it’s not a big deal in most cases. Of course, your pet will have mild diarrhea, but it will go away in a day or two.

However, the best move always is to get your dog checked by the vet, especially if diarrhea persists or other symptoms appear. When your dog is suffering from diarrhea, make sure to give him plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

What To Do If A Dog Accidently Eats Hot Dogs

Healthy Alternatives To Hot Dogs

If you want to make your pup happy with tasty treats, hot dogs are not the only option. You can make him happy while keeping him healthy. Therefore, you shouldn’t give him hot dogs that will be a compromise on your best buddy’s health.

Some tasty alternatives to hot dogs at the barbeque party for your dog are plain beef, pork, or chicken. But make sure that you don’t add salt or seasonings that can harm your pup. Other than the barbeque party, some fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, raspberries, green beans, etc., are also great alternatives to hot dog treats.


Whenever you have tasty food, your dog will want to share without understanding if it’s good or bad for him. But as a responsible pet parent, you should understand that hot dogs are good for your dog until you don’t give them to your dog regularly.

In addition to this, you must avoid some ingredients that are not good for your dog. Some of them can even put your dog’s life at risk. So, make sure that you always avoid them and cook the hot dogs before giving them to your dog.

If you’re giving them as a treat to your dog, then now you know they are not a healthy option as a treat. When you have healthy options available, you must not risk your pup’s life just for a tasty treat.