Can Dogs Only Drink Water?

Water is the medium of life, not for just humans, but for your fido too. Studies show that dogs can’t survive without water for more than 2-3 days or a maximum of a week. So, you might think do dogs drink only water to themselves hydrated?

No, dogs don’t drink only water. In fact, they will drink any liquid that you’ll place in front of them. But that doesn’t mean they can drink anything they want. Some drinks are not good for your dog’s health, and you must keep them away from him.

You can use any liquid other than water that your dog can drink safely as a treat or reward for good behavior. Here, you’ll find what you can give your dog besides water and what you can’t give him, no matter how much he insists.

What Can Dogs Drink Besides Water?

What Can Dogs Drink Besides Water?

Drinks other than water don’t provide the hydration level that water does, but they can keep your dog cool. Also, they serve as treats or rewards to lighten up your dog’s mood. Here are some drinks you can give your dog besides water:

1. Juice

Yes, you can give your pup juices. But not all, as some can create problems for him. It’s a popular belief that grapes juice isn’t good for dogs. It can cause kidney disease and should be avoided.

For the best recommendation, you should consult a vet before giving your dog any juice. He’ll suggest to you the best juice options that will have the necessary vitamins and minerals for your dog’s growth.

Also, remember, an overdose of everything is bad. Juices should be given in small quantities due to their high sugar content, which isn’t good for your canine’s health.

2. Tea

If you want your dog to enjoy the evening tea with you, then you can. But only herbal tea such as chamomile or peppermint for your dog. Herbal teas have many healthy ingredients that can dilute your dog’s diet and help indigestion. But remember not to make tea as their regular drink.

3. Milk

If you’ve heard that you can’t give milk to your dog, then you heard it partially right. You should give milk to your pup if he has a lactose allergy. In that case, it can lead to an upset stomach and severe diarrhea.

But if your dog has the lactase enzyme for digesting lactose, then you can give milk to your dog without any fear. After all, it’s healthy and helps improve bone health and the overall health of the dog.

What Drinks Should Dogs Avoid?

Now you know what drinks you can give your dog besides water, now it’s time to know what should be avoided:

1. Coffee

No matter how much your dog makes you feel that he wants to be your drinking (think beer!) or coffee partner, you should never encourage him. Coffee is toxic to dogs (although he can have a Starbucks Puppucino!) and, if consumed, can result in poisoning with the following symptoms:

• Vomit
• Breathing problems
• Heart palpitations
• Fear
• Anxiety
• Convulsions
If you see these symptoms, take him to the vet immediately.

2. Coke

Did your vet ever tell you that your dog should avoid high amounts of sugar and caffeine? Then how can you give him coke which has both these? If your dog accidentally drinks coke, the poisoning symptoms will be similar to the case of coffee.

3. Soda

Soda drinks are not made for dogs, so they don’t eliminate the ingredients dogs can’t consume. Caffeine is present in most sodas, which isn’t safe for dogs. In some, if caffeine isn’t present, high amounts of sugar are there. So, you should avoid giving them to your dog.

What Drinks Should Dogs Avoid?

How Much Water Does A Dog Need?

According to a general rule, the amount of water a dog needs in a day is:
‘100 ml water for every kg of the body weight.’
But the water requirement of every dog may be different based on different factors. These include the size of the dog, level of activity, temperature, and food type.

Should You Leave the Water Bowl for Your Dog All Day?

There is no problem in doing so. Dogs are voracious eaters when it comes to food. So, you’ll have to keep an eye on the proportion control in the case of food as overeating can create a problem for him.

But, as far as water is concerned, he can’t over-drink it. He’ll drink it only when he feels thirsty, and therefore you should leave a water bowl for your dog all day.

Reasons Why Your Dog Isn’t Drinking Water

Although water is really important for your dog’s survival, sometimes he refuses to drink water. The underlying reason behind this behavior may be any of these:

• Aging
• Weather change
• Unfamiliar places
• Lack of exercise
• Health issues
• Mouth injury
• Teeth damage

How To Help A Dog Who Doesn’t Drink Water

How To Help A Dog Who Doesn’t Drink Water

If your dog isn’t drinking water, you can’t leave him like that. Dehydration is really dangerous for your dog, and you must avoid it. Here are some things you can try to make your dog drink water if he is avoiding it:

Give him wet food.
Try out different bowls to increase his interest.
Keep the water bowls clean; he might avoid water due to uncleaned bowls.
Change the position of the water bowl so that he may drink out of curiosity.
Contact the vet; if he doesn’t respond to any of your efforts in a positive way.


Your dog’s needs are your responsibilities. Asking your vet that do dogs only drink water is crucial. It can help you know the drinks your dog can have or not.

Never give him drinks that contain caffeine and high amounts of sugar. Check your dog’s daily water requirement and make sure he is drinking water that is needed to avoid dehydration. You can keep the water bowl for him all day to drink water whenever he feels thirsty.

If your dog isn’t drinking water, then it’s not without reason. Try to find out the reason and address it on time to avoid any worse consequences. If your tricks don’t work, you shouldn’t delay a visit to the vet clinic.