Can Dogs Tell When You’re Pregnant?

A behavioral change usually occurs in dogs once their owners are expecting. It has sprung up curiosity in the minds of dog lovers. Many wonder if dogs can tell when a fetus is growing in their owner’s womb.

Can Dogs Tell When you’re Pregnant?

It’s no news that canines have a keen sense of smell.

They can smell the change in your scent due to hormones your body produces during pregnancy. Although, dogs cannot comprehend the reason behind this change, they’re aware that something is going on with you and essentially dogs can tell when you’re pregnant – they just don’t know it!

Dogs are different! The way yours decides to react to this change will vary from another dog’s reaction. While dogs can adjust smoothly to their owner’s pregnancy, others will find it challenging. Nonetheless, there are ways to help your dog have an easier adjustment.

How Early Can A Dog Sense Pregnancy?

How Early Can A Dog Sense Pregnancy?

It’s impossible to pinpoint the exact time your dog sensed that you are having a baby. Nonetheless, we know that canines have a keen sense of smell and nothing skips their nose. Dogs can easily notice changes in your scent due to hormones produced during pregnancy.

What dogs can’t do, however, is comprehend the reason behind the change. Once you conceive, you furry friend can tell that something has changed both in your behavior and physical appearance. He will immediately become interested in knowing what’s going on.

Dogs can be very sensitive and curious when it comes to their humans. They want to study every slight movements and behavioral changes. The way your dog will react to your pregnancy is unpredictable.

Some dogs become extremely protective of their pregnant owners. Others may become afraid or indifferent when their owner is pregnant. But most dogs tend to more protective and more affectionate toward their owners.

Although they don’t understand what is going on with you. Dogs can easily notice your hormones and the changes in scent and mood that comes with it.

Can Dogs Hear A Fetal Heartbeat?

You may also wonder if your dog can hear your unborn child’s heartbeat. There are no definitive studies supporting this, but it’s certainly possible. As the fetus grows inside your belly, it becomes easier to hear a heartbeat.

It even gets to a point where you can hear your baby’s heartbeat without a fetal Doppler. At this level of your pregnancy, a stethoscope or special earbuds can be used to hear the fetal heartbeat. Also, your partner can hear it by placing his head on your stomach.

A dog’s sense of hearing is more heightened than that of humans. They have a better range than humans, which makes them likely to hear a fetal heartbeat. So, it’s possible that your dog can hear your unborn child’s heart beating.

Many people believe that a dog’s hearing can go four times farther than humans. There is no evidence to prove that. But one thing we all know is that dogs have an incredible sense of hearing.

How Your Dog May React To Your Pregnancy

All dogs are not the same! That’s why they react to their owner’s pregnancy differently. Some dogs adjust smoothly to the change in your behavior and physical appearance. They become more protective and more affectionate toward their owners.

Other dogs may find it difficult adjusting to the changes caused by their owners pregnancy. In this case, they may become rebellious and behave out of character. For example, chewing on items in your home or urinating in the living room.

They noticed that you have become slower. You no longer give them much attention like you used to before you got pregnant. With a baby underway, you will spend most of your time doing baby stuff. Your dog will notice and get jealous.

Give your dog a little time! He will learn to adjust to the changes due to your pregnancy. But while at it, show your dog some extra love.

How To Prepare Your Dog For Baby’s Arrival

How To Prepare Your Dog For Baby’s Arrival

Although dogs can sense when you’re pregnant, they don’t understand what it means. They certainly don’t know what’s about to happen. It’s impossible to predict how a dog will react to his owner’s pregnancy.

It may take a lot of time before your fur buddy adjusts. However, you can make his adjustment easier. Here are a few tips!

1. Don’t be quick to cut down on the attention you give your dog

It would be best to gradually reduce the attention you provide for your dog. Your new baby requires plenty of attention and it’s easy to stop caring for your dog.

Unfortunately, dogs may have a negative reaction to this change. So, it’s best to start reducing the attention your dog enjoys while preparing for your baby.

2. Familiarize your dog with baby sounds.

When your first baby arrives your dog will start hearing baby sounds for the first time in his life. It may be difficult for him to adjust to hearing such strange sounds in your home.

But it would help if you occasionally played a recording of baby sounds before your baby arrives. Your dog will get used to such sounds in no time.

3. Familiarize your dog with the baby’s scent

Apply the lotion you purchased for your incoming baby to a blanket. Let your dog sniff it to get familiar with the baby’s scent.

4. Leash your dog when introducing them to your new baby

You don’t know how your dog will react when he meets your little one. So, it’s best to leash him just in case he gets too excited. Allow him to investigate the new family member. Don’t shoot them away as this increase his curiosity.


The change in your dog’s behavior once you conceive can make you feel that he’s aware that you’re pregnant. But that’s not really true. Your dog only noticed some physical and behavioral changes in you.

They know your usual scent and can tell that a change has occurred. This change results from hormones produced in your body during pregnancy. Your furry pal may or may not adjust smoothly to such changes. If he finds it difficult adjusting to the change, the tips we provided can help!