Can Dogs Wear Diapers?

Imagine this. You are a dog owner, and you love being a dog owner. They are your best friends in the whole wide world who lighten your day as soon as you step back into your home after a *crap* day at work (presumably).

However, one day you come back and find your home to be a stinky affair. You look around, and you find that your wonderful best friend has decided to leave you a gift today (*wink* *wink*, or should I say, *stink* *stink*?).

You start to wonder, can dogs wear diapers?

Yep. You will be glad to know. Dogs can wear diapers.

Keep reading, why don’t you?

Most dogs are trained very well to attend their calls of nature in an appropriate place. However, some situations do arise that would benefit your dog and yourself if a diaper was an option.

Diapers make cleaning a breeze, there would be no more weird smells in the house despite cleaning vigorously, they are ideal for bad weather conditions as well as for going to public places where you then don’t have to worry about taking them out for a “walk”.

What Are The Different Types Of Dog Diapers

Cloth and disposable are the two types of diapers available to choose from.

Cloth diapers hold their appeal to the environmentally conscious lot as disposable diapers do indeed end up in landfills and contribute majorly to pollution. But, cleaning a cloth diaper continuously can also get icky. (I know, right?)

Disposable diapers are of a similar variety as for human kids (or adults). I think we know the gist of it. It gets dirty, take it off, Throw it away, wipe the area clean, and voila. This ease of use will almost certainly, no, in fact, it WILL a 100% cost you more in the long run and, did I mention how bad it is for the environment? Mm hmm.

To err on the side of caution, I would recommend you to “handle” dog diapers with gloves to avoid any contact with the waste. (I hope you knew that before I had to spell that out for you.)

When Should You Use Dog Diapers?

When Should You Use Dog Diapers?

Essentially, seeing as the idea for pet diapers sprouts from human diapers, one would naturally assume most of the same situations apply when wanting to use dog diapers, and one would be right. Do read on to find out more.

• The same as humans, i.e., as long as they are not potty trained. New-born pups do not have their routines down, so it would be helpful to let them be free at least until they can be trained. Training saves money and the environment all in one.

• Female dogs in heat tend to bleed for about 10 – 12 days. They do end up leaving their own kinds of gifts on your expensive furnishings and upholstery. Using diapers for this time duration will help save your house, as well as reduce the tendency of licking that almost never stops. Diapers are no contraception, however. It is going to be fairly easy for a male dog to work his way around a diaper.

• Dogs with urinary incontinence, maybe due to infections, bladder issues, or possibly diabetes can benefit from diapers. Medication and surgery may help reverse these issues if it is medical, if this is a behaviour issue, talk to your vet about it.

• After certain operations where going to the potty can be troublesome, diapers can become your dog’s best friend. (Your’s too).

• Geriatric dogs, same as humans, may lose their control and relieve themselves whenever they feel like it. Some cognitive impairments in older dogs, similar to Alzheimer’s, may cause senior dogs to forget their training and poop wherever, whenever. (Not fun, not fun at all.)

How To Use Dog Diapers

Yes, yes you need instructions on how to use dog diapers.

• For males with incontinence, wraps might be a better option. They fit snugly around the anatomy and are quite comfortable.

• The size of a diaper primarily depends on the dog’s weight, their breed and their medical conditions (if any). It can be a trial-and-error method to begin with.

• Make sure to read up on instructions and choose the right size and absorption level required.

• Dog diapers have a hole for the tail, if there is no tail or small tail, do cover the hole up to avoid leakage.

• Diapers must be changed quite often. A soiled diaper can cause diaper rash and other issues.

• Use baby wipes to clean your dog.

• Wear gloves.

• Do not scare your best friend. Try distracting them while you are putting on the diaper (think treats). If they resist a lot, it might be better to leave them be.

• Consult your vet before doing anything on your own.

Should You Put A Diaper On Your Dog?

As we have seen, there are many reasons you might want to go the diaper route. And we know there is nothing more precious to us than the health and well being of our canines.

Diapers are surely helpful in regaining your dog’s sense of independence and freedom. They get to spend time with their family that might have been avoiding them due to accidents.

Some dogs simply cannot bear to have anything on them. It is best to let a friend, or another family member help you put on the dog diaper to begin with. Distracting with treats is a good option. If your dog shows you he is not up for it, let that be his decision.

It is also extremely important to maintain good hygiene of the area which comes in contact with the urine and faeces. Any prolonged contact can cause severe rash, burning and itching, possible urinary and bacterial infections. Some vets do perform sanitary clippings for this reason.

Fresh air is good and relieving them of the diaper for a few hours is a healthy habit.

It is imperative to speak to your primary veterinarian before you embark on the diaper journey.
Diapers are in no way an alternative for fully fledged potty training. (remember the environment, if not your wallet…)


Yes, dogs can wear diapers. Realistically it’s for health or medical reasons – certainly NOT as a replacement for correct training habits.