Can I Take My Dog In A Taxi?

If you’re going anywhere in a taxi, leaving your dog home will be the hardest decision you’ll make. Perhaps a train or bus is out of the question. So how about taking your dog in a taxi?

Yes. You can take your dog in a taxi, but with the driver’s will. If he refuses to take your dog in the car, then you can’t force him to let your dog travel with you.

Some things can help you if you know them before your dog’s first taxi travel. In this thread, you’ll find them all.

Reasons Why Drivers Don’t Allow Dogs In Taxis

There are chances that the taxi driver doesn’t like dogs, so how can he allow your dog in his taxi? Besides this, the common reasons why taxi drivers don’t allow dogs in taxis are:

• Dogs leave their hair on taxi
• The dog can be sick in the car
• Dogs can damage the car, such as scratches on the seats

Does Uber Allows Dogs?

Does Uber Allows Dogs?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. In the case of Uber or any other rideshare company, the decision is solely of the driver. He can allow your dog or not, so it’s better to confirm ahead of time.

The major difference between a taxi and Uber is you can’t call an Uber driver beforehand as you can do with taxis. The best approach to this is booking your Uber via the Uber app as usual. After that, immediately call the driver and tell him that you have a dog with you.

Most drivers will happily agree to take your dog in the car, but some wouldn’t. So, if that is the case, you can simply cancel the ride before it arrives to pick you up. It saves you from arguing with the driver once he has come to your place.

Things To Do For A Dog-Friendly Taxi Ride

Here are some things that you can do for a dog-friendly and hassle-free taxi ride:

1. Call the taxi company ahead of the time

Most taxi companies are used to the request of pet-friendly taxis. If you call them ahead of time to inform them, they will send you a dog-friendly taxi driver. But make sure that you tell the breed and size of your dog because some drivers don’t allow certain types of dogs.

2. Utilize taxi stands

If you a taxi stand near you, go to a taxi driver and ask him if he’ll allow your dog or not. If he says no, you’ll have many options in line that you can ask. Most taxi drivers will agree to take your dog in the car, as they will see that your dog is behaving nicely and won’t be a problem maker.

3. Show off your well-behaved dog

If you’re waiting for a taxi, make sure your dog is sitting nicely with you. If your dog is calm and well-behaved, drivers will not have a problem giving you and your dog a ride.

4. Bring a towel

If your dog is a big one and belongs to a breed, who loves to dig holes at the park, make sure to bring a towel with you. Taxi drivers are very famous for keeping their cars clean. So, if you have a muddy and wet dog, the chances of getting a taxi are very less.

5. Bring a dog carrier

If your dog is small and can easily fit in a dog carrier, you should definitely use it. Most taxi drivers will have zero problems allowing you and your dog in the car if he is within a carrier.

6. Tip nicely

If you find a driver who happily allows you and your dog in the car, make sure to show him that you appreciate it.

How To Train Your Dog To Travel In A Car

How To Train Your Dog To Travel In A Car

Training your dog on how to behave during car travel can make it easier for you to convince the car driver to allow your dog in the car. Here are some ways you can train your dog to travel in a car:

• In the beginning, give your dog a quick introduction to the car.
• Start walking them around the car and see if he is okay to be around the cars or not. If he stays calm, reward his behavior with treats.
• When you feel that your dog is okay being around the cars, command him to sit in the car. Make sure that the engine is turned off at the start. Reward your dog again for the calm behavior so that he can know that you want him to learn that car is an excellent place to be.
• Once your dog becomes used to sitting in the car, turn on the engine and have a short journey in the car.
• Keep your first journey as soon as possible, not more than 15 minutes. In this time, observe that how your dog reacts and deals with it.
• Once he becomes comfortable with short journeys, you can take him to far-off destinations in the car without any problem.

If you want to train your dog quickly, start his training when he is still a puppy. Puppies learn things earlier than dogs. Never punish your dog while teaching him, as it will negatively impact him, and he won’t listen to your commands.


A car ride is one of the most convenient ways to travel. But, if you’re a dog owner, then you’ll have to stop a moment and think can you take your dog in a taxi?

Luckily, you can take your dog in a taxi if the driver has no problem with it. You can confirm this with your driver ahead of time.

There are some things that you can do before your dog’s car journey. They will help you to make the trip comfortable for you, your dog, and the taxi driver.

Moreover, you can also train your dog how to behave and stay calm in a taxi. A trained dog has a higher chance of getting accepted by taxi drivers than an untrained dog.