Can I Take My Dog On A Cruise?

If you’re used to traveling with your pet in airplanes, taxis, etc., then you’ll not be comfortable with leaving your pet home while going on a cruise. Like many dog owners, the first question that will pop up in your mind will be, can I take my dog on a cruise?

There isn’t any clear-cut answer to this question. While many cruise lines don’t allow dogs, exceptions also exist. But you’ll have to confirm this before reserving any cruise line.

Although you’ll not find many cruises that will allow you to take your furry buddy with you, some dog-friendly cruises do. Read on to find out the top dog-friendly cruises that will enable you to explore waters with your dog.

Top Dog Friendly Cruises

Top Dog Friendly Cruises

Here are some of the top dog-friendly cruises that you can book if you want your dog to be with you on the cruise:

1. Cunard’s Queen Mary 2
2. The Bow Wow Brunch Cruise
3. Dog Gone Sailing Cruises
4. Seadog Cruises in Chicago
5. The Mercury Canine Cruise
6. Acadian Nature Cruise
7. Potomac Riverboat Canine Cruise
8. Mercury’s Canine Cruise
9. Scenic Cruise St. Augustine
10. Cruises on The Bay
11. Dog Gone Sailing Charters

Are Service Dogs Allowed On Cruises?

Yes, service dogs are allowed on cruises. Service dogs are usually considered working animals that help humans, not pets.

If a person has a disability, he can bring a service dog with him on a cruise. No cruise line can say no to a service dog. According to Cruise Talk;

“The ADA defines a service animal as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. If they meet this definition, animals are considered service animals under the ADA regardless of whether they have been licensed or certified by a state or local government.”

These service dogs are beneficial for disabled individuals. For example, they lead a blind person, protect a person having a seizure, etc. Most of the cruise lines don’t even ask for documentation to allow service dogs on board. But you must ensure that your service dog is appropriately trained to help you.

Are Service Dogs Allowed On Cruises?

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed On Cruises?

No, emotional support dogs are not allowed on cruises. Although they provide comfort, emotional support, and companionship to a person with disabilities, they are not trained as service dogs. Therefore, they are not allowed to be on board with you.

Are Therapy Dogs Allowed On Cruises?

No, therapy dogs are not allowed on cruises. The reason for this is the same as in the case of emotional support dogs. They are not trained as service dogs, so they can create problems for the staff and other passengers on the cruise.

Which Dog Breeds Are Not Allowed On Cruises?

All dog breeds can’t travel on cruises. The following dog breeds are typically not allowed on cruises due to their size or other issues:

• Afghan hound
• Curly-coated retriever
• Bloodhound
• Gordon Setter
• Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound)
• Great Dane
• Briard
• Greyhound
• Irish Wolfhound
• Irish Setter
• Mastiff
• Deerhound
• Newfoundland
• Doberman
• Great Pyrenees
• St. Bernard
• Saluki
• Weimaraner
• Bull Mastiff
• Malamute
• Pit bulls
• Fila Brasilieros

Which Dog Breeds Are Not Allowed On Cruises?

What Do You Need To Pack For A Service Dog On A Cruise?

By the cruise lines, you’ll get the sandbox and an area where your service dog can relieve himself. However, you’re responsible for cleaning your dog and must pack the necessary things.

Moreover, you’ll have to pack dog food, treats, water bowls, leashes, and bedding for your dog. Some cruise lines provide life jackets for small and large animals. But, if your cruise line doesn’t facilitate you with this, then you’ll have to pack one for your dog.

Do Dogs Like To Go On Cruises?

No, dogs don’t like going on cruises, and for obvious reasons. With all the luxury accommodations and the fun, you have on a cruise, it might be a pleasure. But, unfortunately, it’s restrictive for your dog.

He can’t play, go outside, or spend time with you. Spending time away from you in the kennel can be really frustrating for your furry buddy.

Due to all this, your dog’s health can also be affected. Moreover, many cruise lines don’t even offer vet services. So, if your dog’s condition becomes serious on the cruise, you have the risk of losing your loving dog.

How To Prepare For Taking Your Dog On A Cruise

Here are some things and tips that you must remember before taking your dog on a cruise:

1. Dogs are not allowed on the cruise for free. You’ll have to pay almost the exact amount that you’re paying for yourself. The price usually falls between $800 to $1000 per dog.

2. Complete all the paperwork before taking your dog on the cruise. You should carry your dog’s vaccination card, pet passport or certificate, tapeworm treatment certificate, and he should be fitted with a microchip.

3. Make reservations in advance because only a limited number of pets are allowed on the cruise.

4. You’ll have to understand that you can’t keep your dog with you. He’ll have to spend his entire cruise journey in the kennel away from you. So, you and your dog must be prepared for this.

Do Dogs Like To Go On Cruises?


Like planes, taxis, etc. traveling with dogs on cruises isn’t that simple. It’s hard to find a cruise that will allow your dog to be on board.

It’s hard, but not impossible. You can find some dog-friendly cruises that will allow you to take your dog with you. But they have some rules and regulations that must be followed.

If you’re traveling with a service dog, then there is no need to worry about this. No cruise will say no to a service dog if you’re disabled and need your dog to be with you. But you can take emotional support dogs or therapy dogs with you on a cruise.

Moreover, some dog breeds are not allowed on cruises due to their size and other problems. Make sure that you prepare for your dog’s cruise journey ahead of time. It’s crucial because it’ll ensure that you’ve packed everything that your dog will need but will not be provided by the cruise.

Make your dog comfortable on the cruise as much as you can because it’s essential for your dog, other passengers on the cruise, and you.