Can I Take My Dog On A Plane?

If you’re planning a holiday at a beautiful destination, then don’t worry about leaving your dog at home. If you feel that dogs can’t travel via plane, then you need to reconsider.

Luckily, you can take your dog on a plane with you. But before that, you’ll have to fulfil the requirements of the airlines for taking your dog on a plane. These may include the medical condition of your dog, required paperwork, a familiarity with the airline rules and regulations, etc.

Here you’ll find everything that you need to know before taking your dog on a plane.

What Are The Requirements For Taking Dogs On A Plane?

Here is everything that you need to check before taking dogs on a plane:

1. Reservations

In most airlines, you’ll have to make the reservation at least three days before the flight. It’s crucial because these airlines only allow a limited number of pets on the airplane during each flight. Without an advanced reservation, you can’t plan any other thing about your trip.

2. Reservation Fee

When you reserve a flight for your dog, you’ll have to pay a fee as a part of the reservation fee. The reservation fee of most airlines falls between $95-$150 and is not applied to emotional support animals and service animals.

3. Pre-Flight Paperwork

Although many airlines don’t have any paperwork requirements, it’s always wiser to confirm before the flight. Some flights require paperwork, such as your dog’s medical reports, license, and behaviour voucher. The behaviour voucher states that the dogs will behave during the flight.

Due to the COVID-19, the rules and regulations of paperwork for taking dogs on the plane have been changed significantly. Therefore, you should always complete all the paperwork before your flight.

4. Age-Restrictions

If you’re traveling with 16 weeks old or a younger dog, it’s best to ask your airline if he is allowed in the cabin with you or not. Many airlines have age restrictions and don’t allow younger dogs to travel with their owners in-cabin. You can ask this while reservation.

5. Dogs’ Size

You should clearly communicate your dog’s size during reservations. Most airlines allow small dogs that weigh 20 pounds or less to travel in-cabin with their owners. But big dogs are usually not permitted in the cabin because they can create a problem for everyone.

6. Carrier

If the airlines allow your dog in the cabin, he must be in a pet carrier. To travel in a plane, your dog should be in a TSA-approved pet carrier that is well-ventilated and can easily fit under the plane seat in front of you. The restrictions of the size of the pet carriers are different for each airline, and it’s essential to check them ahead of time.

7. Baggage

Your pet carrier will be considered as your baggage or personal item, so you should pack accordingly. If you want to bring some personal stuff in addition to the pet carrier, you’ll have to pay extra charges.

8. International Travel

Many airlines don’t allow small dogs in the cabin for international flights or flights connecting to an international flight. In these cases, your puppy will travel in the cargo hold. This doesn’t apply to all airlines. You can call your airline to confirm which international flights have pets in the cabin facility.

9. Behaviour Rules

If you’re traveling with an aggressive dog, the airlines have the authority to remove your dog from the flight. Such dogs can create problems for the staff and travellers during the flight.

What Are The Requirements For Taking Dogs On A Plane?

How Much Is A Pet Airways Ticket For Dogs?

Pet Airways is the only airline that is dedicated to pets. For traveling dogs in Pet Airways, the prices start from $149. However, if the dog is from a shelter or is rescued, you can expect a 50 percent discount.

Which Airlines Allow Flying With Dogs In-Cabin?

Some of the airlines that allow flying with dogs in the cabin are:

1. Aegean Airlines
2. Air Canada
3. Air Europa
4. Air France
5. Alaska Air
6. American Airlines
7. Delta
8. JetBlue
9. Lufthansa
10. Southwest
11. United Airlines
12. Vueling
13. Air Malta

But the rules and regulations and ticket prices are different for each airline.

Which Airlines Allow Flying With Dogs In-Cabin?

How To Choose The Right Pet Carrier Allowed On A Plane

Follow the following tips for ensuring that you choose the suitable pet carrier for your dog:

• Your dog should be comfortable in it. He should be able to stand, sit and lay down in the pet carrier.
• The size of the pet carrier should be according to the flight. It should easily fit under the plane seat in front of you.

Which Destinations Allow Travel With Pets?

Following are the destinations that you can travel to with pets:

• Within the 48 contiguous United States
• The U.S. and Canada
• Alaska
• Central America
• Mexico
• Puerto Rico
• St. Croix
• St. Thomas

However, the travel restrictions to each location will be different.

How To Train And Prepare Your Dog For A Flight

To train and prepare your dog for the flight, you can follow the following tips:
Make your dog used to the pet carrier, so he isn’t annoyed when he is placed in the carrier during the flight.
Give him tasty treats when he behaves well and stays calm in the carrier.
Add some of his favourite toys in the pet carrier if your dog is small and the airline has some space.

How To Train And Prepare Your Dog For A Flight


Yes, you can take your dog on a plane. But there are some preparations that you need to ensure before your travel. These include reservations, paperwork, carrier requirement, etc.

By preparing for them before the flight, you can save yourself from many problems at the last moment. Confirm the price for the tickets and the airlines that allow dogs in the cabin.

You must check the destinations where you can travel, with your dog on a plane. Make sure that you make your dog comfortable on the plane. You can do this by training your dog on how to remain in the pet carrier without misbehaving.

It will ease the journey for you, your dog, and other passengers.