Do Dachshunds Like To Swim?

We did touch on dogs swimming in general in an earlier article here but as a Dachshund owner I wanted to indulge myself a bit and explore if my own pooch (who loves the beach) actually fancies taking a dip in the sea too.

Dachshunds can swim, and they are pretty good at it with early practice.
Dachshunds are not naturally born swimmers like some bigger dog breeds.

Do Dachshunds Like To Swim?

You have probably heard that dogs are great swimmers, and they love water a lot. Well, that’s true, and you want to take your Dachshund to the pool to have a good time. They would probably love it as well, but there are a few things you need to get them started on.

Unlike other dogs with longer limbs which allows better ease in moving in water, Dachshunds have shorter stubby legs. You can teach them how to swim, and with a few practices, they will become great at it.

Do Dachshunds Like Water?

Dachshunds naturally prefer staying on land than in water, which goes with their history of hunting dogs. Quite good at burrowing, many of them go out to catch and immobilize prey for the hunter.

So if you find your dog burrowing around looking for some rats around, you understand why now. However, swimming doesn’t come as naturally to Dachshunds. They can jump at the idea of playing around in the water right away. If they have some experience in being able to swim, then they would be all right. However, if they don’t, it’s time to give them a bit of practice in that regard.

A Dachshund’s body is not designed for swimming, with an extended spine and short stubby legs. It can get pretty difficult at first for your dog to try out swimming. But with time, he or she will get used to the flow. And they become very good at swimming in bigger sizes of water like pools, lakes, and others.

Should I Teach My Dachshund To Swim?

Should I Teach My Dachshund To Swim?

The reasons for teaching Dachshunds to swim can vary from owner to owner, but yes, it’s a good idea to get them to swim. Teaching them to swim can add a significant bonus to them if they encounter a challenge involving them being in the water.

Aside from that, it can become a trait passed down from your dog to its offspring and makes it easier for them.

The Dachshund is remarkably resilient and can be stubborn at times, so having frequent encounters with swimming can turn its mind around. As with any other kind of exercise, swimming is a good one for them as it strengthens their back and muscles.

Dachshunds having a longer back and body are prone to having back-related issues, and getting them to swim will be a real plus.

Dachshund legs are not built for swimming as they are short and stubby. Having the appeal of a dwarf amongst other dogs can get frustrating for them at first. You need to be patient when training them so that they get their feet workings and keeping afloat.

The best time to teach Dachshunds how to swim is when they are young. Teaching your dog to swim at a younger age will benefit them. Ensure to take them to the pool frequently for training.

Are Dachshunds Good Swimmers?

When faced with swimming, a trained Dachshund will find it easier to stay in water than if they had no practice. These dogs are not exceptional swimmers, but they can make fair swimming and know their way around for short distances.

It’s not wise to leave your pet in the water for too long as they can get tired during the fun.

Dachshunds can get tired quickly and need to catch their breath. Swimming, for the most part, requires your dog to constantly paddle for them to keep afloat, and it gets frustrating when they keep paddling, but they need a break.

So if you take your dog to the pool or beach, be sure to keep an eye out on them. Watch out for distinctive signs that they might show while swimming, either fatigue or pain or drowning. Let your dog have a great time but don’t let them get stressed.

How Often Should Dachshunds Swim?

Taking your dog to swim frequently is a lot of bonding time. But before you start running off to the pool, introduce them to your bathtubs filled with water. Start with a moderate level and see how they do in it. Let them play around and get familiar with it.

You can also join them and play around together to get them more relaxed. Then you can move to a bigger pool. Stick to the shallow parts of the waters first, then join them in their swimming.

This activity will help your dog to build their confidence. Dachshunds want to stay in longer and learn quicker on moving freely in the water. For extra safety, you can also introduce them to wearing a life jacket.

These can be cool and helpful when your dog is trying to swim for the first time, and it creates a picture for them. This picture stays in their heads on the idea of keeping afloat while they paddle. Such that later on, they can go on without a jacket, and it’s not as tedious for them to catch the drift. Although if you’re spending time on a boat with your dog we’d strongly advise (like humans!) they wear a life jacket at all times anyway.

In cases of stress tiredness, take your dog out to let them rest a bit. This reduces the risk of taking in water in their lungs and drowning. It can be a terrifying moment for them, and they just may get reluctant to ever trying it again.

How Often Should Dachshunds Swim?


Swimming is an enjoyable exercise for dachshunds and can be an excellent experience for both of you. With time and patience, your dog can become an outstanding swimmer. Once they know the trick, then it would never leave them.

Be kind with your dog and give him or her a memorable time at the pool. Don’t make your dog feel like it’s alone because he needs your support when learning how to swim.

Although Dachshunds might not have the best tools for the process, they can learn and make pretty great swimmers. Don’t rush them in their learning, or they might tend to shy away from it altogether.

Swimming is something all dogs can and should learn in whatever case, and you should help them along the way.