Do Dogs Get Bored Of The Same Food?

We need to consider a few things before we get to the bottom of the question, do dogs get bored of the same food? – us humans certainly do!

First off, dogs simply do not have the same kind of taste receptors as us humans. They won’t necessarily crave new flavours and changes in their diet as we do. They do have more sensitive noses, so the scent of the food is incredibly important to your pooch.

They don’t get bored of the same food as such but do enjoy different tastes, textures and experiences.

This is why fresh food is always better in every way. It smells and tastes divine to your pooches, compared to the relative blandness of manufactured dog food.

Secondly, dogs have evolved to love anything new, whether that is good or bad for them, is another story altogether. They love to explore and enjoy new things. If you were to give them a new toy, they would undoubtedly play with the new toy more than any of their older toys.

Domesticated dogs are not generally very picky with their foods, as compared to house cats. However, if something new is provided to them in their food bowl, they will gobble it up all the same.

Do not allow them to refuse a meal and provide them with something different just so they eat, this can transform into a behavioural issue and needs to be resolved by the human as soon as possible.

What Do I Do If My Dog Does Not Eat His Regular Food?

What Do I Do If My Dog Does Not Eat His Regular Food?

Dogs do not really mind the uniformity of the food they eat every day. If your dog is refusing to eat his food, look for any health reasons, first and foremost. Do not provide them with treats in between meals.

Set Mealtimes

Place their regular food in the bowl at the mealtime, give them 30 or so minutes to consume, then take away the bowl. You may try wetting the dry food a little to have it release a little extra flavour. Perhaps add topping or flavoured flakes.

If your dog is being reluctant about eating, taking this step will help your pooch understand that they ought to eat the food provided at the time it is provided. This is a training for dog behaviour.

Do try and stay away from the puppy-dog eyes that can melt your heart in an instant. Dogs can be very good at manipulating you.

Puzzle Feeders

These kinds of feeders, namely puzzle and interactive, provide excellent mental stimulation and a way for your dog to earn more treats and appraisal from their human. They are also very fun to complete and will make any dog owner very proud of their dog’s mental capacities.

Something New

Although dogs won’t necessarily hate you for giving them the same variety of food day in and day out. It might get mildly frustrating for them, and they might not wolf down the same meal with the same fervour as before.

It would be helpful to add some gravy, some water, some wet food or even vegetables to your dog’s regular meal. As mentioned above, dogs most definitely enjoy something new over something old.

It is not a must to change their meals every so often. But once in a while, a subtle change is good, nothing too drastic of course.

Can Changing My Dog’s Diet Impact Their Health?

Yes. It is imperative that you notice how your dog reacts to new food and diet. Monitor their digestive system (poop being the easiest indicator of digestive health) and their behaviour. It is best to add in new food in a small amount over a couple of days to ease the transition.

If you wish to include something new, it could be something as simple as changing the flavour. From chicken to mince, or lamb, perhaps. Treats can be certainly varied. Do try getting low sodium and fat options.

An obese dog may end up having a lot of health complications which means they might spend less time with you and more with the vet, and we don’t want that, do we?

Treats like carrots, peas, rice or chicken are a good healthy option. The diet essentially will boil down to their own preference and their genes, their size and age. Cheese can be good as a training aid but is certainly one to watch and only certain types in moderation.

It is our job as their primary caretakers to take care of their health and nutrition.

Should We Just Let Dogs Eat Anything?

I think we know the answer to that one by now.
I will repeat it once more.

Absolutely not.

Under no circumstances is it acceptable to let your dog eat to their hearts desire.
Under no circumstances is it okay to let them eat whenever they want, whatever they want.


It wouldn’t be a surprise to find out your dog has to go to the vet soon enough if you let them eat as they wish. Dogs love change, they are curious and will eat anything that they can possibly fit in their mouth.

They don’t know how bad it could be for their health. It is us as dog parents who should be entirely responsible and watch out for them, just as we would our own kids.

Any variety in their food might sound fun to us, but we cannot be entirely sure. It could end up causing indigestion, vomiting, diarrhoea, any host of digestive issues.

This would not necessarily imply that the new food is bad for your dog, but perhaps the way you supplied them with the food, maybe all at once, too much at once?

Keep a check on yourself, as well as your dog, to ensure proper care of your best friend.
and if any condition arises after introducing new food, do get them to the vet asap.


Your dog certainly won’t get bored of the same food, but he or she will certainly welcome new experiences in the form of different flavours or textures. Just don’t let them push their luck and undo all the good training you’ve done.