Do Dogs Have A Sense Of Humour?

No definitive studies have shown that dogs have a sense of humour. But many researchers and doctors believe that they do. Dogs are quite capable of exhibiting different emotions. So why not humour?

Do Dogs Have A Sense Of Humour?

Like humans, dogs exhibit different moods and emotions and indeed (in some opinions) dogs do have a sense of humour. Charles Darwin believes that playfulness equates to a sense of humour. Since dogs are pretty playful, they are capable of humour.

It’s easy to know when your dog is sad, happy, anxious, or mad. Dogs are very playful when they are happy. Sometimes, their behaviour might become out of line, and you would want to keep them in check.

Are Dogs Capable Of Humour?

Are Dogs Capable Of Humour?

According to the school of thought that playfulness defines a sense of humour, it’s correct to say that dogs know what’s funny. Charles Darwin observed animals and humans playing and discovered a sense of humour.

In his book, “The Descent of Man,” he explained how dogs showed something he somewhat considered a sense of humour that goes beyond mere play. When a stick is thrown, the dog will get it and run with it for a short distance.

The dog will now wait for his master to get quite close to collect the stick. Once the master is nigh, he will then pick it up and run away in triumph. The dog keeps repeating this manoeuvre, and each time, he enjoys the practical joke.

Dogs are very playful and can be capable of laughter. Some breeds are more playful than others. So, whether or not your dog is capable of humour may depend on the breed.

Playfulness depends on the dog breed.

We can equate a dog’s playfulness with a sense of humour. Since different dog breeds possess distinct personalities, there will also be a difference in the degree of their playfulness. Some animal behaviourists from the University of California-Davis were able to rank breeds by the degree of their playfulness.

After their research, they came up with a list of the most playful dog breeds. We have curated the list for you!

• Airedale Terrier
• Australian Shepherd
• Cairn Terrier
• English Springer Spaniel
• German Shorthaired Pointer
• Golden Retriever
• Irish Setter
• Miniature Poodle
• Miniature Schnauzer
• Standard Poodle
• Shetland Sheepdog

Do Dogs Laugh?

Do Dogs Laugh?

Dogs show how playful they are through specific behaviours. For instance, if you have seen the play bow, you will notice that dogs have a way of indicating a willingness to play. They do that by putting their front legs on the ground, and their rear ends in the air.

Whenever a do dog does that, he or she is ready for fun. According to studies, dogs can laugh. Konrad Lorenz, an ethnologist, is probably the first person to suggest this. He wrote a book titled “Man Meets Dog” where he talked about how to behave when they are having fun.

Konrad said that when dogs open their jaws slightly to reveal their tongue, and their mouth’s tilted angle stretches from ear to ear. It gives a stronger impression of laughing.

What Does Dog Laughter Sound Like?

Since dogs do not have the speech abilities of humans, they cannot make similar vocalizations like us. That’s why dog laughter can never sound identical to ours. You are probably wondering how it sounds right now!

Well, when your dog makes a panting sound while gleefully playing together, he’s having a good time. A few experts consider that as laughing. Generally, any noise your dog makes when he’s excited, happy, and joyful may be his way of laughing.

How To Train Your Puppy To Keep Their humour In Check

Dog humour is hilarious, cute, and puts a smile on many faces. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but you may want to keep your dog’s behaviour in check. Keeping your dog’s humour in check does not mean to train the practical jokester to streak out him.

Dogs love to live a hilarious, happy life, and you should let them. But you can also ensure that your pup does not develop an out-of-line behaviour. The tips below will help you encourage them to keep their playfulness friendly and light.

• Make sure your pup’s life is filled with play. But while at it, teach him or her commands such as “leave it,” “drop it,” and “gentle.” It will keep them sweet and gentle.

• Your puppy may become aggressive while playing and start to growl, bark, and nip. It would help if you taught them that such behaviour is not humour-filled.

• If you find your puppy being aggressive during play, ignore him for a while until he becomes calm. Try giving him a treat only when he plays gently. This way, he’ll learn not to be aggressive while playing.

What Do Dogs Find Funny?

Dogs love it when their owners are loving and playful. They get mentally stimulated with playtime. If you are in a good mood when you see your dog, he’ll be laughing out of excitement while playing with you.

Dogs find the people closest to them to be hilarious because those are the ones with whom they spend most of their time. They enjoy simple acts like magic tricks or when you pretend to throw a ball.

When you perform these acts not maliciously but in love, your dog will love it! He will even see you as the funniest and smartest guy in town.


There’s no empirical evidence to prove that dogs possess a sense of humour. Scientists have not been able to provide any for many years. But that does not matter to most dog lovers out there.

A dog’s sense of humour can easily be seen in his sly playfulness, goofy poses, and innate ability to amuse us. If playfulness equates to a sense of humour, you would agree that dogs know what’s funny. However, if yours develop an out-of-line behaviour, you should keep his mood in check.

Dogs spend most of their time with their people. If you’re a playful owner, your dog will see you as the funniest and most thoughtful guy ever!