Do Dogs Like Having A Bath?

As a devoted pet parent, your dog’s hygiene is your utmost priority. But, ever thought do dogs like having a bath?

Read this article to learn more about bathing your best buddy without testing his nerves and to discover the answer to the question, Do dogs like having a bath?

You noticed that your dog really enjoys swimming, so you think you can give him a bath to lighten up his mood. But, that’s not the case.

While there is always the exception to every rule, generally speaking dogs do not like having a bath.

As cute (or as necessary) as it may seem your new pup will not be very happy if you bathe him. Sounds strange? Yeah, but it’s true. Even though your dog loves water while swimming, that won’t make him love his bath time too.

In this post, you’ll find everything about bathing your dog and how to make it as enjoyable for him as it’s for humans.

Why Do Dogs Hate Baths?

Now, as you know that your dog doesn’t like baths, you might be wondering why? So, let’s begin with why do dogs hate baths:

Lack Of Control

Swimming and bathing are completely different things. While swimming, canines can control themselves, and this is not the case with bathing. The lack of control makes them uncomfortable.

Bathtub Floor

Bathtub floors are generally slippery and hard to stand on for your dog. The uneasiness and discomfort on the bathtub floor will make your dog hate baths.

Fear Of Running Water

Many canines hate baths because of the loud noise of running water. It’s terrifying to them due to some unpleasant experience or due to their natural fear instinct.

Shampoos With Fragrances

You can’t wash your dog with human or baby shampoos. Not only they are not suitable for your canine’s skin, but they also annoy them due to their unfamiliar fragrance. To avoid this, you can pick unscented shampoos or those with an extremely subtle smell.

Do Dogs Feel Good After A Bath?

If your dog isn’t used to having baths, he’ll probably go crazy. Dogs don’t feel so good after a bath due to the strange new smell. You use shampoos while bathing that make your canine lose its scent.

After the bath, dogs get a whole new scent that they don’t like. They try to get their scent back to be happy again. Don’t forget that your dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times better than yours.

So, even a slight change in his scent will make him uncomfortable with baths.

Tips To Make Your Dog Like Baths

Tips To Make Your Dog Like Baths

Among the several possibilities, why your dog hates bath time, one is how you do it. You can change his thoughts about baths as a time for bonding, not as another unpleasant experience.

It’s not easy, but with time and the right strategy, you can make your dog love baths. Here are some tips that you can follow to make your dog like baths:

Take Your Dog On A Walk First

After a walk and some exercise, your dog will feel hot and exhausted. This will naturally make him enjoy a dip in water due to less pent-up energy to resist the process.

Don’t Rush

Never force baths on your dog in a hurry. This will trigger their fight response to resist the process. Find the right time when you have sufficient time to relax and focus on your dog while bathing.

Adjust The Water Temperature As Your Dog Likes

You must make sure that the water temperature is as your dog likes, not you. Humans perceive temperature differently from dogs, so what feels okay for you might not be okay for your canine.

Keep the weather in consideration while adjusting water temperature. After a walk on a hot summer day, make sure to use colder water than usual. On the contrary, in winters, use warm water.

Don’t Use A Hairdryer

Dogs hate loud noises as they are scary for them. Fear of anything during bath time will make them hate it. So, instead of using a hairdryer, use a towel to dry your dog without making him terrified. Even after giving your dog a haircut or quick trim avoid using a hairdryer.

Make Baths Fun

Making baths fun is the easiest way to make your buddy like bath time. To do this, you can make bath time a playtime for him. Bring his favorite toys to the bathtub to divert his attention. Association of bath time with playtime will help him learn how to relax and enjoy bath time.

Do Dogs Really Need Baths?

Do Dogs Really Need Baths?

You may consider baths necessary for your dog, but the reality is your dog usually really never requires baths. Dr. Hilton says:
“In general, healthy dogs only need to be washed if they smell. There is no reason particularly to bath a healthy dog unless they are dirty.”

This concludes that you should only give baths when necessary. For example, if your dog gets dirty by mud or anything and has an irritating smell.

Human skin is different than canine’s skin. Dogs don’t have sweat glands in the same way as humans, making baths necessary for humans to feel and stay fresh. You can take care of your dog’s hygiene even by regular grooming without a bath if not necessary.

Do Dogs Like Warm Or Cold Baths?

Consider yourself at your dog’s place. Will you like baths if the water is too hot or cold? Surely not, and neither your canine does.

Cold water makes bath uncomfortable for your dog, and hot water may cause burns. Moreover, hot water puts your dog at the risk of getting dry skin later, leading to continuous discomfort and itching.

Therefore, you should use lukewarm water to make your dog comfortable while bathing.

Is It Weird To Bath With Your Dog?

Is It Weird To Bath with Your Dog?

Although it is not weird to bathe with your dog, experts don’t recommend doing this frequently. Bathing with your dog isn’t as easy as it seems. Your canine will jump all over the place and leave you confused amid the pool of shampoo and water.

Moreover, bathing your dogs too often isn’t good for their skin too. Their skin is not like yours, and they don’t need frequent baths. Bathing your dog every time with you may result in losing essential oils in your dog’s skin. So, it’s not a good idea to make your dog bathe with you every time.

Bathing with your dog may also increase the risk of cross-contamination of bugs. Both humans and canines carry different bacteria, and exchanging them while bathing isn’t a good thing. You will put your and your dog’s health at risk.

However, you can shower with your dog that will save you from cross-contamination. But again, not too often!


As a caring pet owner, you’ll love it if your pet looks best and happy. As humans feel refreshed after baths, your canine may not love baths like you. It’s not for every dog, but most hate baths due to a terrifying experience of the past or fear of bathing.

Due to their fear, you can’t expect your dog to be in a good mood like humans after a bath. To make sure that your dog likes baths, you first have to make him used to the process.

You can make it fun for him by bringing his favourite toys in the bathtub. Moreover, approach calmly and avoid a hairdryer after bathing as the loud noise will make him hate baths.

You have to ensure that you don’t bathe your dog too often when it’s not necessary. While bathing, the water should be lukewarm, not too hot or cold.

Don’t forget to prioritize your dog’s and your health. Bathing with your dog often can do more harm than good. You can bathe with your dog until it’s healthy for both of you!