Do Dogs Like Hot Weather?

I’m writing this on a cold June morning so right know I’d love some hot weather, but what about our four legged friends. Do dogs like hot weather?

The type of weather your dog will prefer almost entirely depends on the genetic predisposition of your dog, as well as the climate of the place you reside in.

Dogs that like hot weather (or are best suited for it) will likely have less fur, or maybe even no fur at all. The fur might typically be in lighter colours like tan, grey, or white.

Genetic Predisposition Of Certain Breeds Towards Climate

There is a reason why we don’t see camels waltzing in the frigid places like Antarctica. Neither do we see a polar bear chilling on top of Burj Khalifa enjoying Pepsi under an umbrella with Gucci shades on. They are not meant to exist in places not suited to them.

Certain breeds are more likely to adapt themselves to a certain type of climate. The easiest way to tell if your dog can deal with heat, is by taking a look at their fur. If they have long, thick fur which is just heavenly to snuggle on, it is going to be extremely uncomfortable for your dog in higher-than-average temperatures

Dogs with the likelihood to deal well with warm weather will usually have coats with long, short hair with grey, beige coloured single coats. Also, dogs that have longer noses tend to cool down the air by the time it gets to be breathed in. (More surface area? Sciencey stuff).

Speaking of surface area, dogs with ears that stand up would also be able to cool down a lot faster than dogs with droopy ears.

It is not just the mercury level one must take into consideration, it is important to keep in mind the amount of humidity in the air, as well. Dogs cool themselves down by panting and if there is a lot of humidity in the air, this process can be useless and may cause breathing difficulties in your dog.

It’s vital that your dog always has a supply of fresh water, or if you really must let your pooch join in with ‘the lads’, a doggy beer.

Ideal Breeds For Warm Weather

Ideal Breeds For Warm Weather

Let us take a look at few dog breeds that can survive the higher temperature environments, and are probably quite happy to hit the beach with you.

Seeing as this is a teeny tiny, adorable pooch with a thin coat, it is understandable that this breed will likely tolerate warmer weathers much better. and indeed, they love it when the mercury soars.

Australian Cattle Dog
They are work dogs that love to be active, and work despite the heat they may encounter. They have a short double coat that is useful in keeping them somewhat cooler and also serves to insulate them when the temperatures drop at night. They are perfect as a medium-sized dog breed for hot weather.

Ibizan Hound
It is said that this hound could possibly have been descended from Egyptian hounds brought by Phoenician traders. And as such, they are quite acclimatized to catch their prey under the searing sun. Hot weather is not an issue with this hound.

Afghan Hound
As the name suggests, they come from Afghanistan. A land with sky high temperatures during the day and cooler nights. Their long hair might look more suited to colder weather, but it is a single coat, so temperature adaptability is quite high for these hounds. However, those locks are going to take quite some time to be kept clean from random things that will most certainly get stuck in there.

Yorkshire Terrier
Smaller dogs are more likely to handle heat better than bigger dogs. The fine, thin coat of these tiny cuties might be long, but it would not serve well as an insulator. It does not trap heat, allowing these dogs to cool off faster in rising temperatures.

Airedale Terrier
Their short and wiry hair without an undercoat helps in letting heat escape. It is the largest of the terrier breeds and can deal with warm climate fairly nicely.

Great Dane
Anyone who owns a Great Dane can testify to their laziness, thus making them ideal for warmer weather when they won’t even be bothered to exert themselves anyway. They enjoy the sun. however, a dark colored coat does absorb the heat much faster. Make sure you keep them in shade.

German Shorthaired Pointer These cuties love to swim, making them perfect for warmer weather areas. They have a short fur with no undercoat to trap heat. These can be excellent hunting dogs or active canine companions.

Italian Greyhound
As should be evident from their thin, short coat, they would not be best suited in colder weathers. They tend to have very little body bad and need sweaters, coats, etc in the cooler months. They love the summer and the sun more.

Similar to the smaller aforementioned Italian Greyhound, this larger dog is one of the best dog breeds suited to higher mercury levels. They have a short, thin coat and lean body mass. Once again, making them much more adapted towards sunny and warm climates rather than colder ones.

There are many other breeds that are also adaptable to living comfortably in warmer temperatures.

It is best to do your own research according to the place you live in before venturing out and getting your hands on a furball for life.

Dog Breeds That Are Better In Colder Weather

Dog Breeds That Are Better In Colder Weather

Dogs are surely adaptable; however, it might be painful as a dog parent to see your pup being uncomfortable in conditions that are naturally not the most favourable for them.

It can be tough on breeds like Siberian huskies, Alaskan Malamute, or Bernese mountain dog, and Samoyeds to regulate their body temperature due to their thick coats and natural predisposition to be happier in the colder climate regions.

Dogs like pugs or shih tzus might also overheat more quickly. These breeds are called brachycephalic – flat faced.


Some dog breeds love warmer climates. But despite their love of heat, no dog should be left in the sun for too long, or in a hot car, they always need fresh water and constant supervision. Have fun with your dog