Do Dogs Like Rain?

When it comes to rainy weather, some people love getting wet in the rain. In contrast, others find the sound of the rain relaxing but would never go outside in pouring rain. So, as a rain lover, while going outside, you must have wonder do dogs like rain?

Generally speaking dogs do not like rain.

Most dogs don’t like being wet (ever tried to give a reluctant large dog a bath?! – it’s an interesting experience), loud noise, lethargy, and discomfort that comes with the rain. No doubt, exceptions exist, and you may find some dogs enjoying the rain, but you should never generalize it.

Dogs can create a negative association between rain and all these negative emotions and things. If your dog is one of them, you’ll see him extremely dull and terrified during the rainy days.

To learn more about overcoming your dogs’ fear of rain, read this post till the end to get an answer to all your queries.

How Does Rain Affect Dogs?

How Does Rain Affect Dogs?

Now you know that your pup doesn’t like rain, but you must want to know why. Rain affects dogs in different ways that are the potent reasons why dogs don’t like rain. These include:

Decreased Energy Levels

As per a UK vet charity survey, 40% of the dog owners said that their dog’s mood was down in winters. Moreover, around 50% said their dogs slept more time than usual.

A significant reason for this may be your dog isn’t having his daily exercise. The same is the case with rainy days; when your pup misses his daily walk due to rainy weather, it makes him less active overall.

Dogs are naturally active creatures and don’t like to stay indoors for longer periods; this makes them dislike rain.

Sensitive Hearing

Dogs are gifted with the superpower to hear more frequencies than humans, almost double the number we can hear. In rainy weather, this superpower doesn’t work in their favor.

As their ears are sensitive, the sound of the rain can be really scary. If the rain is accompanied by thundering, it will be a terrible experience for your pup.

Stronger Sense Of Smell

Dogs have around 300 million olfactory receptors, while humans have only 6 million. Thus, their sense of smell is far better than humans.

When it rains, their sense of smell becomes even more strong because moisture enhances scent. Your dog can even smell rain in the rain before it actually starts falling to the ground.

Feeling Of Being Wet

Will you like being socked head to toe in the rain? Obviously not. Your dog is no different; for him, wet paws are similar to the feeling you have when you’re wearing wet shoes or socks. You surely don’t like that, right?

While you’ll see some dogs extremely happy when the rain pours, it’s because they might be regular swimmers. Or they were exposed to water and rain when they were young to let down their fear of getting wet.

Is Rain Bad For Dogs?

No, rain isn’t bad for dogs. Just because dogs don’t like rain, it doesn’t make rain bad for them. Even if your dog doesn’t like rain, occasional drizzle while wearing a raincoat won’t cause any harm.

However, you must ensure that your dog doesn’t stay in the rain for long. As it’s not good for humans, the same way it can harm your dog too.

Is Rain Bad for Dogs?

Should A Dog Be Walked In The Rain?

Of course, Yes. Ask any vet; not anyone will say that there is anything bad in walking your dog in the rain. In fact, if your dog enjoys the rain, it can be a great pleasure for him. But, if he doesn’t, a short walk while your dog is wearing a waterproof coat will be absolutely fine.

Can A Dog Get Sick From Being Out In The Rain?

Yes, there are chances that your dog can get sick by being out in the rain. Not because of rain always, but many other things in rainy weather can make your pup sick.

He may get cold from being out in the rain for too long. Moreover, the muddy puddles have many bacteria that can cause diarrhea and vomiting. It’s really impossible to stop your dog from putting paws in the dirty water during rain.

Too much rain exposure can also lead to water intoxication in dogs. Being outside in the rain for a long time can also weaken the immune system of your dog. With a weak immune system, he can become sick even with mild infections.

If your dog already has a weak immune system, you must wet him in the rain because he has a high risk of getting sick.

What Should I Do If My Dog Doesn’t Like Rain?

Here are some tips that can help you if your dog doesn’t like rain:

• Never force your dog to go out in the rain if he doesn’t like rain.
• To make your dog love rain, start his training at an early age. Take him for swimming so that he can overcome his water fear.
• Whenever he goes outside in the rain, reward him with treats to let him know that he is doing great.
• Provide your dog safety at first. If he doesn’t like to get wet, always wrap him a waterproof coat before stepping out in the rain.


If you’re a rain lover and a dog owner, then enjoying rain with your pup can be a great delight. But, before you take him outside, did you ask yourself that do dogs like rain?

Well, dogs don’t like rain. Their hearing ability, sense of smell, and other things make them hate rain. Although rain isn’t bad for dogs, they don’t like being wet.

If you walk to make your dog love rain and for that want to take him on a walk, you can. There is no harm in that until you’re careful. Your dog can get sick by being out in the rain for long.

You can avoid this by following some preventive measures. Also, train your dog from an early age that how to behave outside during rain. A well-trained pup won’t turn your delight into suffering.