Do Dogs Miss Their Owners?

No one can deny that dogs become attached to their owners. They love to play and spend time with them. Due to this, when dog owners leave their dogs for a long time, they often ask, do dogs miss their owners?

Yes, dogs miss their owners. It’s clear from the dog’s excitement when you come back home after many days and the anxious behavior in your absence. Many dogs find it really hard to adjust to the new owners. Some can never forget their previous owners.

In some cases, dogs can’t stay away from their owners even for a few hours. The stronger is the bond with the owner; the harder is to forget him for the dog.

In this post, you’ll find everything about how you can tackle your dog’s separation anxiety.

How Does A Dog React To A New Owner?

How Does A Dog React To A New Owner?

First of all, the dog’s reaction to a new owner depends upon a lot of factors. These include his age, bonding with his previous owner, former living conditions, etc.

If the dog was living a happy life before, then his owner’s absence can be a really stressful period for him. In this duration, it’s common for dogs to experience depression and anxiety. A dog who had a healthy bond with his previous owner will show the following signs in the presence of a new owner:

• He’ll sleep a lot and become lazy.
• He’ll stop eating for a while, even if you give him his favorite food.
• He’ll become aggressive over little things.
• He’ll not like to interact with many people during the anxiety or depression phase.

All dogs will not show these signs after being separated from the previous owners, particularly if the last owner was abusive and neglecting. In these cases, dogs show signs of fear and reluctance at first to the new owners.

How To Stop A Dog From Missing His Previous Owner

Until your dog doesn’t stop missing his previous owner, he’ll not be able to create a bond with you. So, here are some ways that you can use to stop your dog from missing his previous owner.

1. Spend extra time with him

A dog suffering from separation anxiety and depression needs more attention. Especially when you adopt a dog, the beginning is very crucial. You’ll have to show your dog that you’re a devoted owner, so he can trust that you can take care of him.

To make him realize this, you can increase the time you spend with him. Take him out on a walk and talk to him, so he can start understanding your commands. You can play games with him, take him on a car ride, groom him, etc. All these things will divert his attention from the previous owner.

Pet, cuddle, and brush the dog to stop him thinking about the previous owner. Touch will improve the bonding between you and your newly adopted furry buddy.

2. Monitor dog’s health

Monitoring his health regularly is crucial to show him that you’re a responsible owner. He’ll show signs if he is depressed in the absence of his previous owner. Observe the signs and find ways to help your dog get rid of the mourning.

If he isn’t eating, encourage him to eat. If he is acting lazy, take him on a walk or play with him. If his illness becomes serious, take him to the vet.

Dog’s have a great sense of observation. When they see that you’re making efforts to make him comfortable, he’ll accept you as a loving owner soon.

3. Provide a happy home

A happy home will reduce the grief of separating from the previous owner. In any case, either your dog was in a happy home or not before; you should provide him a healthy and comfortable environment in your home.

If you’re suffering from some problems, try to keep them to you. Don’t shout in front of your newly adopted dog, as he’ll get scared of you. This will reduce the chances of good bonding between you and your dog.

How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Adjust To A New Family?

How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Adjust To A New Family?

There is no specific time limit that dogs take to adjust to a new family. It depends upon the age and the previous owners. If you adopt a puppy younger than 12 weeks, then you can expect them to bond with you almost instantly.

But, if you adopt a grown-up dog from a happy home, he’ll take days to weeks to adjust to the new surroundings and people. The time for bonding with the new family is directly linked with building trust. If you’re able to win the trust of your dog early, he’ll adjust to the new place quickly.

If a dog has a traumatic past, he can take weeks to months to adjust to a new home. You’ll have to put in more effort to build his trust that you genuinely care for him and love him.

Therefore, it’s always important to ask about the past of the dog from the previous owner. It’ll help you to follow the right strategy so that your dog can accept you soon as his new owner.


Dog’s loyalty and companionship are famous because they share an incredible bond with their owners. Due to their strong bond with their owners, they often find it hard to accept new owners.

Dogs miss their owners and show this in the form of behavioral changes. A dog missing his previous owner will sleep a lot, acts lazy, etc.

To help your dog forget the previous owner, you can spend more time with him. Watch out for the symptoms of ill health and help your dog fight them. Provide him a happy home so that he can adjust to it quickly.

The owner’s change is a massive change for your dog. Therefore, you must give him time to adjust to the new place and people. The time required for this is different for different dogs based upon their age and the past home.

So, act patiently and keep putting effort into adjusting your dog to a new home.