Do Dogs Need Haircuts?

Many dog owners assume that just like humans, dogs also need regular haircuts. But many groomers say that this practice can actually harm them instead of keeping them cool. So, the question arises do dogs need haircuts?

Yes, dogs need haircuts for grooming. But you can’t apply this to all dogs; because all breeds are different, so is their fur. Some breeds need haircuts frequently, and others don’t need them at all.

Breeds that don’t need haircuts can be groomed using special brushes. You’ll be amazed to see that how much fur these brushes can remove.

In this post, you’ll find everything that you need to know before giving your dog a haircut.

Which Breeds Don’t Need Haircuts?

Which Breeds Don’t Need Haircuts?

If you have a busy routine and want to adopt a dog with minimal grooming needs, you should choose a breed that doesn’t need haircuts. Here are some breeds that don’t need haircuts:

• Beagle
• Boxer
• Doberman Pinscher
• Great Dane
• Weimaraner
• Vizsla
• Italian Greyhound

The minimal grooming needs of these breeds are due to their almost hairless coats. They don’t have thick hair fur that you should cut at regular intervals. Their grooming needs are limited to regular baths and brushing, which are essential for a healthy hair coat and dog’s health.

Which Breeds Need Haircuts?

Not all breeds are very easy-going when it comes to haircuts. Certain breeds have thick hair coats and need haircuts from time to time to maintain their hair coat. The most common breeds that need haircuts often are:

• Bichon Frise
• Afghan Hound
• Portuguese Water Dog
• Puli
• Komondor

If you’ve one of these breeds as a pet, you know why these breeds need a lot of haircuts. Especially, Afghan Hound and Komondor have so much thick hair coats that without haircuts, they can’t bear the summer heat.

So, before purchasing these breeds, make sure that you’ve time for maintenance at regular intervals.

Which Breeds Need Haircuts?

Does Your Dog Need A Summer Haircut?

When the weather becomes hot, it’s the natural human instinct to get rid of some extra clothing to stay cool. The heavy winter clothing is very hot for summers.

Similarly, many dog owners consider their dog needs a haircut in summer to feel light and cool. But should you really give your dog a summer haircut?

For many breeds, the answer is yes. Dogs need a summer haircut, but it should be only a slight trim and never a close shave. Your dog’s fur is his protective coat against extreme cold and hot weather.

In winter, it keeps them warm, and in summers, it acts as a shield to protect them from heat. If the hair coat contains dead hair, it results in the formation of an insulating layer of air.

By a slight trim regularly, you can keep your dog’s hair coat free of dead hair. It’ll keep the coat ventilated, which is crucial for your dog’s health and comfort.

Things To Remember Before Cutting Your Dog’s Hair

If you don’t want to take your dog to a groomer for a haircut and want to do it yourself, you’ll have to be a bit careful. You have to ensure that you have the right tools to give your dog a haircut. The easiest way to get everything you need for a dog’s haircut is to buy a grooming set or kit.

These grooming kits are made specifically for your furry buddy. They come with trimming scissors and clippers. The clippers are very helpful in trimming areas know as ‘hard to clip,’ such as the snout and eye area.

By purchasing a kit, you’ll get all the equipment you need to cut your dog’s fur, no matter what thickness it is. Regular scissors are not comfortable for a dog’s coat and can cause pain or stress. So, it’s better to avoid them.

If you think the grooming kit is too much investment, you can also get some scissors and clippers, specifically made for dogs. You can get recommendations from an expert canine groomer.

What Tools Should You Have For Cutting Your Dog’s Hair?

If you’re not purchasing a grooming kit, you’ll have to buy the tools required for cutting your dog’s hair. These include:

• Clippers (with various attachment settings for different lengths of hair)
• Straight scissors and shears
• Thinning shears (more essential for dogs with thick hair)
• Nail clippers and nail file
• Comb or brush
• Dog shampoo or detangling product

Try to get wireless clippers, as they are easy to use, and the cord doesn’t irritate while grooming your dog. You should also buy quiet clippers if your dog isn’t used to loud sounds. It’s essential to keep your dog calm during a haircut.

Alternatives To Haircuts For Dogs

If your dog belongs to a breed that doesn’t need a haircut, still, major grooming is essential to keep the shedding under control. Major grooming can be done by using a brush for thoroughly brushing both layers of your dog’s fur.

You can buy a special brush for this if you want to do it yourself at home. Otherwise, you can take your dog to a dog groomer for professional service.

Alternatives To Haircuts For Dogs


Dogs are living with humans for centuries. In all these years, humans have learned a lot about the dog’s behavior and needs. Based on the dog’s needs, dog owners often ask, do dogs need haircuts?

Yes, certain dog breeds need haircuts, but not all. Those breeds who have a thick hair coat need regular haircuts while others don’t. You can take your dog to a dog groomer for a haircut.

If you feel you can do it yourself, you should purchase a grooming kit. It’ll include all the things that you’ll need to give your dog a haircut. If you don’t want to spend money on it, you can also purchase the tools required separately. Just make sure that you’ve all the equipment you’re going to need for a dog’s haircut.