Do Dogs Prefer Men Or Women?

It’s a famous saying that “Dogs are man’s best friend.” But, it’s not true if you consider recent studies.

Studies have revealed that dogs prefer women to men, and share a better bond with women than men. Many influencing factors affect dog’s behaviour of course, and this doesn’t apply to all dogs, or all women and men!

While this may not apply to every dog, most of them express a strong affection with adults, particularly women, than children.

In this post, you’ll find all the reasons why a man’s best friend is more attracted to women and how you can develop a better bond with him regardless of gender preference.

Why Do Dogs Prefer Women Over Men?

The preference is primarily based on the comfort of dogs. Generally, dogs like calm and quiet human partners more, which is a more womanly trait than manly.

It also explains why dogs are not comfortable around children. Small children love to jump, grab tails and make loud noises while playing. Dogs are fearful of noisy environments and impulsive behaviours.

Women care for dogs better than men, and their polite, caring, and tender behaviours help them to win a dog’s heart faster than men. Tamas Farago, a researcher, says:

“Women are likely more empathetic and sensitive to other’s emotions, and this helps them to better associate the contexts with emotional content of [dogs] growls.”

Another reason why dogs prefer women over men is due to their early life experience. Most veterinarians prefer female assistants to take care of dogs as dogs are more comfortable with them.

Due to this reason, most dogs may be scared of the men’s physical features as they were not familiar with them. Also, if a dog is raised by an abusive owner who happened to be a man, there are high chances that his experience will still haunt him, making him fearful of men.

What Can I Do To Build A Connection With My Dog?

What Can I Do To Build A Connection With My Dog?

You don’t need to disappoint if your dog is not comfortable with you due any reason. With the right strategy and patience, you can discipline your dog to make him love you like he does women.

First of all, you need to find out the reason behind your dog’s behaviour. If you get a puppy, ask his owner about his caretaker. And if you get a dog, try to find out about his past.

If he had a female caretaker or a man who was abusive and strict, he would be obviously afraid of man. Once you’ve discovered the reason behind his behaviour, it’s easier to tackle his “not interested in you” attitude.

How To Discipline A Dog

Before you start, you must keep the phrase in mind “slow and steady wins the race.”

Your dog may be afraid of your gender or more comfortable with your opposite gender for a long time before, so you can change his behaviour in a day or so. With your rashness, you’ll just make your dog more afraid.

Instead, try to be gentle and calm around him. Spend more time with him; you can take him outside on a walk or play with him at home.

Whenever your dog shows a sign of bonding with you, appreciate him with a treat. This will make him show that gesture of bonding again and again to get his treat.

You can also bring him his favourite toys. With all such acts of kindness towards your dog, you’ll surely win his heart no matter what gender you are.

What Should You Avoid While Disciplining A Dog?

Disciplining your dog in the wrong way can do more harm than good. Here are some things that you must avoid while disciplining a dog for a better bond with you.

Avoid Punishment

Punishment is never a good idea when you’re trying to win your dog’s heart. It will only make him more afraid of you.

This will not make him afraid of you, but he will also hate you. Dogs can’t communicate and show their love and hate in their behaviour. Your strictness will make your dog aggressive. An aggressive dog is harder to discipline than the one who listens to you.

Aggression is only of the behavioural changes that may occur due to punishment. So, if you feel that your dog is testing your temperament, then instead of punishing him leave the training for a while.

When you feel you’re ready to discipline your dog again, you can begin again.

What Should You Avoid While Disciplining A Dog?

Timing Is Important

You need to know when your dog is comfortable to learn things. If your dog doesn’t want to play or go outside with you, he must not be forced to do so.

You have to make your dog’s comfort your utmost priority to make him feel that you care for him.

Don’t Be Loud

It’s one of the reasons dogs don’t love their owners. Just like they don’t enjoy the company of children because their loud noises scare them, the same applies to their owners.

You must remember that you’re trying to build a better bond with your dog, and screaming and yelling won’t help you in that. Think walking on the beach and teaching recall!


You may perceive that dog loves men more than women as they are known as “man’s best friend.” But the scenario is the opposite. Dogs enjoy being with women more than men.

The tender and calm nature of the women make dogs more comfortable. Also, women are more caring and empathetic. Most domestic dogs spend a significant part of their day with their female owners, making them more attracted to them.

But, having a strong connection with women doesn’t mean that dogs can’t share a good bond with men. You can discipline your dog to love you by avoiding all the things he doesn’t love about men.

Instead, you can do things that he loves. Don’t punish and scream around your dog, as this will make him avoid you.

Give your dog the time and attention he deserves. With time, seeing that you’re putting efforts to win his heart, your dog won’t be able to resist you for long.