Do Dogs Watch TV?

Did you think you were the only one that loved watching TV? Think again.

Yes, dogs do watch TV. Dogs are highly intelligent pets that are easily capable of watching TV. Even though they may react differently or sometimes mistake it as a real-life situation, it doesn’t take away the fact that they love the TV.

How Do Dogs Watch TV?

There are speculations that dogs view older TVs as simple flickers of light and movement due to their refresh rate. But when it comes to newer televisions, they seem to relate more to it due to their eye ability. Watching the TV seems like a real-time event, and they react to specific movements they see on TV.

It is everyday news among dog owners that dogs behave like human children, and this is not a different situation. They find watching cartoons, other dogs, and a few programs calming, and you could use it to establish a reward system.

Can Dogs Watch TV?

Dogs can watch TV with the help of their face tracking abilities. It allows them to identify and then attribute information that they see on TV to other activities. Yet, the face-recognition ability is not a skill that comes with just any dog.

Some studies believe that you would have to train your dogs to focus on identifying faces. This does for them to effectively overshadow their instincts and responses to what they see on the screen.

Originally, dogs love the TV because of the sounds they hear, and they are urged to discover where the sound is coming from. So, once they can locate the sound, they try to focus on the images accompanying the sound.

Depending on the breed of dog you have, it would determine how they interpret the images. However, as a common feature, it was noted that the sounds of other dogs barking on the TV attracted the dogs more to watch.

They also love to watch or listen to humans give warm and friendly praises or commands. Dogs would watch the TV at the sound of squeaky toys and other familiar sounds in general.

Are There Things Dogs Would Love To Watch?

Since you now know that dogs love watching television, your next question is to know what they love to watch. Just like you, some things make them excited when they see them on the TV.

What Dogs Watch On TV

What Dogs Watch On TV

Dogs Like Watching Other Dogs

Dogs so much love watching other dogs go about their activities. It gets so intense that they then find it hard to distinguish when it’s on the television or in the real world. From the barks to wiggling their tails, the dogs are always hyped to see others like them.

Soothing Sights Of Nature

After a nice stroll with your dog, one way to help them relax is by playing videos that include nature’s sights and sounds. The water rushing, birds chirping, and impressive visuals are suitable programming that your dog would find hard to resist.

Relaxing Music

Just as you would react a certain way when you hear music, your dogs share that trait. It could be watching or playing music, but these are ways to get the dogs calm without doing so much work. They are able to emotionally connect to what is playing and feel a certain way.

In the same way, they can get calm by music, and energetic sounds could also make them hyperactive.

People Playing Sports

Yes, your dog would love to trail the tiny ball on your screen during a football match, basketball, or even a tennis match. It’s just like playing fetch with them as they are intrigued by how the ball moves around the pitch.

You would be shocked at the amount of focus they would use while watching the ball move about the pitch.

Action Packed Movies

Dogs are highly sensitive and intelligent pets to keep in your home. In this regard, watching an action-packed movie together with their pet parent can help them get familiar with sudden movements in real life.

These action movies are usually loud and have a lot going on all at the same time. While they get used to such activities, it could translate to their real-life activities. However, try being gentle with the volume as dogs have a remarkable hearing ability.

Animated TV Shows

Cartoons are usually made for kids and are conveying in mild, high-pitched, and comforting tomes. This is the same you would normally talk to your dogs. Thus, watching cartoons and any 0other animated show that is made in such a manner begins to feel natural for them.

Can I Use TV As A Pet Sitter?

As a pet owner, you may be tempted to leave the television one as a form of a pet sitter. Well, watching TV can only keep them company for a while, and then you would still need a pet sitter when out.

A pet sitter provides the opportunity for more active interaction as there is always comprehensible feedback. Using the TV as a form of a sitter could teach your dog to interpret the TV coming on as you leaving.

Instead of using it as a pet sitter, you should rather use it as a form of reward for good behaviour like in human children. For your dog, it could be a rewarding treat after taking a walk or doing any other physical activity.


Dogs are sensitive pets that understand interactions, whether on TV or in real-time. For this alone, they are capable of sitting at a spot to focus on what is happening on the big screen. This is one way to help them deal with boredom or simply have fun.

Yet, as it has been said earlier, it is no substitute for an actual pet sitter. Rather, you could use it to engage them while you go about other duties.

Now you know how much your dogs enjoy watching television. All that’s left is for you to sort through a playlist especially made for dogs.