How Long Can My Dog Travel In A Car?

Are you thinking of going out of town and unsure how your furry friend can handle such? Dogs are great companions and would love to make the trip with you in a heartbeat. Still, there are questions you may be asking.

How Long Can My Dog Travel In A Car?

Knowing how long a dog can travel in a car is not a simple answer, there’s far too many variables.

Dogs differ in personality traits, level of dependence, and even size. All of these features are what determines whether a dog can travel in a car for long.

Bigger dogs automatically cannot travel in a car for long due to their size. Their sizes necessitate that they have as much space as they can get. Thus, they would need more breaks than when you have a smaller dog in the vehicle while traveling.

How Long Can My Dog Stay In The Car?

It should be for short trips to the store to grab a couple of groceries or the park. Either way, it is easier and more convenient for the dogs to stay in the car for a short trip. Depending on the dog breed too, some would not find it easy to stay for long.

Also, training comes into play when it comes to the dog. For example, the Rottweiler is trained to be mobile and loves to tag along, so being in the car wouldn’t be a bad idea. They are companions and would want to tag along on a car trip.

However, even though it is advisable to leave them in the car for long, there are precautions. You should never leave your dog with the windows wound all the way up or the air conditioning on full blast. Dogs do like a bit of wind or breeze as we wrote about here so it’s vital that they have a fresh and circulated air supply.

Is It Okay To Travel With My Dog?

Is It Okay To Travel With My Dog?

It is okay to take your dogs on trips with you in your car. We all have those moments while riding in the car, probably alone, and we wish our dog were with us.

Traveling with your dog has its advantages. It aids in building a stronger relationship between you and your dog. Also, it’s a great exercise for them to become more familiar with the local neighbourhoods around them.

Alongside the usual pit stops and toilet breaks in between, car trips can be moderately fine for both you and your dog. Whether long or short, having your dog with you is always a great relief and can be a lot of fun.

Still, they can also be a form of distraction on occasions, and you may not even pay attention fully to your driving. According to the traffic rules, it says your dog or other animals in the vehicle are to be fully contained within the car to avoid distractions.

Should My Dog Be On A Car Ride?

Despite your dog wanting to follow you on trips, it’s for their best interests that they are very well secured with an appropriate harness or in-car leash. This saves both you and the dog from any avoidable accidents.

On occasions, they could get up when your dog can get excited or agitated, therein reducing your focus on your driving. You make frequent head turns in order to calm your dog down or see the cause of the excitement.

If you have ever taken your dog on a ride before and another time, they quickly run to the dog and make that face. Then that is one sure way to know they really love it. They love being with you and looking out for you. and even more than want to know if they are going somewhere interesting, somewhere they can play.

Should My Dog Be On A Car Ride?

What To Do Before I Take My Dog Out?

There are a few things that you need to get done before that trip to your new house. Dogs are not usually the type naturally fall sick, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen either way.

You should always check to make sure your dog is healthy enough for the trip before you set out. Unless it’s an emergency or going to the vet, if your dog isn’t feeling so great, let them rest at home.

Finding your dog to be super excited when going out is nothing new and sometimes can be really great for both of you. However, it’s best to allow your dog to calm down before a trip to keep you concentrated. It also reduces the risk of accidents happening while on the road.

Also, dogs love to play around and get their fur on a lot of things, i.e., dust, water, muck, amongst other things. Whilst these may not generally affect them, they might have an impact on you as you breath in these toxins and scents.

Make sure they have had a good bath within a particular period and are moderately clean and small good before going out.

Are There Things To Consider While Traveling?

Distractions are unavoidable for a dog who notice almost everything happening around them, and anything can rouse them. Having the window rolled up to a point they can’t jump out is a great way to keep the air fresh.

Furthermore, be mindful of the temperature as well; if it’s hot outside, you can turn on the air conditioner to a considerable temperature. For a longer trip, always take bathroom breaks too to prevent any accident with the dog.

Obviously something to consider if travelling more than a few hours is overnight accommodation or stopovers. Sites such as BringFido offer great resources to help you plan those longer excursions.


Traveling with your dog is not such a bad idea. However, it is understandable if you want to know how long they can stay on a trip. Not all dogs are designed for long trips, and some find it really convenient to stay in the case for as long as necessary.

Each time you want to go anywhere with your dog, then it should be enjoyable, fun, and safe for both of you. There are many times that you and your dog can really bond well, and car trips are one of them. Still, be mindful of their health and safety and yours too while enjoying the ride.