How Should I Introduce My Partner to My Dog?

You think you have found your soulmate and now wondering how you can safely introduce them to your puppy?

Don’t stress yourself like that because you can introduce your dog to your partner and save yourself from your worst nightmare through the right strategy.

Are you still asking yourself, “What if my dog doesn’t like my partner?”. Dogs are not that bad at socializing, be patient, have faith in your dog. Instead of forcing your dog to like your partner, take the road of patience.

So to answer your question of how should I introduce my partner to my dog? – Read on….

The Deja Vu Effect

You can create a positive Deja Vu effect in the mind of your furry best friend that will ease the process. To create this effect, bring the worn clothes of your significant other and let your dog sniff them. To create positivity, toss a treat towards them after the sniffing game.

This practice will attach positive memories to the scent of your partner.

This practice works quite efficiently because dogs are territorial and use scents to identify a threat. This way, your dog’s anxiety and stress level won’t be on par when they meet your partner.

Plan Meeting On A Neutral Turf

Plan Meeting On A Neutral Turf

One of the biggest mistakes that dog owners make is planning the first meeting in their home. Basic instincts of protectiveness and possessiveness kick in as soon as your partner enters the house.

You have to understand that your favourite person is just like another stranger for your dog. Instead of dealing with this situation emotionally, act logically.

The best place to meet is somewhere that does not fall under your dog’s territory category. Parks are the best place for this because your dog is much less protective there. An open environment reduces your dog’s stress levels, and they are also more open to trying new things.

Tell your significant other to come alone because if they come with a friend, the situation could get a bit overwhelming for your dog.

Let Your Dog Make The First Move

This is the most important thing that you and your significant other should not forget. No matter how easy your dog seems around your partner, refrain your partner from making the first move. Once the stress and anxiety are gone, your pet will make the game-changing move.

If this is your Bae’s first experience with dogs, ask them to be calm around the dog. You should bring a stack of your dog’s utmost favourite treat and hand it over to your partner. Direct your partner to give those treats strategically instead of shovelling all of them in the dog’s mouth at once.

When your dog makes the first move, this means that they are comfortable around your partner. It is also a sign of acceptance. Your dog truly deserves a treat once they overcome this barrier.

Constantly Appreciate Your Dog

Constantly Appreciate Your Dog

Appreciation is the key to success if you want your dog to welcome your partner wholeheartedly. Your dog made eye contact with your partner? Reward them with a treat. Did the pup ask your partner to pet them? They surely deserve an epic treat.

If your dog is hesitant in taking treats from your partner’s hand, then toss the treat on the ground near them. Ultimately, your dog will start taking treats from your partner’s hand gently.

Give Them Time To Build The Foundations

Once your pet allows your favourite human to pet them, let them have “their time.” Your partner can play fetch with them or give them a treat that your dog can enjoy for a while. This will associate the memory of your other half with good experiences in your dog’s mind.

To make this step better, you can also bring your dog’s favourite toy. Hand over this toy to your soulmate so they can offer it to your dog. By doing this, the foundation of their relationship will be built on good terms.

Increase The Responsibilities Of Your Partner

Yes, two hands are needed for a clap. If your dog is progressing, your partner also has to make efforts to win your puppy’s trust.

You can ask your partner to take your dog on a walk. For a while, you should step aside so that your dog starts developing trust with your lover.
Go Home Together

Plan this meeting on the day when your partner can go home with you and your puppy. It is recommended because if your partner comes to your house any other day, your dog’s protective barrier might be up.

However, if you go home together on the day of the first meeting, there are chances that your dog won’t mind at all.

First of all, your dog will be tired out, and the charm of those treats will still be there. Secondly, take the same car when going home, so you three are together. In this way, it won’t be a surprise for your dog.

Once you reach the house, give your dog’s favourite toy to your partner and let both of them play. This will stop your dog’s protective instinct from kicking in.


Dogs are possessive and protective by nature, and introducing them to a stranger is quite difficult. You can avoid the introduction of other people but introducing your partner with your dog is inevitable.

The foundation you lay, in the beginning, determines the nature of the relationship between you and your dog. If you try to impose this on your dog, you can get in trouble. The best practice is to take things naturally.

Gradually familiarize your dog with the scent of your partner and plan a meeting. If you follow the instructions mentioned above, you can easily acquaint your dog with your partner.

Once the first meeting is successful, make sure that you don’t decrease the interaction with your dog. If you reduce the attention towards your dog, your dog will see your partner as someone who is stealing their rights.