How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell

When your dog is a puppy, it’s your responsibility to educate him not to pee indoors. But, even if your dog is fully trained, incidents of dogs peeing indoors can happen. No matter the condition or reason, the dog’s urine smell isn’t pleasant at all. So, you must want to get rid of the dog urine smell at the earliest. But don’t know how to get rid of dog urine smell?

There are multiple ways to get rid of urine smell in less than an hour. These include using different enzymatic cleaners, chemicals, and home remedies that can help you. The plus point is you can get these cleaners from any store nearby.

So, are you ready to explore different ways to get rid of dog urine smell? But before that, let’s first have a look at how to remove dog urine.

How To Dry Dog Urine

How To Dry Dog Urine

To remove your dog’s urine, you have to dry it. For this purpose, you can use absorbents and disposable paper towels. While doing this, ensure to wear gloves and don’t rub the urine. This is particularly important if you’re drying the urine on textiles, carpets, rugs, and curtains. If you rub the urine, it will cause the materials to absorb it and make it difficult to get rid of the smell later.

Once you’re done drying your dog’s urine, take a towel or absorbent paper and dip it in water. Pass the wet towel or absorbent paper on the urine-stained area. Continue the dipping and cleaning process until the yellow color disappears or has decreased. After this, you can use the ways to get rid of dog urine smell.
Ways To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell

The following are some quick and easy remedies that can effectively help you get rid of your dog’s urine smell.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Dog Urine

You can use hydrogen peroxide in the following two ways to get rid of dog urine smell:

• Hydrogen Peroxide And Water
Take a spray container and make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and tap water. Spray the mixture on the stained area and leave it for at least 30 minutes. After this, you can clean the area with water only using an absorbent towel. This method is best suited for light-colored carpets and ceramic floors. It’s not recommended for darker tiles because the oxygenated water has the power to discolor them.

• Hydrogen Peroxide And Sodium Bicarbonate
Take a deep container and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate each. Then add one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid detergent. Mix all these to make a mixture. The mixture will be ready to use when it attains a thick and uniform consistency. Leave this mixture on the urine-affected area for an hour and then wash with clean water or remove with paper absorbent. This method is excellent if you want to remove the urine smell from the carpet.

Vinegar For Dog Urine

White vinegar is a household ingredient that works as a natural cleansing agent. Its disinfecting properties help to remove the pungent smell. It’s an excellent way to remove both old and new urine stains. But remember not to rub it while using as it can be absorbed quickly in the carpets.

Baking Soda For Dog Urine

Baking soda, which is also known as sodium bicarbonate, is an inexpensive home product. It has abrasive and anti-fungal effects. It has an incredible power to get rid of the dog’s urine smell. You can use baking soda alone or in combination with vinegar. Both will help you get rid of the dog’s urine smell.

Enzymatic Cleaners For Dog Urine

Enzymatic cleaners are made from organic compounds that are manufactured from enzymes. The enzymes present in these cleaners can remove unpleasant odors. They work by dissolving the molecules that produce a terrible smell.

Why Is It Important To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell?

Dogs use their urine smell as a sign to mark their territory. If your dog has urinated at a place once, there are high chances that he would do that again. Also, the urine smell is unpleasant, and you must remove it as soon as possible. As the urine gets older, it becomes harder to get rid of the stains and smell.

How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell Outside

How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell Outside

Most of the dogs are well-trained not to pee indoors. But when it comes to outside, they often urinate outdoors, in the garden or patio. Training your dog for this is the first step in this case too, but you’ll be glad to know that you can quickly get rid of dog urine smell outside. Here are some simple things that you can use:

Chemical Bleach For Dog Urine

You can get chemical bleach from any nearby store. Mix it with water in equal amounts and clean the urinated area with this mixture. Then cleanse with clear water until all the bleach and urine smell is removed.

Lemon And Water For Dog Urine

A mixture of equal amounts of lemon and water serves as a dog urine neutralizer. It also works as a dog repellent and will stop your dog from peeing outside.


Dog urine smell can be really irritating both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, you must look at ways to remove the dog’s urine smell. But not sure how to get rid of dog urine smell?

Well, the process is simple, and you have multiple options too. You can use different products that are easily available to do this work. For example, you can use hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, baking soda, and enzymatic cleaners.

These ingredients can be used alone or in combination with water or other ingredients. All you have to do is leave the mixture on the urine-stained area and clean it with a towel or paper absorbent after some time. You can also wash the area with clean water.

You can use any method, but it’s essential to remove the urine smell. Because if you don’t, the smell will work as a signal for your dog, and he will probably pee at that place again.