How to Stop My Dog Weeing Indoors

Is your dog lately being guilty of weeing indoors? Tired of seeing that guilty, sad look your dog shows every time you catch him peeing in the house? The scenario must be frustrating, but does scolding your dog for this help? In most cases, no. So, how can you stop your dog weeing indoors?

Well, to stop your dog weeing indoors, first of all, you’ll have to be patient. You can expect a miracle in a few hours or days. Whenever your dog does this, clean the mess he makes immediately to get rid of that dog urine smell. Moreover, try to find out the reason behind this behavior and ask a professional how to cope with that. Continue the training process until your dog learns that weeing indoors isn’t a good thing.

Learning how to stop weeing indoors is the second step. The first one is to know the reasons why your dog is peeing inside the house. In this post, we have covered all the possible reasons for this behaviour of your dog. Plus, a detailed guide on how to get rid of this thing.

Why Do Some Dogs Wee Indoors

Why Do Some Dogs Wee Indoors

If your dog is still a puppy, he might be weeing indoors because he has not been trained yet. For most dogs, the training period is puppyhood. But if your dog has grown up and is fully trained, there might be other reasons for this. Some of the most common reasons why dogs pee indoors are below:

Dog Incontinence

Incontinence or urinary incontinence is often seen in aged dogs, but it is also observed in young adult dogs. If your dog is urinating intermittently and is leaving urine on the floor or in its bed while sleeping, he might have incontinence.

If this situation occurs, most dogs don’t have an idea of it, and it’s out of their control too. Luckily, this condition can be treated with proper medications most of the time. But if your dog pees large volumes of urine at the wrong places, then it’s perhaps not due to urine incontinence.

In this case, you should get your dog checked by the vet as soon as possible to identify the cause. Many other health problems are also linked with dogs peeing indoors, which a vet can help you find after diagnosis. It may be as simple as using doggy diapers from time to time.

Dog Behavioral Problems

If you get a thorough medical check-up of your dog and he isn’t diagnosed with any medical problem, then the reason may be behavioral problem. When dogs are anxious, stressed out, or excited, they often show irregular urination.

To know if your dog is suffering from such a behavioral problem or not, carefully examine the situation at home. Look at all the possible factors that may trigger this behavior. Moreover, it’s also possible that your dog is anxious about something outdoors that may cause irregular urination.

Old Age In Dogs

Old age is also a significant reason for dogs weeing indoors. Aging in dogs is often associated with some dementia, which will cause the dog to forget his house training. They might also forget which area of the house is forbidden for urination.

Moreover, as a dog ages, the chances of kidney failure also increase, leading to frequent and uncontrollable urination. Dog owners who live with aged dogs often use diapers for their dog’s weeing.

How To Stop Your Dog Weeing Indoors

Before you try out different ways to stop dog weeing indoors, you must gather a lot of patience. It’s not an easy thing, but you can’t give up because it you’ll be successful if you remain consistent in your efforts. Here are some ways how to stop weeing indoors:

Clean Indoors Properly

Dog’s urine smell helps them to mark their territory. So, if your dog has once peed inside the house, the odor can make him think that it’s fine to pee indoors. Therefore, you must clean the place immediately with a good cleaner to remove the urine smell from the house.

Never Shout At Your Dog For Weeing Indoors

Make it your rule number one that you can’t train your dog to do something good by yelling or hitting. It will make him afraid of you that will result in peeing in front of you. So, if you do this, you yourself are triggering the behavior of urinating inside the house.

Increase Your Dogs Toilet Breaks

Take your dog for a walk outside to urinate after eating, drinking, or waking up from sleep. When your dog urinates outside, reward him with his favorite treats. It will eventually help him learn more quickly that he should always pee outside.

Retraining Your Dog To Toilet Outside

If your dog was already trained but has suddenly started peeing indoors, repeating the training might help.

Stop Giving Your Dog Drinks

If your dog wees indoors only at night, then it might be due to excessive liquid intake. You can control this thing before your dog’s sleep, and this will help you get rid of your dog peeing indoors at night.

Find A Dog Behavior Trainer

If you’ve tried every method to stop your dog weeing indoors but still don’t see any improvement, then get help from a professional. Tell your dog’s situation to an expert behaviorist or trainer to get professional’s support for this condition.

How To Stop Your Dog Weeing Indoors


Even if your pup is fully trained in acting and behaving in the house, he might still do some things that are not usually expected. Peeing indoors is one of them. So, you must have to think of ways how to stop your dog from weeing indoors.

There are multiple ways you can use to stop your dog from doing this. These include training your dog again, limiting the liquid intake, removing the urine smell from home, or taking your dog outside for urination. During the process, you must ensure that you don’t yell at your dog or hit him.

But, if any of these methods don’t work, then you should consult a professional. He’ll help you find out the reason behind your dog’s behavior and the best way to handle this situation.