Is Dog Breeding Cruel?

Do you know that more than 6 million animals end up homeless every year? Almost half of them must be euthanized because they can’t find good homes to stay. In such overpopulation crises, this question is spreading like the fire that is dog breeding cruel?

Yes, dog breeding is often cruel and irresponsible as they only trigger the overpopulation crises and make them worse.
Every time a dog is bred, the number of dogs who can have a good life decreases.

Most breeders ignore these things because they don’t consider dogs as individuals with specific needs. They only see the dollars coming their way through dog breeding.

Here you’ll find why dog breeding needs to be stopped and how you can do this.

Reasons Why Dog Breeding Is Bad

Reasons Why Dog Breeding Is Bad

Here are some reasons why dog breeding is bad:


Breeders bred thousands of dogs to get a breed with desired features without realizing the overpopulation crisis. Millions of dogs being euthanized each year indicate that the world is facing severe dogs’ overpopulation crises.

To fulfill the people’s demands and earn dollars, they continue doing this cruel and irresponsible process. Dog breeding is bad when new dogs produced can survive, only, if the old dogs die to keep the population in check.

Bad Breeding Practices

Due to the dog owners’ demands of specific looks in their puppies, breeders are producing dogs with bad breeding practices. These practices are negatively impacting dogs’ health and leaving them with serious health issues. In many dogs, these health complications can even cause death.

Encourages Puppy Farms

Puppy mills or puppy farms are those unresponsible breeders who are breeding dogs without prioritizing dog’s health, hygiene, etc. The massive demand of dog owners for specific breeds has significantly expanded the breeding industry. Puppy mills producing dogs without breeding experience only for money.

They are treating dogs like clothing items. They are over-producing dogs that have health issues, including hereditary diseases and infections. These bad breeding practices of puppy mills are continuously deteriorating dogs’ lives.

Promotes Purebred Superiority

Dog breeding promotes purebred superiority because dog owners can get the specific trait, they want in their dog this way. But the lesser-known fact is that purebred dogs suffer from more health problems than mixed breed dogs. This is due to the overbreeding of a close genetic pool and poor breeding practices.

Beauty Over Everything

Dog breeding is being promoted because it produces dogs with specific traits and with a purpose. They don’t prioritize dog’s health and don’t follow good breeding practices to ensure this. It’s not the case with every breeder, but many business-minded people working in marketing prefer looks over everything. Their sole purpose is to earn some money from dog breeding.

These ill-health dogs don’t remain their owner’s favorite for long. Once their health starts becoming a headache for the owners, their cute looks don’t remain attractive anymore.

These dogs often end up in shelters or are euthanized, which makes dog breeding a cruel practice.

Does Breeding Shorten A Dog’s Life?

Does Breeding Shorten A Dog’s Life?

Breeding doesn’t directly shorten a dog’s life, but the risks associated with pregnancy can. If the health issues and dangers after pregnancy and delivery are addressed properly and on time, it will help dogs live longer and healthier.

A male dog being bred doesn’t suffer any adverse effects of breeding.

Should You Buy A Dog From A Breeder Or Adopt From A Shelter?

Of course, you should adopt one from a shelter. When more dogs from the shelter are adopted, they will be saved from being euthanized. If you’re looking for a specific breed, look for it in a nearby shelter. If you want purebred dogs, then you’ll be happy to learn that one out of four dogs in shelters is purebred.

If you adopt one instead of paying dollars for just looks, you can save a life that matters more than looks.

Why Are Backyard Breeders Bad?

Backyard breeders are the unprofessional dog breeders who are involved in dog breeding for quick money. Although their dog breeding practice is of low scale than the puppy mills, they are still using a dog’s reproductive system for cash, which is unethical.

Also, their irresponsible bad breeding practices are contributing to the overpopulation crisis. Just like puppy mills, backyard breeders can also breed dogs with health issues. These individuals don’t even provide dogs proper veterinary care. They overlook all the health issues of the dogs just to save more.

How Can You Discourage Dog Breeding Practices?

Many people prefer purchasing dogs from a specific breeder than adopting from a shelter home. Although you can easily find any dog breed in your nearby shelter, many people still pay hundreds of dollars to buy dogs from breeders.

You can discourage this cruel practice by adopting dogs from shelter homes. When the demand for bred dogs decreases, the dog breeders will automatically decrease.

Is Dog Breeding Bad In All Cases?

Dog breeding isn’t bad when done by a responsible and experienced breeder. He takes care of all the dog’s needs and makes sure that he doesn’t suffer from health problems. With such an approach, dog breeding isn’t a bad process.


Like any animal breeding, dog breeding is also cruel and unethical when carried out by irresponsible people. There are a lot of reasons why dog breeding is bad; overpopulation is the top of all. Moreover, dog breeding also negatively impacts the female dog’s health.

Due to the overpopulation in shelters, hundreds of dogs are euthanized every year. Therefore, adopting a dog from a shelter is a better idea than purchasing from puppy mills or backyard breeders.

In this way, you can discourage this cruel practice that is being done only for the sake of money. Moreover, you’ll also save and improve a dog’s life by providing him a family and better living conditions.

Still, if you want to buy a bred dog, it’s recommended to buy from a reputable breeder. Because serious breeders genuinely care about dog’s health, not money.