Is Raw Meat Safe For Dogs?

Are you concerned about the idea of feeding your dogs with raw meat? Is it because you have not tried it before or simply because you are not sure of its health consequences? Raw meat diets have become a common practice because it holds more advantages over processed dog food.

So, Is Raw Meat Safe For Dogs?

Based on the American Kennel Club information, raw meat has become popular among domesticated dogs only recently. But, in past times, wild dogs have always feasted on raw meat, which caters to their growth and development rate.

Raw meat can be considered safe for some dogs – in some circumstances. It must be well managed, well stored, and well prepared.

Yet, the health risks are not underrated as they could be fatal when not well attended to. Those with weakened immune systems are prone to illnesses caused by the bacteria in the raw meat.

What Are The Risks Of A Raw Meat Dog Diet?

Even though raw meat can be beneficial to dogs, there are still concerns about how healthy it can be. Veterinarians have specified that it could be a health risk when your dogs live in the same home with kids or people with less fortified immune systems.

Kids could easily pick up the raw food, and noting their nature, they may end up consuming bits of the meat. These raw meats are known to hold in certain bacteria that may not necessarily be harmful to the dogs but the kids.

For this reason, a raw meat diet requires special preparation to make it safe, better handling, and a general sanitation process. This takes time and may even require more effort than making fresh food for the dogs.

Also, dogs with cancer, pancreatitis, any other form of disease would be better off with cooked food. This is because their immune system is already compromised, and so they are at a higher risk. In this regard, it is also advisable to feed puppies with cooked food since their immune system is also growing.

In summary, here’s the downside of a raw meat dog diet:

• The bacteria in raw meat is a health hazard to both humans and dogs.
• Raw meat is an unbalanced diet and cannot be solely relied on for a healthy dog.
• Whole bone meals could choke your dog, cause an internal puncture or break their teeth.
Are There Health Benefits Of A Raw Meat Diet?

Are There Health Benefits Of A Raw Meat Diet?

Feeding dogs with raw meat has been controversial due to the health risks it could pose. However, it is impossible to ignore what they offer your dog when adequately prepared, and so the raw meat diet has gone on top be popular.

Dog breeds like racing greyhounds and sled dogs have been fed with raw meat diets in the past. Thus, the idea of extending such a practice to family pets is not new but just recently became more popular.

Some speculations suggest that adult dogs would find it easier to thrive on raw meat diets because of their past diet. Feeding the dogs with just grains or vegetables can be damaging to them over an extended period.

Thus, here are what you tend to gain from the diet:

• Improved energy level: Dogs that have incorporated the raw meat into their diet tend to have a higher energy level than those bred on grains. The raw nutrients in the meat give them more energy to go about their activities.

• Shiner coats/skins: Since it has already been established that raw food produces more unprocessed nutrients, it is only for it to affect their general outlook.

• Cleaner teeth: Fresh or cooked food come with several ingredients, and some of them could discolor the teeth and even get stuck on their teeth. However, raw meat is just raw meat, and so there is nothing to stick or change the color of their teeth.

• Better bowel system: Raw meat gets processed immediately, and so there is little that goes to their stool. This helps you maximize the benefits of their raw meat diet.

What Kind Of Raw Meat Can Dogs Consume?

Now that you are aware of all that you tend to gain from the raw meat diet, here are some of the meats that you could feed your dogs:

• Muscle meat: These are those that are still attached to the bone.

• Bones: This is not entirely meat, but they can be served under the raw food diets. You can provide them to your dogs as a whole bone or have the bone grounded.

• Organ meats: Such meats include the livers and kidneys of other animals.

• Raw eggs: Raw eggs are healthy raw meat diets that are advisable for both humans and dogs. It is high in protein which is needed for the growth of your dog’s mass.

What To Consider Before Choosing Your Dog’s Diet

If you want to go into raw meat diets, there are things you would have to consider. All of these would help you maximize the benefits gotten from the raw meat diet.

Therefore, there are certain things to consider before choosing your dog’s diet:

Dog’s Health Status

As much as dogs have high immune systems, there are times they are also susceptible to bacteria. So, check if your dog has any pending sickness, infections, or disease before administering the raw meat.

Dog’s Energy Level

Dogs that are lazier would benefit more from raw meat as it heightens their energy level and makes them more active. However, for those with a ridiculous amount of energy, you would have to manage their raw meat diet to keep the energy in check.

Dog’s Size And Age

It is not advisable to feed puppies and smaller dogs with raw meat as they are not immune formidable than their bigger counterparts.


If you are uncertain about the benefits of raw meats on your dog’s health, then this post is all you need. Adult dogs fare better when raw meat is incorporated into their diet as it provides more energy, better outlooks, and more.

Still, it requires more effort and preparation time to ensure that it is clean and hygienic enough for consumption. Also, smaller dogs and puppies do not have the immune system to deal with the bacteria that sticks with raw meat.

In all, raw meat is safe for health and bigger dogs and provides an impressive level of benefits to their growth.