Is Wet Food Bad For Dogs?

Have you noticed a pattern around your dog and wet foods? When it comes to wet food, your dog might have a better appetite than dry food because it imitates raw meat. So, wet food is one way to build a healthy appetite in your dogs.

Is Wet Food Bad For Dogs?

Despite how impressive wet food diets are to the dog’s diet, there are still concerns about certain risks. Some dog owners have complained of how messy it can be to place their dogs on a wet food diet.

Generally speaking though, wet food is not bad for dogs. It’s all a matter of balance, moderation and a controlled diet.

Aside from that, there are also concerns about the cost of placing your dogs solely on a wet diet. These are things that could be handled and do not necessarily describe wet food as a wrong choice for your dog.

Is It Bad To Give Your Dogs Wet Food?

Unlike wet food, dry food has always been a favourite of dog owners due to the cost and convenience benefits. They have come to be cheaper to purchase and, let’s messier than when you have to deal with wet foods.

Despite the health advantages of wet food, it would cost you more time because you would have to clean out the area with more effort. The process of preparing the wet food itself is also time-consuming. So, when considering all of this, it may not necessarily be a bad food choice, but what it entails can be overwhelming.

Wet foods also have a short durability period when left out for too long. Thus, if you have a dog that loves to play around with its food for hours, it may end up consuming spoilt food. Besides, once the wet food has been proper, the leftover has to be refrigerated.

In summary, here are a few concerns of wet food:

• Wet food has a strong odour (somewhat like a raw food diet) that could be unappealing to dog owners even though their dogs may love it.

• It is easier to scoop out a bowl of dry food than wet food.

• Wet food is harder to trash as it could make the whole area damp and smelly.

• They contain more fat than dry food, which could be harmful to dogs sensitive to fatty foods. Also, they are particularly harmful to your dogs if they are predisposed to diseases like pancreatitis.

• Wet food also triggers tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth and requires more dental care routine.

• The can of the wet food could possibly be linked with harmful chemicals that could enter the dog’s bloodstream.

Can Wet Foods Be Beneficial To Dogs?

Can Wet Foods Be Beneficial To Dogs?

As much as wet food has its downsides, there are still benefits to what your dogs can benefit from the wet food as well. Compared to kibble and any other dry food sources, the dogs find wet food more appetizing.

Since they initially crave fresh meat, this passes as the next best thing for them, especially if they are picky eaters. Asides from that, there are also health benefits to wet foods, and they are highlighted below:

• Balanced diet: Wet food provides more protein for your dogs which helps them grow better and aids weight loss. Also, it controls the amount of carbohydrate that is already in their diet, thereby eliminating the possibility of obesity.

• Water content: Due to the high level of water in the diet, it helps the dogs stay hydrated at all times. If you have a dog that finds it hard to drink water, this could be a convenient remedy.

• Less processing: Unlike kibble, the nutrients in the wet food go through less process, making it less bioavailable as well. Making kibbles requires a great deal of processing to make it into small crunchy bites.

• Fewer preservatives: Keeping dry food fresh for long requires preservatives which comprises of chemicals. However, wet food is not designed to last long and so has fewer preservatives.

Note, not all wet foods are the same. Their ingredients and packaging may be different but go with your veterinarian’s advice.

Can I Mix Wet And Dry Dog Food?

Wet and dry food can be mixed when it comes to your dog’s diet. There are several benefits that it offers, and you should take note of it.

Here is what you stand to gain:

Increases Palatability

Your dog would find it more palatable to have a mix of both wet and dry food. If you have already acquired dry food and then found out that your dog doesn’t love it, then wet food could be the trick.

As has been highlighted earlier, dogs prefer wet food, and so you could use this to make the dry food more palatable.

Better Moisture Intake

One of the upsides of a wet food diet is that it helps keep your dogs hydrated. Thus, if you introduce the wet food in a dry food meal, it increases the water content.

Normally, dry food has only 10 percent water volume, while wet food has almost 80 percent. This addition from the wet food can help you with a dog that requires more water intake.

Improves Weight Management

If you are looking to help your dog reduce weight, then including wet food into your dog’s diet is the right option. On the flip side, if you need more calories in your dog’s diet, then including dry food would help with that.

Reduces Cost Of Feeding

Wet food is generally more expensive, and if you want to cut down on your budget while retaining the benefits of wet food, then this mix solves it. This does not compromise the quality of the wet food, as it only saves you cost.


Mixing wet and dry food for your dog is not something that should be disregarded. There are several health benefits to the mix alongside financial benefits. They ensure that your dogs get better hydration and denser nutrients to stay healthy.

Besides, if you have dry food already purchased for your dog, this is one way to make them consume it. Even if they normally do not like the dry food, they would be glad to consume the food when it is mixed up.

So, the wet and dry food mix is something that you should be considering when it comes to optimizing your dog’s diet. Your dogs definitely deserve the best when it comes to their meals.