Unusual Jobs Done By Dogs

Dogs are known as the man’s best friend, and it’s not without reason. For years, dogs have been assisting humans in many ways. Your loving puppy isn’t just for making your mood a little better. In fact, there are many jobs that dogs do for humans.

Once you know them, you’ll have an idea of the value that these loyal companions add to our lives. Read on to learn more about the unusual jobs done by dogs.

Anti-Poaching Canines

There are many endangered species of animals that are on the verge of extinction. Illegal poaching practices are a major risk to speed up extinction. Now, anti-poaching dogs are being used to combat illegal poaching.

In Africa, canines are being used to find out and apprehend poachers. Since the use of these anti-poaching canines began, significant improvement has been observed in preserving endangered species such as lions, elephants, rhinos, etc.

Disease Detectors

Recent studies in the spring of 2020 revealed that dogs could smell COVID-19. It’s not the only disease that dogs can detect. Instead, dogs are being used as disease detectors for many years. They are trained to sniff out diseases, even some rare ones. For example, dogs can detect cancer and Clostridium difficile, a harmful bacterium transmitted through faeces.

Truffle Hunting Dogs

Truffle Hunting Dogs

Truffles are costly and crucial in the gastronomic world. They are usually found growing underground near specific types of trees. For many years, the pigs found these fungi bodies, who are professional at finding truffles. The only bad thing about pigs is that they love to eat truffles.

So, now sniffer dogs are used to find and dig out the truffles. They are commonly known as truffle hunters. Unlike pigs, they don’t like to eat these fungi.

Milk Delivery

Sounds unusual? Of course, it is. But not for someone living in Europe. In many European countries, such as Netherlands, France, Belgium, etc., dogs pull small milk carts to deliver milk to far-off places. The owners of these dogs sell milk in the markets and streets once they reach the desired location.

Electronics Detectives

We all know that dogs have a strong sense of smell and thus are used to detect bombs and drugs. But some dogs can detect electronic devices, too, such as computers, thumb drives, microchips, etc.

Water Rescue Dogs

Dogs love water and are great swimmers. Due to their natural skill, they are trained by the teams to serve as water rescue dogs. They can swim perfectly and bring the drowning person to the shore by grabbing with their mouths. They can also recognize the unconscious swimmers and are taught well how to deal with the situation.

Water Rescue Dogs

Police Work

Police dogs are a massive help to the police in detection work, drug & cadaver detection, enforcing rules, pursuing suspects, etc. The dog breed most commonly used for police work is German Shephard. Other dogs include bloodhounds, beagles, labs, etc.

Airport Runway Safety Dogs

You must have seen dogs inside the airport buildings. They help the security by sniffing out illegal or dangerous things in the luggage. But ever noticed dogs on the airport runway?

They are used as safety dogs on the airport runway because they guard against bird strikes. Otherwise, the birds can cause damage to the aircraft and can create a safety hazard for the passengers. These dogs help by chasing the birds off the runway so that the path is clear for the aircraft.

Pest Detection Dogs

Dogs’ have an incredible sense of smell which helps them sniff pests and serve as pest detection dogs. You must have heard of the bed bug detection dogs who smell bed bugs in hotels or apartments. Studies have shown that these dogs can identify the bugs with accuracy 97.5% of the time.

Rat Hunting Dogs

For centuries, dogs are famous as hunting animals. They are excellent hunters of small animals such as rats. Rat hunting dogs are used to eradicate rats from the areas where they are present in excess. For example, New York alone has more than 2 million rats which are controlled by using dogs.

Tennis Ball Retrieving Dogs

You’ve often played fetch games with your dog, but have you seen a dog fetching balls in tennis tournaments? Either you’ve or haven’t, dogs are used to fetch balls for finals and semi-finals for a tennis tournament in Brazil.

Tennis Ball Retrieving Dogs

The list of the unusual jobs done by the dogs doesn’t end here. There are many more jobs that dogs do that you may or may not have heard of before.

These include:

• Service and assistance
• Search and rescue
• Herding Sled dogs
• Guarding and watchdog
• Locate turtle eggs
• Skydiving
• Deepwater diving for catching lobsters
• And many more

Note: These jobs are done by trained dogs. They are given training for the specific job they are supposed to do. So, expecting all these tasks from your untrained dog isn’t a good idea. If you do, you’ll eventually end up hurting your pup. However, if you want him to do any of these jobs for you, find a trainer for him first who can prepare him for any of these jobs.


Whenever it’s come to proving that dogs are man’s best friend, they never disappoint humans. From proving their loyalty to value, their work for humans has made them realized that they are actually man’s best friend.

These multitasker creatures are not like the other pets in the house. They are not just to eat food, play in the backyard, and listen to your sit-and-stand commands.

They can do much more than these things to make humans happy. The unusual jobs done by dogs mentioned in the post prove that dogs are not like other pets.

With their quick learning ability, they can pick commands quickly. So, you can train them as per your requirements and will within a short time.