What Can I Do With My Dog On A Rainy Day?

Rainy days often make the dogs sad because they lose the freedom to go outside and enjoy the nice weather like on a hot or fine day. Staying indoors can be really boring for your pup. In some cases, dogs even become prone to depression if the indoors duration prolongs. In such situations, it’s important to keep your dog busy with something to distract him from the thought of not being able to go outside.

Now, you must be thinking, what can I do with my dog on a rainy day?

Well, there are many activities that you can do with your dog on a rainy day to keep him happy and fit. You can teach him new things, play with him, give him treats and his favorite toys, spend more time with him, etc. All these activities will be a healthy distraction for your dog on a rainy day.

Read on to know how to use these activities to keep your dog busy.

Groom Your Dog On A Wet Day

When your dog is at home, it’s the perfect time to do some grooming chores and undertake the often dreaded doggy haircut. Bath him, brush his hair coat, cut nails, and check his teeth. Grooming is important once a week but is often ignored when the dog goes outside, often on sunny days. Rainy days are a good time to make your dog comfortable with the grooming.

Groom Your Dog On A Wet Day

Dog Obedience Training

Are you trying to teach your dog something for a long time? It could be clicker training or teaching some good manners. A Rainy day is a perfect opportunity to do this. Your dog can’t go outside and is bored. Training time positively distracts him and makes him learn quickly and listen to you more. So, grab your clicker and some tasty treats to train your dog.

Play With Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive toys are an excellent way to keep your dog happy on rainy days. Particularly, puzzle toys are mentally stimulating and keep your dog entertained and delighted. One such toy is a muffin tin game. For this, all you’ll need is a muffin tin and some tennis balls, and you’re ready to keep your dog busy.

You can also find many tutorials to make DIY puzzle toys for your dog if you can’t step outside in heavy rain to get one.

Favorite Dog Treats

Treats are an easy way to keep your dog motivated. By giving your dog his favorite treats, you can distract him from the rain very easily. You can also hide the treats or put them in the puzzle toys. Your dog will happily spend hours in the house to find the hidden treats or getting them out from the puzzle toy.

Favorite Dog Treats

Give Your Dog A Job

Assigning your dog a job is another way to divert his attention from the rain by keeping him busy. You can command your dog to assist you in the everyday household work. For example, if you’re doing laundry, command him to bring the baskets to you. While obeying you, he’ll have less time to think of going outside.

Train Your Dog To Fetch

Fetch is easily the most favorite game canines. They love to play this with their owners and can be an excellent way to keep your dog insides without making him bored. If you have a big hallway, then playing fetch indoors with your dog is recommended for you on rainy days. You don’t need to buy any expensive tools for the fetch game, as you can even use tennis balls for this game.

Doggy Tug Of War

If you have limited space and can’t play fetch games with your dog, then you must try tug of war. You know that your dog is frustrated by staying at home all day due to rain. According to many experts, tug of war helps to get rid of aggression in dogs positively. The game is safe until you are careful about when you should end it. If you observe that your dog is becoming extremely aggressive, you should stop the game instantly and distract him by lightening up his mood.

Doggy Tug Of War

Train Your Dog New Words

Rainy days give you enough time to make your communication better with your dogs. You can use this time by teaching new words to your dog. With some tasty treats, start the training. Ask him to “bring the ball,” “bring the toy,” etc. When he listens to your commands and brings the right object, treat him gently, pat him and give him a treat.

Even if he brings the wrong object, don’t get offended. React enthusiastically and give him time to learn things. With time, he’ll learn new words and how to respond to your commands.

Relax With Your Dog

Last but not least, a relaxing time is crucial for your and your dog’s healthy bonding. Without a positive and healthy bond, you can’t try other ways to keep your dog calm indoors on a rainy day. Your dog will not listen to you, and nothing will work. Thus, make sure to give some extra attention to your dog on rainy days. It could include watching Netflix together, some fun dog videos, etc.


On a rainy day, your dog needs special attention. He’ll become depressed because he won’t be able to go outside and enjoy. You must know what you can do with your dog on such a day to keep him busy and happy.

Fortunately, you’ve plenty of options for this. This includes grooming your dog, playing tug of war, interactive dog toys, training, treats, fetch games, new words training, and quality time together to relax.

To keep him busy, you can also command your dog to help you with household chores by assigning him simple tasks. These things will keep him distracted and help him cope with depression and lethargy that are common on a rainy day.