What Do Beagles Like To Do? [12 Ideas]

Like many other breeds, beagles like to stay active. If left alone, they can easily get bored. A bored dog is a mischievous dog! So, as a beagle owner, you would want to know the best ways to keep your dog entertained.

What Do Beagles Like To Do?

Beagles, like most dog breeds, enjoy spending time with their humans. There are many activities capable of keeping your beagle entertained. Some of them include blow bubbles, hiking, trail tracking, playing games like Fetch, Tug of War, etc.

These activities will help you keep your dog active – a great way to meet your beagle’s exercise needs. As a result, your dog will stay healthy and happy. So let’s take a look at some of the most entertaining activities for your beagle!

Playing Catch / Fetch

Beagles enjoy playing Fetch with their owners. It’s a popular and simple game. When you throw a freebie or a ball, your beagle will run and catch it. Once he does, he will bring it back to you. This game does not require you to be active.

You can sit on a bench while throwing the ball. Then, your beagle will be happy to catch it after every throw.

Go Hiking With Your Beagle

Taking a walk daily in the same neighborhood can be boring. But you can step things up by going on a hike with your beagle. Your nearby hill or forest can be the perfect location for hiking as long as it’s safe. Make sure to pack up both your food and your dog’s food.

Also, go with more than enough water. While hiking, keep your beagle on a leash. It’s a wonderful experience, and you can do it monthly.

Flirt Pole

Dogs love flirt poles, and beagles are not an exception. A flirt pole is a long stick with a rope attached to one end and a chew toy attached at the end of the rope. Once you hold the stick and move the toy, your beagle will go crazy.

There are many places where you can purchase a Flirt Pole. You can easily find one on Amazon. Alternatively, you can create one for your beagle. All you need is a rope, a stick, and a small stuffed toy.

Swimming With Your Beagle

Swimming is an excellent way to have a good time with your beagle. It’s a good exercise that helps to stimulate your fur buddy’s mind. But, many beagles don’t like the water. So, it would help if you found out whether or not your dog can swim.

If your beagle can swim, that’s great! Not only will he have an amazing playtime while swimming, but he will vigorously exercise, which is great for his health.

Blow Bubbles

Beagles enjoy attacking bubbles blown from a bottle of bubble blow solution. Just make sure you get a non-toxic solution for kids. The bubble blow solution might not be safe for your dog, even if it’s safe for children.

Go for bubble blows that are specially made for dogs. They can come in different flavored that are safe for consumption—beagles like chicken and peanut butter flavored bubble blow.

Socializing Your Beagle

Like other dogs, beagles are pack animals. One of their most favorite things is socialization. They love to interact with other dogs. A visit to the nearby park will go a long way. While at it, don’t take your eyes off your dog.

Beagles are good at escaping. So, you would want to make sure yours does not leave the park without you. It would help to attach an identity tag to your beagle’s collar.

Teach Your Beagle Tricks

Teach Your Beagle Tricks

You may find it challenging teaching your beagle new tricks. But it’s an excellent way to keep him active. In addition, your beagle will enjoy other benefits, including an improved ability to learn and a stronger bond between you and him.


Tug of war is an exciting game. It’s also a great way for beagles to interact with their humans. The game is simple. All you need is a towel or rope. While holding one end of the rope, offer the other end to your furry pal.

Once you do that, watch your beagle pull as hard as possible to get the rope from you. It’s a great exercise capable of exhausting your dog. Although you can use a rope or towel to play this game, it’s better to purchase a soft and high-quality tug toy.

Hide And Seek

Hide and seek is another great game that beagles like to play. Have your dog stay in a place while you hide. Once you have hidden, call him out to come to find you. Every time he finds you, praise him and give him a treat.

Firstly, hide in easy places so your beagle will not give up while looking for you. But once he gets the hang of things, make your hiding spots progressively harder. It’s an exciting game that all your family members can play.

Trail Tracking For Beagles

Hound dogs are known for their incredible sense of smell. The beagle enjoys trail tracking because he is a hound dog. Ask a friend or family member to put a trail of scent. Then track the source with your beagle.

Puzzle Toys For Beagles

If you are looking for a fantastic way to keep your beagle entertained while you are away, a puzzle toy is perfect! Beagles don’t fare well when left by themselves. They may suffer separation anxiety, but that will never happen if they have a puzzle toy.

They can play with it for several hours non-stop. It helps them stay active without you getting involved.

Doga (Dog Yoga)

Also known as Doga, dog yoga is another activity that beagles enjoy. If you love yoga, you can do it with your dog. Although he cannot do most of the exercises, he will enjoy a few massages and stretches.

Puzzle Toys For Beagles


Beagles are loyal and lovely family dogs. They deserve love and attention and will do anything to get it. So, you should do your best to keep your beagle happy and entertained.

There are many ways to do that, and we have listed the best for you. All the activities mentioned are interesting and will help you exhaust your dog. Plus, you don’t have to be actively involved in some of them.