What Do Dachshunds Like To Do? [9 Ideas]

Did you get yourself a Dachshund and do not know what to do with them? Are you not sure about the activities they would appreciate without boring them? These are several of them that are available for you to check out in this post.

What Do Dachshunds Like To Do?

Dachshunds are not like regular dogs; their body compositions make everything about them peculiar. They have smaller legs than other dogs, and so they are some things that are not always for them.

Still, they are highly energetic and love to move about more often. They are also natural hunters and are more inclined to search, sniff and fetch things. This then makes up for the kind of activities they would engage in.

Are There Activity Ideas For Dachshunds?

Are There Activity Ideas For Dachshunds?

Here are 9 things your Dachshund would love to do;

Play Fetch

Dachshunds are originally dogs, and like other dogs, they love to play the game of fetch. So, if you search for an activity to keep the dog engaged without doing so much, this is it!

You could make use of a simple tennis ball and the hallway in your home. All you need to do is roll the ball to a considerable distance away from you. Encourage the Dachshund to fetch the ball and then return it to you.

However, for this to work, you’d have to train the dog using specific commands for it to know what to do. Also, don’t forget your compliments when they return with the ball. Dogs also love to be praised by their favourite human.

Learn New Tricks

Dachshunds are intelligent dogs, and so they can pick up things fast. So, as an activity, you can teach them to do a few things whenever you a free. With a treat in hand, you can train your Dachshund to do the following:

• Sit
• Lay down
• Shake a paw
• Spin round
• Stay
• Wag its tail
• Ring a bell
• Walk backward
• Bark on command

Don’t second guess your Dachshund, as they have the possibility of learning several things. They could even learn to sing if you are ready to put in the work. Also, try to reduce the number of jumps the dog engages in as they are prone to back pains.

Doggy Massage

Even though their backs are not the best, Dachshunds cannot resist rolling on their backs while their feet played in the air. However, you can help them by offering a massage while they do that.

Start by massaging their necks, then a downwards tummy rub in circular motions. Also, work through their shoulder and then getting to their back and then paws.

Ensure you don’t put in so much pressure when massaging the dog. Instead, be as gentle as you can be.

Puppy Play Dates

Dachshunds love to be in the company of other dogs and since you are wondering what they like to do, then fix a play date. Look out for a friend or familiar neighbour that owns a Dachshund and then confirm if they would allow their dog to play with yours.

This is one way they get to socialize and stay engaged, which would most likely wear them out at the end of the day.

Compared to playing with bigger dogs, the Dachshund would be comfortable playing with dogs of a similar breed.

Sniff & Find

Dachshunds are by instinct hunting dogs which makes this activity one of their favourites. You can play this game by hiding in a different room and then wait for them to find you. There is also the option to hide their favourite treats or food for them to sniff out.

Start small and then make the game more intense as it goes on.

Discover New Sensations

Dachshunds love new sensations gotten from new toys or items. Search out toys that have a distinct texture and offer them something to look out for. How the new toy feels is an activity that your Dachshund would always appreciate.

It could be soft rubber spiky balls that simulate having a hedgehog, rubber bones, and more.

Take Your Dachshund For A Walk

The idea of them seeing new things is something that your Dachshund also likes doing. You can take them on a random walk in the evening and let them see new people. Apart from being a convenient exercise for them, this is another way of making your Dachshund more social. Dachshunds absolutely love the beach too!

Dachshund Show

Your Dachshund is always known to put on a show, and so when you get to their level, it gets them excited. Kneeling on the floor while you played with them would give them the go-ahead to try to entertain you.

It might be them licking your lap, your face, or climbing all over your body.

TV For Dachshunds

Dog TV never goes wrong with your Dachshund or any other dog. Line up several shows and animations engaging for your dog, and then let them watch as a reward or form of relaxation.

You would be surprised at the excitement and focus that the TV could give your Dachshund.

What Do I Need To Know About Dachshunds?

What Do I Need To Know About Dachshunds?

As a Dachshund owner, there are particular things that you need to consider when choosing the activities. Here are some of them:

• Dachshunds are prone to back pains and so rolling on their back isn’t always an advisable activity.
• Your dogs are highly energetic and so require lots of exercises to match up to their energy.
• Dachshunds are hunters by instinct, and so they would love activities that include them sniffing out things.
• Allow them to engage in activities that help them keep their weight in check because Dachshunds are prone to obesity.


Instead of wondering what works for your Dachshund and what doesn’t, you can be confident. With the various ideas that have been highlighted in this post, you are assured of optimum fun with your short friend.

You can try playing fetch, showing them new tricks, offering massages, organizing a play date for them, and more. All of these are ideas that could work out for you.