What Do Labradors Like To Do? [7 Ideas]

Do you have a Labrador and not sure what to do to keep it engaged and stimulated? You are not alone as dogs such as your Lab are usually energetic, making them restless and all over the place. If you are not sure about what it loves to do for a new dog owner, you may be stuck.

What Do Labradors Like To Do?

Labradors love to exercise regularly through different means. It could be by going on a walk with you, running alongside your bike or going on a playdate. They also love to go swimming and, when at home, play with their toys.

Without any of these activities, Labradors could get quite destructive and tear through your furniture. The best you can do is ensure that they are always engaged in one activity or the other. In this post are several ideas for you to try with your energetic friends.

How Can I Keep My Labrador Engaged?

Since you know how your Labrador is wired, it is essential to pick out activities that match them.
So, here are 7 of the things that your dog would love to do with and without you:

Take Your Labrador On A Walk

Labradors are quite energetic dogs, especially while they are still in the younger years of their lives. They are ready to exert as much energy as possible during the day, and staying at one sport gets them uncomfortable. So, to help them get through this, you can take them on long daily walks.

Asides from serving as a source of exercise, it also excites your dog.

Thus, it is advisable to use a minimum of twenty minutes while on a walk with your Lab. He would surely thank you for the time outside to explore.

Take Your Labrador On A Bike Ride or Run

Take Your Labrador On A Bike Ride or Run

As the dog begins to progress in age, he would become more coordinated and would not need constant supervision. If you are one that likes to go biking, then this is an opportunity to engage your Lab as well.

While riding at a moderate speed, you can let them run alongside your bike. He would get to spend quality time with you and still make use of its energy.

However, ensure that you take precautions in high traffic areas and the leash is accommodating enough for it. This would give him enough freedom to run and ensure it can manoeuvre any hazard on the road.

Take Your Labrador Swimming

Labradors love to swim almost as much as humans do. From the tiny puddles in your backyard to the swimming pool at the park, they naturally feel drawn to it. When the weather is right, ensure that you take the Lab swimming.

Yet, watch out for the way the dog reacts in the water. The first few times you take them swimming, they could be a bit clumsy, but you can assist the process by giving them a lifejacket.

Toys For Labradors

As has been highlighted earlier, Labradors are highly energetic, and so you would always have to keep it busy. When idle, they could become destructive, and so to avoid that, find distractions to keep it busy.

So, always provide them with enough toys to keep them engaged and then your Labrador would stay away from your furniture.

Labrador Training

Even though training can be perceived as a difficult task for dogs, that’s not the case with Labradors. Unlike other breeds of dogs, the Labs pick up new skills much easier, so training them can be fun for both of you.

They would love to be enrolled in a training class with you in attendance, so this is another bonding method. Ensure you try out this activity with your Lab whenever you get the time.

Socialise Your Labrador

Socialise Your Labrador

Labs are equally social beings and so love to hang around other dogs and new people. You can either add new dogs to the family or fix play dates with other dogs. But, before taking it out to play, ensure it is treated for tick and flea prevention. This ensures it returns to you healthy and free from pests.

If you want to add new dogs, go for breeds that your dog would blend better with. Labs function better with beagles, collies, golden retrievers, and corgis as they share similar energy levels.

Personal Interaction With Your Labrador

Dogs, including your Labrador, love to bond, and so if you are wondering what they like to do, this is it. It could be as simple as cuddles or playing fetch in the house. All of this shows that you are willing to give the dog your attention, and it would trust you better.

No matter the activity you both choose, all that matters to your dog is doing it with you. This is one way to both stimulate and enjoy your time with him.


Instead of leaving your Labrador idle, you could get it active and help burn out all its excessive energy. These could be done through frequent walks or hanging out with other dogs. It is also suggested that you provide stimulating toys on days that you cannot take them on a walk or run.

With any of these activities, you can make sure that both you and your Lab are on a journey to total bonding. Engaging your dog not only creates an avenue for exercise but also helps you get to be with them more often.