What Do Poodles Like To Do? [7 Ideas]

Poodles are interestingly loyal pets and love to bond with members of their family members. The moment they start living in your home, they already regard you as a family member. This makes them look for activities that you both can do.

What Do Poodles Like To Do?

Poodles are intelligent and learn things quite easily, so learning new activities is not an issue. So, they would love to chase bubbles, work through a flirt pole, a digging box or even chase a frisbee. They love to be engaged as much as possible as a way to stay connected to you.

Several of these activities are available for you to try out without putting so much effort. Prevent them from staying idle and offer them the opportunity to make use of their instincts as dogs.

Are There Activities My Poodle Would Love?

Are There Activities My Poodle Would Love?

Stop guessing about what your Poodle would love and try out these activities:

Let Your Poodle Chase Bubbles

You do not have to do something intense to initiate fun with your little one, and it could be simply chasing bubbles. The Poodles do not know how to chase bubbles originally, so you could teach them how to do it.

To begin this activity with your dog, you can blow small bubbles and then move on to larger ones. Point out the bubbles and then propel the dog to go after them. You can even chase some yourself to show them that it is entirely safe to go after the bubbles.

The whole point of the game is to ensure that they get to the bubble before it reaches the ground.

Poodle Treat Hunt

Find the treats is another game that your dog would love to play with you as the rewards are enticing. This is one very easy activity to get started as all they need is their nose and a heightened level of curiosity.

Even if you choose the same hiding spot repeatedly, the Poodle would still be interested in playing. Just like humans, your pet likes the idea of being rewarded, especially with something that they enjoy.

Start by putting bits of treats on the ground and then guiding them to the main deal. Make sure you praise them whenever they successfully find the treat that was hidden.

Digging Boxes For Poodles

With a digging box, you can take advantage of your little one’s curiosity level in a controlled environment. So, with the help of a digging box, you can encourage them to dig in your chosen location while staying engaged.

Note, if you also have a cat in your home, ensure that it has a cover to stop them from using it as a litter box. You can make the litter box by yourself with sand and wood from any hardware store in your area.

Trust me; they would love somewhere they could dig till they are exhausted.

Poodle Hide And Seek

Playing the hide and seek game is also fun for you and your dog for a bonding exercise. Your Poodle has a natural sense of smell, so the idea of playing hide and seek helps them engage them. Even if you choose the same spots repeatedly, they would still look and locate you there.

To play the hide and seek game, have your dog stay in a different location and then find you. Once you are successfully hidden, start hailing them until they can follow your voice and scent. In future cases, they can use the mastery of your scent to locate you in a crowded room.

Food Toys For Poodles

Food dispensing toys like the Kong is a convenient toy that your dog can have fun with. Getting through the stuffed toy is something they would love as dogs are natural scavengers. Asides from that, it can be mentally engaging for them and improves how they respond to commands.

Several toys fall into this category, and they can be found online. Some of them are:

• Bob-A-Lot
• West Paw Tux Toy

With these toys, you can fill them with food and then let them find it out themselves. Always do this in their presence to know what they get at the end of the activity.

Food Toys For Poodles

Frisbee For Poodles

Since your Poodle loves to chase and so they would enjoy playing with a frisbee. It is like the regular fetch but an advanced version that helps them go for a longer distance. However, if your Poodle does not know how to use one first, you can start by using a soft disc.

The distance and the agility that this game provides to your Poodle serve as a form of exercise—this aids in preventing them from getting overweight and maximizing their energy level. You can hail praises at them when they begin to get a handle of the frisbee to ensure they are properly motivated.

Flirt Pole For Poodles

Flirt poles are interesting ways to engage your dog mentally and physically, especially when they are highly energetic. If you need to wear your Poodle out, the flirt pole will help you achieve that in a short while.

This is also regarded as the flirt stick, and it works as a rope attached to the end of a long pole. The end of the rope always has a bait to keep the Poodle interested in the activity. So instead of using their natural drive destructively, this is a positive way.

Note that the flirt pole can be hard on the dog’s joint and start small to ensure they don’t hurt yourself.


You no longer have to guess when it comes to how to keep your Poodle happy at all times. There are several activities to incorporate into their daily routine that they would surely enjoy. On this post alone, there are seven ideas to check out.

It may be impossible to get through all the ideas in one day, and you can spread them across to ensure you don’t get worn out while engaging your furry friend.