What Do Rottweilers Like To Do? [12 Ideas]

You recently adopted a Rottweiler, or you are looking to do that; either way, you would want to know what your Rottweiler likes. How do they stay entertained? This question is likely to come to your mind.

What Do Rottweilers Like To Do?

Rottweilers are energetic dogs that love to be active. They also like to bond with their humans through play. Rottweilers enjoy many different games such as Fetch, Tug of War, Flirt Pole, Natural Hikes, Hide and Seek, etc.

With all these games, it’s pretty easy to keep a Rottweiler mentally stimulated and entertained. But you must tread with caution when playing some games. For instance, you should gently pull when playing Tug of War with your dog. Otherwise, you will injure him.

Rottweilers Bond With You Through Play

Rottweiler pups enjoy playing with their mom. That’s how they bond with her. In the same way, Rottweilers also bond with their humans by playing with them. Sometimes, you may hear your pup making growling sounds when having fun.

In this case, you can increase your bond with your Rottweiler by engaging back. Not only is playing simple games a great way to bond with your dog, but it also has great training potential. For example, your Rottweiler will most likely learn to stop nipping at you during playtime.

While at it, remember always to praise him as it can help enhance training. With that said, here’s a list of the things Rottweilers likes to do!

Tug Of War With Your Rottweiler

A Tug of War battle is likely one of the first games you will ever play with your little Rottweiler. You can use a SAFE toy or a Rope Toy designed for dogs to play this game with your Rottweiler. It’s wise to play with your dog gently to avoid jerking his head in a way that injures him.

It would be best if you allowed your dog to set the force while playing Tug of War. However, being too hard on him can lead to serious injuries and disrupt his teething process.

Flirt Pole For Rottweilers

Also known as the Flirt Stick, this toy allows you to exercise your Rottweiler while playing with him. It’s a long stick with a rope attached to its end. When you attach a toy at the end of the rope, it will attract your Rottweiler. This way, he will get a thorough exercise and mental stimulation.

A Flirt Stick is a great way to enable your dog to practice impulse control training. For instance, he will learn how to let go on command.

Swimming For Rottweilers

Swimming For Rottweilers

Although Rottweilers have a heavy body which can make swimming difficult, they love the water. Whether it’s a small pool or a lake, they enjoy playing in the water. Even the sprinkler in your yard is fun for your Rottweiler.

Play Fetch With Your Rottweiler

Fetch is the most popular dog game in the world and is fun for Rottweilers. The game allows you to teach your Rottweiler to come to you. It’s also a great way to bond with your dog. While playing this game, you should always throw the ball.

If you pretend to throw it, you will get a funny expression on your Rottweiler’s face. But never aim to frustrate him or confuse him.

Hide And Seek

This is another fun activity for Rottweilers! You can start by asking your dog to sit while you hide. If you are introducing the game to your Rottweiler, you should hide in easy places. For example, hide in your open closet or behind a curtain and call your dog to find you.

Observe how excited he is when he sees you. As your dog improves his seeking skills, you can make your hiding spots progressively harder.

Obstacle Course For Rottweilers

Your dog’s agility increases when he runs obstacle courses. It’s a great way to provide exercise and mental stimulation for your Rottweiler. Provide him with a few hurdles to jump, a fun tunnel, and some obstacles, and he moves on to show you his skills.

The Cup Game

You can play the cup game with your Rottweiler. First, introduce him to the concept by starting with one cup. If your dog noses the cup, reveal its content (a treat) by raising the cup. Once your dog gets the hang of things, you should increase the challenge slowly by adding more cups.

Nature Hikes

Rottweilers are well-built, and they can easily move around in difficult terrains. However, it’s advisable to strap a pull harness on them during hikes. Rottweilers make excellent hiking companions. Ensure to give them enough water when hiking.


Rottweilers enjoy pulling just as much as they enjoy tug of war. They are always proud to pull you along on a cart. In addition, these dogs enjoy working for their humans.

Walking Your Rottweiler

Walking Your Rottweiler

Daily exercise is one of the basic needs of the Rottweiler. That’s the only way they can be fully stimulated. Walking is an excellent form of exercise. If you enjoy going on long walks, a Rottweiler can be your best companion.

Puzzles For Rottweilers

If you want to keep your Rottweiler entertained without getting involved, give him a puzzle game. A lot of puzzle games are available on the market today. These games can help keep your dog busy while you run errands.

Rottweiler Proof Chewing Toys

Dogs like to chew on toys, and your Rottweiler is not an exception. Giving your dog a chew toy is an excellent way to prevent him from chewing your sofa. He will only focus on the things you want him to chew.


Rottweilers like to bond with the people in their world through play. There lots of great games out there for your Rottweiler. Not only will these games keep your dog entertained, but they will also stimulate their minds.

We have given you the best ideas on what Rottweilers like to do. However, we advise that you play gently with your pal as you don’t want to injure him.

Also, never forget to praise your Rottweiler when playing because some of the games we listed also doubles as training.