What Time Of The Day Should I Walk My Dog?

Like many dog owners, you must have noticed your dog having extraordinary energy levels when he goes out on a walk with you.

It allows your dog to feel free, stimulated, and socialize with other dogs. But you can’t just take your dog on a walk any time you want. Now, you must be wondering then what time of the day should you walk your dog?

The best time of the day for a walk is that in which your dog enjoys the walk and doesn’t take it as a punishment.

According to experts, morning, evening, and night are the best times of the day to walk your dog. And noon and afternoon are less preferred as they have some associated factors that can make your dog uncomfortable.

To build a better bond with your dog, you must prioritize what your dog is the most comfortable with. In this post, you’ll find out how to make your dog enjoy his walk time by choosing the best time for a walk.

What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Walk My Dog?

Before you decide on a walking time for your dog, you must acknowledge that the schedule should be the same every day. Dogs are creatures of habit, so they need a consistent routine to feel more balanced.

Read on to learn what is the best time of the day to walk your dog.

Morning Dog Walks

During morning walks, the parks or the roads are mostly quieter and less crowded. It’s the best time to spend with your best buddy without any distractions. It’s also the time when you can take your dog for a walk for 30 minutes to 1 hour. In contrast, walks during other times of the day can’t be so long due to many distractions.

Moreover, your dog’s senses are especially sensitive in the morning. So, if you take him on a walk and allow him to sniff in the fresh morning air, it will help them relax and get rid of the accumulated stress.

Noon Dog Walks

You should be especially careful on summer days due to the hot weather. Some dog breeds, such as the bulldog, pug, and boxer, are at the risk of heart stroke due to heat if the walk is too long.

So, short walks between ten to fifteen minutes in the shade are safe, but they are not very worthy for relaxing your dog.

Afternoon Dog Walks

Many people prefer the afternoon to take their dogs on a walk or for exercise. But, it’s not the best time of the day for your furry buddy. At this of the day, the traffic and noise of vehicles in cities increase the dog’s stress levels. Thus, your dog can’t relax and enjoy his walk.

If you can choose a peaceful and quiet area for a walk, you can take your dog for a walk in the afternoon. But, if you haven’t, then keep the walks short.

Evening Dog Walks

The weather is more relaxed in the evening, and the natural sceneries are a beautiful combination to take your dog on a walk. When your dog has so much to enjoy around and fewer things to worry about, he gets a walk that is vital for his health.

Night Dog Walks

Night time is mostly quiet, so it can actually be a great time to take your dog out on a walk. It will stimulate your dog’s relaxation before going to sleep. It is the time of the day during which your dog can enjoy long walks having enough time to sniff.

Can I Walk My Dog In Snow? 

Can I Walk My Dog In Snow?

Yes, you can walk your dog in the snow, but you’ll have to be extremely careful. Much like beach walks, dogs love walking and playing in snow due to many reasons, but most importantly, because it is fun.

With the fun aspect, there is a higher risk of slipping and falling due to the slippery ground. So, make sure that you keep your dog on a leash or don’t allow him to roam freely as he may end up hurting himself.

Can I Walk My Dog In Quarantine?

Unfortunately, you can’t talk your dog for a walk in quarantine. When you’re in quarantine, you’re following COVID-19 restrictions, and taking your dog for a walk isn’t a good excuse to violate the SOPs.

So, if you have a garden or terrace, you can walk your dog there but don’t go outside, especially if you’re feeling sick.

How Often Should I Walk My Dog?

How Often Should I Walk My Dog?

Generally, you should take your dog for a walk 3-4 times a day. But this can’t be specified for every dog. There are a lot of things that affect that how often you should walk your dog. These include your dog’s:

• Age, size, and health conditions
• Eating habits & dietary requirements

Smaller dogs need lesser hours of physical activity and vice versa. You can consult a vet before deciding on a walking routine for your dog.

How Long Should I Walk My Dog?

According to experts, a dog needs at least 30-120 minutes of physical activity to stay healthy and happy.

But this physical activity doesn’t mean you should only include walking in your dog’s routine. Instead, you can divide this time into a walk, play, and exercise time to keep your dog fit and active.


If you enjoy taking your dog on a walk, then you must also know what the best time of the day to walk your dog is. Generally, the best time for a walk, according to vets, is morning, evening, night.

Refrain from taking your dog outside at noon and afternoon as these times will make him more restless than relaxing. So, it’s better to take care of the comfort zone of your dog.

The same rule applies to walking your dog in the snow. You can take him outside in the snow, but you’ll have to be really careful. When it comes to taking your dog for a walk while self-isolating, then it’s not a good idea to debunk COVID-19 SOPs for a walk.

Know your dog’s physical activity requirements from your vet and make a schedule according to that. It will keep your dog happy and healthy too.