What UK Stores Allow Dogs?

Do you love to visit stores on the spot and then to know that there are some stores with a no-do policy that have kept you back? That could kill the buzz you’re feeling and even running your shopping experience altogether.

What UK Stores Allow Dogs?

Several clothing, accessory, footwear stores, and more have discovered how much it cost their customers. The rate at which dog owners have increased in recent years has driven the need for a rethink.

Instead of looking for a place to keep their furry friend while on a trip to any store in the UK, some business owners have found a solution. Some allow dog owners to go around the store with their dogs when picking up items. Yet, others have a place for you to keep your dog while you enjoyed your shopping experience.

In this post, are all you need to know before taking your dogs out shopping.

Can I Take My Dog To Any Store Close By?

Well, not every store is open yet to having dogs come around on your shopping trips, but that is changing for the better; with the residents in the UK now liking the idea of having pets in their lives, it’s not out-of-place for you to want to take your dog out with you.

So, recently, more stores decided to open their arms to catering for our furry companions. Some malls even are becoming more open to having bigger dogs within their premises rather than the strict small dog policy.

For some mall grocery runs, you can safely take your pet there without any worries at all. The stores would welcome your dogs. It of course safe to assume that outdoor stalls will be dog friendly due to the very nature that they don’t have a physical premises as such.

It also usually goes without saying that pet stores such as Pets At Home are welcoming to dogs, and much to your dog’s delight so are Starbucks with their fabulous Puppucino.

We’re also reliably informed that Apple stores also now welcome well behaved pooches, and have first hand experience of taking my own dog into Dobbies Garden Centre.

Can I take my dog to any store close by?

What Clothing Stores Are Dog Friendly?

Despite the rate of dog-friendly stores that are already established in the UK, there are still some that are still not there yet. So, here are clothing stores that are friendly to your dog.

Check them out below:

John Lewis

John Lewis in York’s Monks Cross is not just a fantastic store to shop in but also loves to have your dog on its property. As a popular and international store that so many love to visit, they have come to understand the need to have a place just for your dogs.


Barbour has a well-established dog-friendly policy. For example, their Covent Garden store offers dog water dishes for your four-legged shopping partner. Barbour also sells dog accessories such as collars, leashes, and jackets, as well as a trending hashtag.

Fred Perry

Fred Perry has launched a new dog-friendly location in Glasgow City Centre. While you browse, dogs are permitted inside, and water dishes are supplied outside the door.

White Stuff

They strive for enjoyment in all they do. They also provide charity support to local foundations. With a great sense of humor in all they do, and it can be seen in each of their different White Stuff stores. They are more than simply stores; they gather places for people to mingle and socialize (even with your dog!).

Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas is an independent British lifestyle store that designs its take on fashion and homeware. Clothes, Accessories, Furniture, Gifts, Jewelry, and Homeware, are all available, and pets are allowed.

Note, other clothing stores still accommodate having a dog on their premises apart from the ones here.

What Clothing Stores Are Dog Friendly?

What Accessories Store Allows Dogs Inside?

Who doesn’t love to shop for accessories at every chance that you get? While you may see a piece you are currently feeling, you may have a second thought considering that your dog has tagged along.

Here are some accessory stores that now allow dogs to come around:


This is a women’s accessories business headquartered in London specializing in handbags, purses, and other accessories. The company’s logo is a black Westie (Radley!). Their dog-friendly attitude is also shown in their partnership with the Dogs Trust.

For the last few years, they have collaborated with them and given a portion of the proceeds from selling certain goods to a dog charity.

Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate in Covent Garden sells glasses. Their other locations, including those in Shoreditch and Soho, are also dog-friendly. As a plus, your dog can be featured in their new trend of wearing sunglasses for Instagram.

Are There Any Dog Friendly Shoe Stores?

Now you know the clothing and accessory stores that can accommodate, and you may be wondering about shoe stores. They are not left out in the progressive trend of allowing dogs to come along whole on a shopping trip.

Are There Any Dog Friendly Shoe Stores?

Check out these shoe stores;


These guys have a great collection of shoes that you can choose from, and they love when you bring your pet dog. If you prefer a skateboarding style, Vans in Covent Garden has the perfect shoes.


Camper has two locations in Covent Garden that you may take your dog to. There are two locations, one on Floral Street and one on Shelton Street, where you can purchase shoes developed by the Spanish brand to be modern, unusual, and comfortable.

If you are looking to find more stores, you can always walk in and ask if they are pet-friendly just for your dog. Other stores include Birkenstock and Geox, and they are welcome.


Well, these are just some of the stores that allow dogs in the United Kingdom. There are way more options with the dog-friendly nature of letting you bring your dog along on a shopping trip.

Before now, the reason for a no-dog policy is usually for hygiene reasons or an insurance related matter. Even though these issues are not necessarily fully eliminated yet, the need to allow dogs has become necessary due to the country’s high spread of dog ownership and the growth of the ‘fur baby’ trend.