Where Can I Take My Dog On A Hot Day?

When you’re a caring dog owner, you can’t take risks when it comes to your dog’s health. The hot day has a high risk of dehydration for your dog, which can be a serious problem. So, like many dog owners, do you want to know, “Where can I take my dog on a hot day?”

First and foremost, you must avoid taking your dog out in the direct sun. Take him for swimming or to some shady places. If the weather is too hot, it’s better to keep in indoors by providing him some toys or other engagement stuff. You can walk him outside in the evening when the weather becomes less hot.

To find out which places are the best for your dog on a hot day, read this post till the end.

Options You Have On A Hot Day For Your Dog

Here are some options for a hot day to keep your dog safe from heatstroke.

Find some shady place

If your dog loves playing outside and walks, staying indoors will definitely be a huge turn-off for him. He won’t understand that you’re stopping him from going outside because the weather is too hot for him. In this situation, the best thing you can do is to find some shady place.

It’ll be best if you can keep an outdoor thermometer with you. It will help you to find the most comfortable area for your pup where he can walk and play for some time. You can also use collapsible tent shades to protect your dog from hot weather.

Let him play in a pool

Although every dog breed doesn’t love staying in the pool, many can’t live without having a dip in the water. They are natural swimmers, and this ability works as a blessing for them on a hot day.

You can consider taking your dog to the nearby pool if the shade is good there. But, if it has an open area, you can also create a mini pool for your dog at home. You can take a plastic kid pool and fill it up with water. Place your dog’s favorite toys in it, and you can also make him love the little pool by giving him tasty treats.

Taking your dog to the beach on a hot day isn’t a good idea. The hot weather increases the temperature of the sand and makes it too hot for your dog to walk. He might burn his feet if he walks on the sand on a hot day.

Take him to an air-conditioned pet-friendly store

If you have a well-behaved dog who loves to go outside with you, take him to an air-conditioned pet-friendly store. He can walk with you there, and it can be a healthy distraction for him from the home environment. The new sounds and sights will keep him engaged and calm him down mentally.

But don’t make the trip very long if there is a crowd in the store because your dog will become uncomfortable after some time.

Play indoor games with him

Your pup can’t stay without physical activity. He loves walks, playtime, and even exercise, and a hot day can’t be an excuse he’ll accept. So, to keep him active, you must provide him some kind of physical activity.

Indoors games are an excellent way to keep your dog busy. You can play a fetch game with your dog or “find it” with treats. You can even hide multiple treats if you want to keep your dog engaged for a long time.

You can also play tug of war and let him play with some toys. Puzzle toys are especially helpful in distracting dogs from going outside. By giving him some extra time and care on hot days, you can keep your dog indoors without any behavioral problems.

Options You Have On A Hot Day For Your Dog

How To Keep Your Dog Safe On A Hot Day

Going to cool places isn’t the only thing that you can do to protect your dog from hot weather. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your dog safe on a hot day:

Keep your dog hydrated

Always carry water with you if you’re taking your dog outside in hot weather or even in the evening. You can freeze the water in a bottle and insulate it in a bag. Stop your dog after regular intervals and let him drink water.

Another thing you can do to keep your dog hydrated is a wet blanket. Cover your dog with it whenever you go outside with your dog on a hot day.

Never leave your dog in a parked car

On a hot day, never leave your dog in a parked or running car as well. The temperature inside the car can rise to dangerous levels that can lead to organ damage. The condition can be life-threatening for your dog.

Watch the humidity

During hot days, not only the temperature but also the humidity can affect your dog. Animals keep themselves cool by evaporating moisture from their lungs, which helps them remove heat from their lungs. But if the humidity is very high, dogs cannot cool themselves, and increased body temperatures can be deadly.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe On A Hot Day


If your dog’s health is your priority, you must think twice about where to take your dog on a hot day. Dogs are easily prone to dehydration that can lead to serious consequences.

To avoid this, try to find some shady place or take your dog to a pool. A dip in the water is much better than a walk under the sun on a hot, warm road. Some indoor games and puzzle toys are also a great way to keep your dog indoors in hot weather.

Being careful with where you can take your dog isn’t the only safety measure you need in hot weather. If you’re outside with your dog, you need to be careful about many things. These include humidity, not leaving your dog in a parked car, and your dog’s dehydration.

By considering all these things, you can ensure that your dog remains safe on a hot day.