Why Do Dogs Chase Things?

Owning a dog sounds all fun and no pain until you own one yourself. Undoubtedly, the joy that comes with owning a dog is unmatchable. They are one of the cutest things in our lives. You can’t describe the unconditional love we get from them in words.

Although they bring magic to our lives, owning a dog has its own quirks. Taking care of a dog is not less than taking care of a one-year-old baby. One trait of dogs that spin the owners’ heads is that they chase literally every moving thing they see.

Can you relate to this situation? Are you tired of stopping your dog from chasing various moving objects? Wanna know why they do this? Well, you have just landed at the right place.

Stay with us till the end to find the answers to all your questions.

For better understanding, we have separately discussed different moving things and the reason why dogs chase them.

Why Do Dogs Chase People?

This situation is one of the terrifying nightmares for dog owners. Even if the dog is not chasing the person to hurt, the situation can get worse anytime. The person can get injured while running away from your dog. Cases are reported where people who dogs have chased have taken legal action.

So, why does this happen?

There could be multiple reasons behind this scenario. If your dog chases a person who comes to your door, they are probably securing their territory. You should not forget that your furry friend is a territorial being naturally. Whenever someone enters their territory, they become aggressive to protect what they think is theirs.

How To Stop My Dog Chasing People

How To Stop My Dog Chasing People

Start by socializing your dog with other humans. Less interaction with the outer world can result in more aggression towards strange things and people. Moreover, you should make sure that your dog obeys your command completely.

Why Do Dogs Chase Small Animals?

Whether it is a cat, rabbit, or squirrel, dogs instantly chase animals smaller than them. It is often because of the natural instinct of preying upon smaller animals, for example even the cute Miniature Dachshund will chase or hunt as this is what they were historically bred for. This could ruin a morning walk or a park trip.

It poses a threat to the wildlife too. Dogs have a high prey drive and can lead to some quite dangerous situations for small animals. Not so long ago, dogs were bred specifically to chase and hunt small animals like rabbits and birds. Maybe with time, these traits will be masked, but they are quite dominant at the present moment.

The dogs do this for the thrill they experience while chasing smaller animals. This chase can cost the life of the smaller animal.

How To Stop My Dog Chasing Small Animals

How To Stop My Dog Chasing Small Animals

First of all, do not chase after your dogs in such situations. This delivers them a message that you are playing with them, and they can get more excited.

Stay at your place and command them to stop the chase. If you have properly trained your dog as a puppy, they will stop right away. Another thing you can do to ensure everyone’s safety is to put on a leash. Even if your dog is stronger, the leash will provide enough time for the small animal to run away.

Why Do Dogs Chase Vehicles?

The speed of the vehicles triggers the chasing instinct in the dogs. This is the most dangerous type of chase for both drivers and dogs. Multiple accidents have been reported due to such behavior.

You have to keep a keen eye on your dog to deal with this situation, especially on the road. If you feel that their excitement is rising due to any vehicle, distract them by giving treats. A leash is helpful in this case too. Make sure that you have a firm grip and your dog is at a safe distance from the moving vehicles.

Why Do Dogs Chase Tails?

We are often amused when we see our dogs’ chasing tails. Although this seems funny, it indicates some serious mental states. According to the studies, dogs show this behavior when they are either bored or stressed. So, next time whenever you see your dog chasing tails, pay proper attention.

Firstly, check if anything has happened that is stressing out your pooch. If everything is good, then recall your dog’s routine and assess why they could be bored. The problem of boredom usually occurs with intelligent dogs.

Why Do Dogs Chase Lasers?

The answer to this question varies from dog to dog. Some dogs see it as a fast-moving small animal, and their prey drive is stimulated. Others may only see it as a strange thing. In most cases, it is a prey and hunt scenario.

Why Do Dogs Chase Moving Toys?

Dogs chase moving toys for the same reason they chase smaller animals. You would have witnessed that dogs often break or tear toys after catching them. It is because they consider them as prey and want to hunt them.

Why Do Dogs Chase Moving Toys?


The article concludes that dogs mainly chase moving objects due to their high prey drive. Chasing is in their genes, and it is very hard for them to resist it. This is quite a big challenge for dog owners.

In this thread, we discussed different objects that dogs chase and the reason behind this chase. The biggest concern of dog owners is regarding the behavior of dogs chasing people. It is mainly due to the fact that dogs are territorial beings. Whenever someone strange enters into their territory, they react.

The second biggest concern is the chasing of smaller animals. For a long time, dogs have been bred to prey and hunt smaller animals. We will have to wait a long time for evolution to eradicate these traits from dogs.

Dogs who love to chase cars actually love the thrill they get from doing this. The speed of the car excites the dogs, and they start chasing them.
The dogs who chase tails are either bored or stressed. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to deal with situations without any loss.