Can Dogs And Cats Mate?

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in the world and the title of this article might seem like an embarrassing question but one can’t wondering, what if?

So, can dogs and cats mate?

Dogs and cats cannot mate. It’s essential to understand that they belong to different species. Years of science has shown us that there won’t be any successful breeding even if they do actually complete the act. There is no recorded evidence of dogs and cats ever having offspring together.

If somehow a dog did manage to impregnate a cat the foetal animal surely would not survive long in any case and would surely be prone to significant defects and health complications.

Quite simply though dogs and cats cannot mate. They have major psychological differences which lead to them not responding to each other’s signals. The likelihood of sexual attraction between a dog and cat is surely zero.

Can Dogs And Cats Breed Successfully?

Getting dogs and cats to mate is already a difficult predicament but if that ever happens, the chances of survival of their potential offspring are second to none. This is due to the unnatural mix of their DNAs.

Only through manipulation via laboratory experiments can this unofficially but potentially push through. Cross-breeding is like playing God and the consequences of mixing two species together are like watching a villain work on a sci-fi movie.

As of this date, there has been no hard evidence that a crossbreed between dogs and cats could survive or even live naturally.

Can Dogs And Cats Breed Successfully?

Do Dogs Sense When Cats Are In Heat?

When cats are in heat, these felines yell out for a mate as they strut about and flick their tails around. In short, they really manifest their desire for a mate. Between cats, they can definitely distinguish when one is in heat. Usually, they can breed year-round but spring to fall is their peak season.

When it comes to dogs being attracted to cats, this does not have anything to do with the raging hormones of the feline. The dog’s other animal instincts are the reasons why they are being drawn to cats.

Occasional instances where dogs try to mount a cat is not a sign of mating behaviour. This is more of a sign of dominance. It can also just be for excitement or their playful attitude.

Even though dogs don’t mount cats that are in heat, they do notice a feline’s hormonal changes. The smell that a cat would give off because of these hormones is very distinct. Dogs will also tend to notice the strange behaviour of cats and know that something is different than usual.

Attraction Between Dogs And Cats

Both dogs and cats are the most beloved pets by humans because of their unique characteristics from other animals. No one can’t deny the loyalty of dogs and the playful mood of cats. These reasons make them the ideal pets fit for a home setting.

Dogs started out to be the loyal companion of humans around 15,000 years ago when they were used to help in hunting. This eventually evolved into guarding homes and herding farm animals. The long history between dog and human interaction has produced the term ‘man’s best friend’.

Cats on the other hand started sharing homes with people around 10,000 years ago to help out in eradicating rats, mice, and other types of vermin from their homes.

Dogs and cats are the top two most beloved pets by people. However, even if they have similarities as domesticated pets, this is overshadowed by their differences.

There is a long history of why dogs and cats don’t get along too well and why this has been commonly depicted in all types of media through the years. One of the reasons why they fail to naturally get along is because of food. Back when both dogs and cats are astray, they live off of food that they could get on the streets.

Dogs come from the same line as wolves. They have a natural pack instinct. When two dogs face-off over food, one would back down when they sense that their opponent is more dominant.

On the other hand, cats are considered lone predators. Cats are more cautious when it comes to approaching food though they won’t back down when they already decided to not run away.

This long history of cats versus dogs has been a common staple that adds up to why dogs and cats are not attracted to each other naturally and psychologically.

Can Dogs And Cats Coexist In Harmony?

Can Dogs And Cats Coexist In Harmony?

Dogs and cats may have been labelled as enemies for life but they can still co-exist. The only factor that could make a big difference is motivation.

There is a socialization period between kittens and puppies. During this time, they can be taught how to behave when together. This is also the period where they learn who their mother is and also how to interact with people and other species.

This timeframe is critical because when these puppies and kittens coexist well, it may be a lifelong effect but if they also encounter unpleasant experiences, they may carry it until they die as well.

This important socialization period ranges from the 5th to the 12th week for puppies while the period for the kittens starts from the 4th to the 8th week. This just attests that dogs and cats do not have that natural attraction to each other.

The need for a socialization period for them to get along is already strong evidence that making them mate or breed is already very difficult.


In summary and going back to the question ‘Can Dogs And Cats Mate?’ it is unnatural for dogs and cats to mate.

The combination of their historical interactions and their instincts due to their differences in species make a case for the zero probability of potential breeding between felines and canines.

Their differences in DNA structure and their need for a proper socialization period just to co-exist are also highly relevant factors. A dog mounting a cat is not because of attraction but may either be because of excitement, playfulness, or asserting of dominance.